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My Lover Is Lactating [English], by Toguchi Masaya

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Now, that's a hot, perverted, shameless face :3

UPDATE : Good news, this post is now obsolete !

This chapter is now part of a larger manga called Wakazuma Na Tare Chichi, and it is available HERE, enjoy ! :)

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
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8 Comments on "My Lover Is Lactating [English], by Toguchi Masaya"

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Cold Star

Dude, I love lactation! It's one of my fetishes.
Ah but those absurdly large breasts isn't one of them. They're a bit too large for what I find acceptable (the drawings are hot though). Yeah, a good read all in all.


Once in a while we should have polls of people's preferences~
I'm quite interested in how tolerant are other readers in various infamous genres (tentacles, NTR, lactation, dark skins, x rays, happy rape, non-happy rape etc)
Do lactation in hentai turn off a significant number of readers?

EDIT: I'm startin to have a fetish of those trance-like eyes.. At least they can be drawn more often and easier in happy situations than ahegao.. (which I like but yeah – not usually happi times)


i just saw a hentai manga named Maru Kajiri by Nico Pun Nise and i just have to wait a little bit for this manga to be completed

Oliver AKA The Admin

For the moment, I'm skipping it, there's loli. If it remains just a pair of pics in the chapter 1, okay, otherwise, damn it :(


Fetish notwithstanding, I usually have a problem with cheating stories… but the brief explanation & nephew's re-confession to his Oba-san was enough to reduce it to mere incest manga. (Which doesn't bother me overmuch.) Also the way the two of them go about it was… I dunno… a do-over for the nephew? Hell the Aunt displays a strong interest too, so maybe a do-over for her also. (At gobbling up her cute nephew like she may have wanted to, those years before.) Thanks Oliver, I liked it. And yes, your selection of preview pic was spot-on! It really did convey ev erything you needed to know.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Maybe I should have added something to my description, I had a sense of lingering sadness, a feeling of "nothing really matters anyway" coming from a person already worn-out by life. I felt uneasy about that feling so I didn't develop this, but… well, I think this was also in the preview picture, like a mild sense of corruption, a second, delayed, coming of adult age…

Aaargh, I'm thinking too much.


It's the thought you put into both your preview WOT and your responses that keep a lot of the posters here coming back. Keep doing what you're doing- it obviously pleases more people than not. At any rate- the sadness- I see it a little, and get it. She had a less than perfect marriage, balanced against an honest & innocent male interested in her for quite some time (for all that he was her nephew). And that 'do-over' thing I mentioned. Both of them took the shot they missed years before. I can think of several branches my life took that I, looking back, might want a 'do-over' on… OK, now *I* am thinking too much. LOL! Keep up the good work Oliver!


I like how this artist draws rubenesque women with sexy lips, but not a single ass shot in the comic. This is great for booby-lovers though, hot stuff. Thanks for the post.


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