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Mini-pack of 2 works by Inkey, following each other : Retaliating Molester Train + Manami’s Mistake [English]

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It's a bit of a let down, to be frank

I am surprised, seeing this was a work by Inkey, I imagined there would be mellow vanilla feelings, a good ending and the like :|

This is quite the opposite, here O_o the heroine (big-titted girl with twintails <3) makes money ripping off men she tempted to molest her in the trains, blackmailing them until they cough up money. Of course, the day for retaliation comes, hardcore chikan follows, and quite unsurprisingly, she’s dripping wet and enjoying it. Meh. But the worst is to come, in the second part called “Manami’s Mistake”, the last third in number of pages, the heroine is mindbroken into a private cum dump for the use of two failures of men. /Facepalm -_-

Oh well… As always, this is up to you, we all have different tastes. If you like the drawings, even more if you like the scenario, I hope you can find it to your tastes somehow :) Otherwise, move on, and may my descriptions be sometimes useful and help you spare some of your bandwidth ;)
Credits are for Fuke and Conan, thank you !

Just a note : the 17th picture of Retaliating Molester Train (here), didn’t it remind you of a chapter of Aqua Bless ? ^^

By Inkey, I also share the superb Inbi Temptation (179 GREAT pictures), Hatsunetsu Lovers, Beloved Wife Diary plus short works in here and in there.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(23 MB, 31 pictures, English)

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3 Comments on "Mini-pack of 2 works by Inkey, following each other : Retaliating Molester Train + Manami’s Mistake [English]"

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Thanks for the share, Oliver.

Yep, that really reminds me Aqua Bless, with the bullied cross-dressing guy in the women-only train (only that Yamatogawa's drawings are a LOT better)


I'm starting to notice that I don't really like fapping to vanilla. I think this has to do with the fact that in vanilla, the main catalyst for sex is usually mutual love, whereas what I really like to see in a hentai manga (in terms of fap-ability) are when the womens' innate carnal sexual desires are being fully and completely satisfied, whether they like it (which happens in some vanillas), or not (hentai-rape, hentai-molestation, mindbreak, etc). So I guess basically what I look for is some sort of 'sexual bliss' that the female is in.
I don't think vanilla is 'a waste of bandwidthtime' or anything like that, and I still enjoy reading it, just that sometimes it's not really fappable to me anymore. I guess vanilla hentai becomes more like a normal manga, in my eyes.
I guess on the other side of the spectrum, I draw the line at some sort of really, really, really hardcore mindbreak or just plain realistic rape. The former would make me feel too much guilt (even for a made-up hentai scenario), and the latter has no 'sexual bliss'

Oliver AKA The Admin

In my personal case, I noticed I like to fap to stuff I haven't seen for a while.

If I only read hentai, I'll fap to gonzo american porn.

If I've had my fill of real porn movies, suddenly hentai will become once again hyper good.

But then I'll get a bit bored from a "material" perspective, and I'll either return to gonzo or to picture sets of amateur girls…

See the idea ? Variety, not inside genre (inside hentai : vanilla, rape, incest, milf, teen, etc…), but from a genre to another.

To each his own, I guess ^^;;

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