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Dark In The Dark [English], by Leymei

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I want to see a dark elf having happy hardcore groupsex, some day.

“Should I share that one and trash it, or trash it and proceed to sharing something else ? Hmmm…” – That was me, a few hours ago.
I still share it because the art is damn good, it’s not every day we can see a dark Elf fucked silly like that while the girl has such a great body and the censorship is so close to being nonexistent.
On the other hand, the scenario sucks monkey balls, the dark elf is hard raped with the purpose to mindbreak her, bleh. Well, at least, I laughed at the Dwarf, that’s one of the good points with dwarves, you always need someone smaller than you to laugh a bit.

So… As for you, decide for yourself, but I wouldn’t go recommending this manga to everyone, hard rape is an ugly theme in my eyes :(
Credits are for Fated Circle and Raikoh.

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13 Comments on "Dark In The Dark [English], by Leymei"

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Ah the old can't see it trick. I just take my sight away from the little guy.


I like it the art is outstanding. And her body is mmm..


Not so bad. It's much more delusional rhan awful. Many thanx Oliver.


Wow. This thing is like a bizarro lodoss or something. I think I'll keep this for giggles. Thanks Oliver.


i may be wrong but i think it's more like a lineage2 doujin, especially given the looks of the -hot!- dark elf


Three stars, and that's only because the art is really decent.


I really dont enjoy rape scenarios.I pass but thanks the share oliver, i love how you review the content.


translated by: Fated Circle

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks, 2Hip :)


Doesn't make any sense. And drawing's quite hot. I'll download this for collection..
I can enjoy this by not thinking too much.
This is what a mangaka should do if you want to make rape scenes – don't make us attached to the raped female. (If it's a male.. umm.. yah. that's another genre). Thanks for the share, Oliver

Oliver AKA The Admin

(This comment was in the spam queue, sorry if it was invisible for a while)


The depositfiles link links to renai holic. I believe thats incorrect


It always seems like women are thought of in the same frame of mind as horses. Wild dark exotic mustangs just waiting to be broken. And that the sign of ultimate male potency is in the ability to break even the toughest of wild(free) women. Hmm, sudddenly I understand people's fascination with horses.

Thanks for the upload.

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