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Black Complex [English], by Mumumu Jirushi

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I'll treat it as a fetish I can't understand, basically.

At first, I was going to write that “this is quite the odd fetish that we’ve got here”, but after all, can you tell me WHO has a fetish for what’s usual for most of the people, that is to say missionary sex, a bit of doggystyle until fatigue arrives, a bit of woman on top, and then more missionary ? Yep : a fetish’s very idea is to be different from the norm. I don’t remember the exact words, but the mistress of the prostitutes Guild in the Discworld series, by Terry Pratchett, made it clear, telling that it was perfectly normal to have abnormal desires.

So : hair fetish ! Why not ! :D

UPDATE : Look at that, there’s a STRIKING similarity with that picture, by Tony Taka O_o Thanks to PressBToJump who left a comment with a link to that picture ! Would you know if this work is a parody, something like that ?!?

Frankly, me, I wasn’t aroused the very least (two strings of hair accidentally wrapping around my glans are enough to make me scream in pain if I’m unlucky -_-), but for you, who knows, it might be a worthy discovery ^^ And if YOU feel hot for this, good for you, good for you :D

As for the scenario : a sister with super long hair makes a move on her brother who, as all males in hentai mangas, is unable to resist the call for free pussy. Thus, oxytocin helping as always, he’ll fall for her.
This was released by ACF and BluMeino from Chocolate Scans, thank you very much ! :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(14 MB, 27 pictures, English)

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17 Comments on "Black Complex [English], by Mumumu Jirushi"

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man, I thought that was a pretty baller last line, the sentence with 'entanglement' in it

Saber 0

Mrs. Palm is the Head of the Guild of Seamstresses, although in that quote, she was referring to the Guild's newly inducted homosexual club.


pg11: "Come at me Bro"

This is why all translators should use japanese honorifics.


Hey now, they're not prostitutes, they're "women of negotiable affection".


I remember a character in a manga from Kenso Ogawa that had a similar fetish but less extreme, in which he dumped his girlfriend for cutting her hair, so I guess it's a rare fetish but I can see where they come from since i know I prefer girls with longer hair (don't ask me why I don't know myself).
Anyways thanks a bunch for the post Oliver and thanks as well to the guys from chocolate scans for sharing this one with us, i know I can definitely classify this one under wincest.


I've seen this one before. Coming from someone who likes hair, not necessarily sexually, for creating a hair fetish manga this artist is not particularly good at drawing hair ಠ_ಠ


Isn't the cover for this an edit of a Tony Taka image?

Oliver AKA The Admin

The similarity is STRIKING, indeed O_o

Where does that picture come from, please, PressBToJump ?


Sorry, I don't know what image set or manga it comes from. I just know Tony Taka drew it.

It probably would be possible to track down the source but too much effort.


LOL! When I tineye it this manga comes up as a result.

Anyway, I think the Tony Taka image is a shop of this, since the cover without the logo is on Mumu's pivix. I mean, it is from 2009…

David P. Summers

Actually, I was just thinking about how so many artists feel they have to draw the most awkward postions they can think of, that simple ones like missionary are actually the unusual ones…


When you flick back between the Tony Taka cover and "Black Complex" the only difference is a small pallet swap and the face. Other than that they are identical – the body proportions and even the flower designs are in the back ground are exactly the same.

Wonder if there's going to be a case of copyright against Mumumu Jirushi?


Like I said earlier, I'm fairly certain the Tony Taka image is a Photoshop someone did. All they had to do was change the face.


lmfao, he ripped off tony taka. Still, his face style does flow well with tony's body style, gotta admit.

BTW, this takes Hairy pussy to the EXTREMES.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Scuba, it seems to be the opposite, either Tony Taka doing the imitation, or else, a shop.


love "going postal". Wich one has hookers?


now i think, i'm also in Hair Fetish section…