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The Poll Of Violent Death

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In this recent share by Clesta, a regular visitor, Hoccus, left a smart comment, that on one of the pictures the heroine should really be dead, that her neck shouldn’t be twisted like that on a breathing girl.
And yet, when I tweeted it, I received 2 replies that, no, it was possible to be like that.

That made me curious. What do YOU think of it, as for you ? :twisted:

It’s that picture, click it to enlarge it :

In your opinion, look at the girl on that picture, is she dead with a broken neck, or not ?

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46 Comments on "The Poll Of Violent Death"

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Oliver AKA The Admin

Aw, and I was expecting a mega-majority, a total landslideof voters for the “death by twisted neck” vote O_o

Alexandrine Library

I would like to understand how 20 people (in the moment I am posting) can believe that is possible. I have never put my neck in suck a position, and I would never try, as I realize I would not be alive the see the result.


i tried, and as expected my neck can only rotate 90 degrees to either side, not like the girl in the picture that can do it over 100 degrees, she if not dead should have severed her neck nerves and should have become paralitic.

Cold Star

It can be done. but you must either be incredibly flexible (in the anime she actually is), or your neck would hurt like fuck.
I'm leaning towards that it's a bit of an oversight in the author's part though =/

IGO - The Dreamer

Hey Oliver, you miss one 3 option, I was chosing the 1 choice, but for me undead sex DON'T looks awesome! :/


Seriously? You know, Oliver, you do neither loli, nor guro, nor zoo, not any of the more twisted and gruesome flavors… the folk who visit your place are not going to be the kind that find necrophilia awesome… Actually, I'm a bit disturbed that the race is that close.


Just because Oliver doesn't like those kind of things doesn't mean the visitors do. It's possible they just like those type of things (or maybe one or two) and just like the stuff Oliver does share enough to keep coming back (or the way he shares it)

Cold Star

I love everything. Including guro, incest, NTR, bestiality, rape/forced, and of course, vanilla/consensual and happy stuff.

The only things that I hate are Futa and Yaoi. Traps are alright, but only when they're on the humorous setting, no yaoi. Oh I guess I hate scat too.


Kind of a derail, but it boggles my mind of you can be fine with guro and bestiality, but "hate" futa and yaoi. Those are your tastes and you're entitled to find whatever it is that you want arousing or interesting, it's just that I don't -get- it =/
Not that you have to magically get off to anything, but hate?


I tried to perform this pose (it's for hentai science, ok?) and I was awfully close. I wish I could have had a pic taken to see how it looked, but that is not gonna happen (for obvious reasons).


Hentai has never made any sense, anatomically or societally or socially or scientifically EVER! Whether or not this pose is humanly possible, she obviously isn't dead. First of all, she's talking. And secondly, Clesta never makes anything close to necro or guro or whatever that would be.


Well, you're right about hentai not making sense (sometimes). But when you reference human anatomy on level like Clesta especially with how her form is erotically rendered, you become 'bound' by the mechanics of real-life anatomy. We'd let it go if she were rendered as well as Monkey D Luffy is and all the One Piece cast, but that's not the case. Where her head is, the base of her neck would HAVE to be closer to her right shoulder for here to speak and still be alive.

An anatomy error, for shame Clesta


Well, if Linda Blair could do it…

All I can say is, with all of the improbable scenarios that crop up in hentai, a girl that can twist her head around 180 degrees isn't all that far fetched.


In the anime I think she's an ero dancer. Btw can't the yoga people do that much of a neck turn, if normal people can do 90degs? (That's not 180degs tho, more like 135 deg)


it is possible but its rare.people can turn their past the normal degree, i can only turn my head around 100degs but it will leave my neck hurting for the next 3 days


She Ded.


i myself can almost twist my neck that far an im a guy, it is entirely possible for some to twist theri neck arouns to that extent


As I see, she should be dead, regardless of how flexible she is. No matter how much you train it, I don't see a possibility where (1) your chin can pass over and behind your shoulder and (2) breathe let alone speak well enough to be heard as the image is showing. To explain, there are a few things in the throat of note: the esophagus, the wind pipe, and the spine . For her to twist her head like that, she'd twist her anatomy into thread, a triple helix even. Neck internals ==> Twist into a Triple-Helix ==> Medically Dead.

….. Artistically, I'd think the picture would be more alluring if Clesta had shown only the 'pained', yearning expression of her eyes instead of her entire face.


