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First Love [English], by Namboku

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Yay, that's some milf !

Don’t be a jerk with a MILF, or she’ll superfuck you as punishment. Yeah.

Hmmm, this share left me pretty much confounded. What should I call that story ? Not femdom, not nettori, not netorare, not much… AAAAAARGH &gt_< And I can’t explain it to you, for fear of spoiling you the whole story in just two sentences (at least, there IS a story, your neurons are put to work).

Let’s stick to the basics : good drawings (despite the absence of something, wait, what was it… oh yeah, the genitals ! Grrrmbl), MILF with great tits, determined face and nice body.
Credits and thanks are for Qaqtusman and Kallen-Kozuki :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(13 MB, 17 pictures, English)

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11 Comments on "First Love [English], by Namboku"

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Seishiro Haga

Wow, now that's Super MILF!


Is it actually Nanboku or Namboku?


Hey Oliver, I can't seem to figure out the Letitbit links. They always say "File not found" at the bottom of the page, and there doesn't seem to be any other links on the page besides the directory bar at the top. I wonder if I'm the only one having this trouble…


Ok yeah, so I just read the post previous to this one, and added my vote there. Also if you do switch, please make it Mediafire! :D


This MILF is hot. Her hotness has flavour i wanna taste!!! Even more than Akiko-san.


I would have preferred the punishment to be "MILF superfucks guy, makes sure they get caught by girlfriend, then leaves afterward." But that's just me.


I don’t have the balls to turn down a milf and be sucha jerk to her, and also cos of the 0.001% chance of it working haha, oh hentai you tease me too much.


"Not femdom, not nettori, not netorare, not much…" : since the male protagonist confesses his love to his "oneesan", despite having already a girlfriend, it is a nettori/cheating story. and not NTR, because the girlfriend's feeling has not been (yet ?) crushed painfully,…

Oliver AKA The Admin

This is cheating, but
– not netorare because the GF doesn't suffer
– not nettori because the guy stays with his GF (I think double-dating is not like giving up on one in favour of another, it doesn't make the male hero a great guy, but still, not netori)


Oliver isn't this Nanboku instead of Namboku??

even the art style is similar to "The Laughing Counselor"

thanks for the share though :P


The girl in the post pic kinda looks like a Gypsy queen. Thanks for the upload.