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Welcome To Tokoharusou chapters 2-3-4, translated again (and correctly this time !), + the chapters 1-4 in another Zip file [English, 101 pictures], by Gunma Kisaragi

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Discovering there were so many translation errors really shocked me

Update : following a legal request from the Wani publishing group, I am removing all download links to this from

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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22 Comments on "Welcome To Tokoharusou chapters 2-3-4, translated again (and correctly this time !), + the chapters 1-4 in another Zip file [English, 101 pictures], by Gunma Kisaragi"

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IGO - The Dreamer

Funny, I just think about this hentai by some time ago! o.O
Hey Oliver, you can share the japanese version of this? = )

IGO - The Dreamer

And you can reupload the torrent of Kaiten Sommelier??? Plz! = /


…You know, I liked my comment on Fakku so much, I'll put it here for a repost.

Honestly? I like this story's art, but the story and characters just aren't doing it for me. The lead guy's thoughts are nestled too far into his genitals to root for, the female lead's so brainless I feel insulted that the author wants me to find her the most attractive girl present, and the new chick's a freaking elementary-schooler. Something's wrong when the stereotypical androphobic "tsundere" is the best of the lot.

And the art's good, but while some authors only have six faces in them, Gunma's only really got one. Maybe two, if you count changing the eyes. Seriously, click on his name up there and show me two other works in which girls that could be these's twins don't appear.

Why am I still reading then? Well, the art's excellent, even if the character designs are repetitive they're well-drawn in the actual act, and the story's not the WORST thing Gunma's ever done, but I find this chapter symptomatic of the whole work, and, by extension, the whole body of Gunma's work: incredibly well-drawn, but lacking in variety and imagination.

In short (which is Actual Person Speak for tl;dr): mediocre. A modest four out of ten stars for a competent but unremarkable effort.

Oliver AKA The Admin

(Just saying, that comment was in the spam queue, I just restored it back)


Thanks. Sorry about that.

Oliver AKA The Admin

This isn't even remotely your fault :)


I saw that comment as well over there!!!


A ton of thanks to FUKE for re-translating this. I am sure the original translators did what they could with the Japanese – Spanish – English translation, but really, that is like a bad game of telephone. Too many chances for mistakes to happen which *completely* change the meaning of the dialogue.

Thanks Oliver for sharing this.


After reading Fuke's blog on it… I'm not sure that 'telephone' syndrome was the promixal cause… it may have been a distal cause certainly. There was far more ignomity at work…


just 3 words kisaragi gunma RULES


I have to admit that the first time I read this hentai I really didn't get it but enjoyed the images. After re-reading it with proper translations I am actually looking forward to see how the story develops.


im a spanish speaker so i can say the one who messed it up is the jap>esp translator. right now im reading the esp version and comparing it to the "non-sense" version and the esp>eng translation is alright. thanks god fuke re-translated it ^^


Now this brings a lil light to the question why this first transl. could be that stupid.
For literarical reasons and research reasons, translators should always have to tell on which basic resource they worked further or burn their work like witches.
Even if two translators do a good work and are native speakers of the language they translate into, the second version is always lacking half of the storys' originality already and thus his translation (if not regarding/knowing the original) makes the one legged first one, a halflegged one.
I'd really apreciate it if translators ALWAYS can translate from the original – and if not stand away from doing so. If not their work could be called only a RE-translation. ;)


fucking ace thanks for the update Oliver :P


thanks for the update :)


Excellent post. Many thanx Oliver and Fuke.


Thans for sharing, so glad someone finally did a coherent translation. I like this one. The big sis is a idiot, but i like the mean little sis :$


i want a new chapter of this manga :(
i want a Black Dog's new dojin too :(

thanks Oliver for your work


sorry i don't like this story
the guy protagonist still love woman bitch, naughty, lust, slut, gangbang, sex free
is the guy no pride as a men(this is very shameful)
i'll skip this one


How many chapters does this one have?


Thank you Fuke! I almost wanted to do this myself, that's how bad it was…

Btw, Oliver: "and now something throwing essential notions like “sense” or “scenario” to the shithole" – I think you mean "and NOT something …"

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oooops, right !

Thank you :)

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