Her left ear is pointing at her right shoulder, (Not possible) so she shoulb be dead… the perspective is just screwy.


I said the hair is playing tricks to our eyes, likes those images with optical illusions.


I said THAT HER HAIR… Sorry my english sucks

Mr. N

this would be possible if here upper-body was slightly off to her left, but she is lying chest-flat. Therefor, the picture is borderline… in the dead area. A clever use of the character hair to make it look more believable, but clearly dead to me.

But hey, its the hentai-world, anything is possible…


this is possible cuz i have friend that can actually do that and he stil talk and walk like usual


I have a female cousin that turns 25 tomorrow that weighs in a little over a 100 lbs that has been hyper flexible ever since we were little kids, her list of bizzare abilities are as follows: she can hyper extend both her knees and elbows past a forty-five degree angle, and bend her thumbs, fingers, and wrists back so far that her fingers can easily touch the forearms they're attached to. she can lick her nose and under her own chin, and can bend/fold her self in half to the point she can literally kiss her own ass. And on several occasions I have even seen her rotate her head nearly 50 degrees over her own shoulder to look and point at something behind her without moving her torso at all. Trust me when I say that her talents are extremely disturbing to see and make my skin crawl just about every freaking time. So while I'm certain no normal person can do this sort of thing and live through it, the rare freals like my cousin do make it a possibility.


If you see closely you will see that the nec is not fully twisted, is like a 190 degree, which is actually posible, since medicinal records people living after reaching 200 degree


Hahaha glad my comment lead to this poll, when I made that comment it was at first glance looking at that picture and I was thinking "wow, that totally is not possible!" and I stand by it!


I can turn my chin past my shoulder. I don't see why she can't twist it that much further.


The horizontal twist isn't the problem, it's that other twist laterally that's got me stumped. How can anyone manipulate their spine like that without breaking it


Well, her chin hasn't gone beyond her shoulder, so I'd assume it's not such an extreme twist, and her face is just drawn to perspective.

As others have pointed out, Aoi Kimi (the character) is also an erotic dancer, so her having a huge degree of flexibility is quite a given. In the fight versus Honda Futayo, Kimi pretty much licked her sternum with that small tongue of hers (yes, I re-watched the scene to make sure).

Seishiro Haga

Option 2. She's one of those people who flexible to the neck.


Well, you can look behind you as the picture states, but the neck's position in the picture is just wrong. So, it's a yes and no… if that's makes sense.


dead at that angle


It's a bit far but not too far IMHO.


Hmm .. this is the first time I participated in your discussions and I am going to be the pervert of the day. too bad.
If you know the porn actress "Ava Devine" in one of these short films (last year) very hardcore with two hefty guys were right a close up showing the same thing as this drawing. And no question of view or perspective. It's so impressive that we think was a hoax but it's real. (Yuck)


I just checked if I was able to twist my neck that far. I actually could.


My neck's hurting me now, but it was for science -_-'


i try that pose and i survive

yes, she can do that


I want those 1000 odd voters to post pics of them moving their necks like that, yer didn't think so.


Requires too much identification.


I think the thing we should be really noticing is the fact that she's dripping vaginal semen and prying open her butthole (which is also full of semen), all while having a strange, trying-not-to-smile look on her face.


She is dead, or at least paraplegia!


I can pretty much do it, just not comfortably. If I can do it, I'm sure there are people out there even more limber then I am who can do it to a larger degree of comfort.


All the above comments are valid however it all depends on your frame of reference,
eg: random average joe, (or sue) could most likely not perform this, thus from that idea obviously she is dead because they have not seen otherwise (then they proceed to call the cops for showing them picture of a nude woman)
eg2: walk to a dance/ ballet school ask them, "oh that thats simple" *person proceeds to demonstrate* then obviously it must be valid from a dancer's FoR (then they proceed to throw objects at you until you leave yelling things like "pervert," "don't open your trenchcoat," or "Hulk SMASH!"
eg3: its hentai, the character is a dancer in the anime its based off of, and proceeds to twist her head around 440 degrees "suprise i'm not dead!" from that we can assume the point is valid from a hentai FoR
eg4: Dat-Ass! Yeah!

tldr: don't walk into a dance studio wearing a trenchcoat, whilst carring pictures of nude people. cause you never know when you may run into the giant green killing machine.


Haven't any of you death fans heard of artistic license? Maybe exaggeration?