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After School Sex Slave Club : Tsudanuma Satomi [English], by Tuna Empire

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Tea ^_^

« Welcome to our tea party ! » Said the cheerful smiling teen, introducing an orgy that could have been drawn by Royal Koyanagi :lol:

You know what follows suit :)

Come on, we’re talking about girls deliberately being sex slaves, common sense has been thrown into the gutter several pages ago alrady ;) So, if you can like the drawings, go for it, this is happy unfucked-up sex as far as Tuna Empire can draw it :)
This work is part of the various short sequels to After School Sex Slave Club (a full manga), allowing Tuna Empire easy releases without complications :)
Credits and thanks are for Geylnidae, thank you very much ! :)

(Remember to view the list of the works by Tuna Empire on hentairules)


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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(10 MB, 15 pictures, English)

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10 Comments on "After School Sex Slave Club : Tsudanuma Satomi [English], by Tuna Empire"

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there is also a complete manga sequel to after school sex club which continues the ludicrous sex adventures tuna empire is known for

though its not translated

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hoooo, I see…

Thanks for the link :)


amazing :D


Many thanx Oliver. Is this part of the 2nd vol?

Oliver AKA The Admin

I didn't know there was a even a second volume. In my mind, these are magazine short stories, period…


yes this is part of the seccond volume



Seishiro Haga

Tuna Empire, never stopped to astound me.


I love this guy. It was one of the very first hentai artists I knew about (The Spirit of Capitalism, I think was the first comic I’ve seen), and it never disappointed me, unlike some other guys that became old soon *Cough*Behind*cough*Moon*Cough.

Ahem :D

Thanks for the Upload!


an extra additional Tuna Empire story Great!! Thanks Oliver

an entire sequel FANTASTIC!!! "Thatguy" you're a saint for informing us of this missing, but oh so imporant addition.

Oliver, our hentai savior, can you get a translated version of that AfterSchool sequel? to continue your noble and commendable efforts of providing us the full and building library of Tuna Empire's profoundly ridicilous work? please do and thanks in advance

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