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Bug chapters 1-3 [English, now COMPLETE with the addition of the 3rd chapter], by Nagare Ippon

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Die, fucker, DIE DIE DIE !

After you finish reading, if it can make you feel better, you may wish to try this flash game. Or you can visit, upload that photo, click OK, and liberally vent your anger (R for reloading).

So, the “Bug” manga, left behind by the LWB team, was short of one chapter. Not anymore : at last, we can enjoy the predictable conclusion of a story in which a feeble friend of a cool guy decides to secretly turn that guy’s girlfriend into a total broken slut, so that she breaks his cool friend’s heart.
I’ll quote Afro Thunda’s eternal words : «if you rage, you lose».
The problem is the art : this is really superb, very hot, packed with hardcore talent, I both want to shift-suppress it because of the story and archive it for good because of the art >_<

Chapters 1-2 credits are for Asou, Keevan, Guromao and Dark Mac from Little White Butterflies, and final chapter 3 credits are for Enteh, Conana99, Azutan and Runan92, from Vltrans. Thank you :)

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The chapters 1-3,
That’s the complete story. If you rage, you lose. Try the Flash games I gave, it may help.

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30 Comments on "Bug chapters 1-3 [English, now COMPLETE with the addition of the 3rd chapter], by Nagare Ippon"

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So like am I missing something?

They never give some kind of reason for the whole thing?

Meh, that's just dumb.

Can't even rage then.


it was obvious why he wanted her to be a slut, just by looking at his face on the last page (or "that photo")


Too tired to rage. I'll just draw a lovely chapter later of him being raped gang/guro raped by a pack of roving tentacle bears. Really sharp tentacles.



HE'S GAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's fucking amazing i'm laughing too hard to rage oh man.


Oliver AKA The Admin

(Just saying, that comment was in the spam queue, I just restored it back)


The reason I feel disappointed with the climax of this story isn't because of the NTR, its the way it was set up. In Boku No Shiranai. you see how systematically the guy and girl's relationship becomes corrupted, with the ending being she chose the principal's dick over her boyfriend's simply based on size alone.

On the other hand we have Bug here. The set up for the final chapter was excellent. It had all of us guessing what was going to happen. Is the antagonist gay for the boyfriend? Will all the pictures of the boyfriend in his room make her view the antagonist as her boyfriend? Instead of something truly different we get the big reveal just being her being gangbanged by some old guys and her on the phone saying "LOL srry".

At the end of Boku, the girl at least chose her guy based on size. In this one it's cause hes too nice. Cmon Nagare, step up your game and give us a truly mindshattering NTR.


Whores tend to look at size over everything


I think the NTR featuring people wives brings out rage. The part where the girl mention "uncles" is that the real translation? Its been confusing the hell out me.


I suppose that in the original version she says Ojiisan. That word is used to concern to old men. But ojisan, with a single "i" means uncle, maybe the translator made a mistake, but i am no sure, so don't blame me if i am wrong XD.


Oh NO LITTLEWHITEBUTTERFLIES WAS HACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is… a bit of a letdown. Nagare Ippon really set-up a nice and unusual plot in the first two chapters, but in the (last) third chapter he doesn't do anything with it. Just the usual: boyfriend is finally informed by his girlfriend that she has become a cock slave, that she is going to be impregnated ("yay!") by the guys currently gangbanging and that she's sorry and blah-di-blah-di-blah. Creepy dude finally shows up at the last page and only asks the boyfriend (who kept his cool longer than I expected) to "go back together". What, that's it? Boo!

To be honest, I don't really know why I am complaining. I Will Protect You had a way better plot (not counting the logical fallacy's necessary for NTR to work) but was way more brutal because of that. At least I can read this and not be bothered by it. The art is, as usual, very good and it is nice to see a mangaka other than Type 90 do double anal. Lastly, the face she makes at page 76 is just hilarious.

What's with the "docks" and "possies", by the way?


The ultimate form of NTR


NTR by Nagare Ippon.

at least the bodies are hot as fuck :P


that's quite a waste of good art, and god the story is just horrible… sadly.
so much for breaking her himself at the start while it seems he's actually into his friend… weirdest turn of events ever.




is it just me or are there a lot of spelling and grammatical errors in the third/last chapter? Spoils a lot of fun. Re-commissioning is needed. Still… better than nothing I suppose. Though the last chapter seems rushed if you ask me.


meh, can't really rage with that kind of ridiculous developement <.<
third ch. wasn't really necessary


So the friend was gay and wanted the boyfriend. I lol'd


This reminds me of Jin and Ragna from BlazBlue. Lol


All credit to the translators, sort of anyway (not my taste, the NTR-style nipples, clitoris and the like was a let down, at least you could kind of ignore it in the last two), but there was too much dock, possy and uncles for me. Weird things to censor considering. Needs fine-tuning but the different fonts were nice.

The ending reminds me of a share a while back with the student and the teacher. The one where he puts her through all kinds of stuff to prove to a student she's no good so he can have him to himself? I forget the name.


I really…really hate this story the bottom of my heart(NTR+RAPE)
i don’t understand stories hentai(very fool)
i don’t understand the guy protagonist(loser, stupid, cry, very fool)
i don’t understand woman(bitch, naughty, lust, slut)
i don't understand bad guy or woman bitch always the winner
why….why, can i ask you guys
this is author or all people like this story(stupid and sick or loser)
sorry i’ll skip this




hell YES!


the hentai made me cautious on how to treat my gay friends lol


OK I rage (for the bitch) and lol /for the gay), what the fuck with the end, Nagare is out of ideas?? XD


Well, it looks like I am the only one that like this ending. Gotta give that gay guy props for his plan.

Kuonji Alice

Holy crap.


Finally, my choice in the polls is validated! It was Option C after all. I kinda like this ending, definitely different from other NTR endings, where the guy just wants to mind-break the girl just for the hell of it. Like, "Dum di dum di dum ooh a girl with a pussy, let's see how far she'll degrade herself!" is not as interesting as "I have a huge man-crush on my best friend, let's see how far I can brainwash his girlfriend until she forgets that she loves him! How manipulative of me ohohoho."


I saw this coming miles away! XD


Everyone who likes it, I wish/pray and participate in stealing your girlfriends/wives…you're just sick, get mental help, really get help!

What bugs me even more is the narrowmindedness of him and the illogical way he does it…normally homosexual people don't get aroused by the opposite sex and he is not bisexual, he wouldn't let her go or corrupt her even more if he were. So how the fuck would he even be able to get off even once much less more than three times, also without pharmaceutical help even a teenager wouldn't be able to more than three times in a row.
And whats with her, the text says "after she regained her senses", then why didnt she go to the police, why didnt she tell her boyfriend, no boyfriend would blame his girlfriend for getting kidnapped and raped. Even after he shows her that he recorded her (which she should remember even while swimming in the sexual hormones, which would be impossible after just a couple of hours (less than 4 in every case, since it may be dark but still the same day and the parents weren't looking for her and her boyfriend neither). She LIES to her boyfriend even after he asks "youre strange today whats wrong?"
Every other NTR story is MORE logical than this one., while still being the same horrible wasteful garbage…

And even still this one and "Confession from beyond the mirror" and "Tachibana-sans Circumstances with a man Ch. 01+01.5" Are haunting me to my dreams, that i'm constantly on the verge of tears at that pain…

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