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Unsweet New Wife Nakatani Naho NTR [English], by Tanaka Aji

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I really wish the husband suffered even more

You may wish to read this section of my hentai glossary for a definition of netorare, AKA NTR, if you’re unfamiliar with the term.

Usually when I read a netorare story, I feel really bad for the husband/boyfriend, sympathetic with his pain, and I hate the woman who deliberately betrays him and crushes his feelings. Not today.

Today, the more I read this manga, the more I had a “Shinji Syndrome”, aka “JUST DIE YOU GUTLESS MALE WIMP ! DIE ! DIE ! DIE ! DIE !“. I’ll just say it : true, this is a netorare story, but the male husband more than deserved his lot.

UPDATE : I removed the download links but don’t worry, this share is now part of the netorare-full Unsweet Netorare Ochita Onna-Tachi !

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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26 Comments on "Unsweet New Wife Nakatani Naho NTR [English], by Tanaka Aji"

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Always love me some NTR.


Sweet….Im really getting fond of reading NTR… its one of my favorite tags…

annoying guy

the fact that the dude ask for it, kinds of didnt make me rage, but for the other side, i can't understand the wife that knowing that she got caught, she still go back to her home… she definitely is a shameless bitch.


Would it be possible for mediafire links? Thanks


Thanks ActionBastard from LWB, Made by day better:D


Quoted from the exhentai post:

TL: Action Bastard
ED: psyburn21

Thanks to both of them, and thanks Oliver for sharing. I normally do not like NTR, but this one didn't bother me. I usually rage hard when the guy has done nothing wrong and is truly a victim. In this case the guy was *asking* for it to happen.


Not a fan of NTR and hate how big its gotten, but at least this wasn't some sweet girl who fucks her husband/bf's friend cause he has morning wood and she takes care of it unlike most women who would go "What!? No! Seriously get out!"


ok sorry for my french but i think it's because of punk'ass wimp like that that women can cheat and has a safe conscience… i mean duh!! you kind a sold your wife why crying like a little bitch at the end???? see that's a waste of wife or maybe the guy just a big masochist that's it ! and i think that she still can comeback home after that because she knows that her husband give her away she just don't say it. who knows what the neighbor told her…. and even if he did there is no shame you allowed it.


Liked it because page 22. I just love x-ray/deep/creampie combos :D

And honestly… someone just shoot to death that Makoto guy >:O


thanks lot i love this ntr



Original Source:

by a guy nick – Action Bastard

they are pretty active on this NTR forum

Oliver AKA The Admin

Sorry if I'm not checking my spam folder every two hours, okay ? ^^

There, comment approved, and thanks for posting the links :)


NTR ….. again
i don't understand why many people likes NTR/Cheating
I pray, who likes NTR/cheating
I hope you're having an event like this
sorry i'll skip this


I like winning the powerball (a lottery in US; the current jackpot prize is US$40 millions!).

While you are praying for the NTR-lovers to get NTR'ed, could you also pray for me to win the powerball, too? Thanks :)



my previous comment "disappeared"..
Oh well, just saying CREDIT of this manga to a guy online nick – Action Bastard.
They have a few more NTR projects coming up..

Oliver AKA The Admin

Two words : spam folder :D

If you see a comment of yours disappears again, do exactly what you did here, write a "non-suspicious in any regard" comment to report it, and I'll check the spam folder at once instead of doing it in two or three days at random ! :)


Discworld is awesome!!! I'm reading it right now!


The dude sells his wife without her consent. That's way, way worse than anything she does afterwards.

The Dude

He didn't SELL his wife, her asked for another man to seduce her. That's a big difference.


Well, thanks for sharing! Don't like the genre and I'm not gonna read it, but so long as it's tagged I'll avoid any nasty surprises and it's perfectly fine by me :)


Same here. I don't like it, but I was warned, so that's cool… Thanks for what you do here, Oliver.


@hendra_takeda: AMEN, BROTHER! AMEN!

annoying guy

the guy is to blame here… but i insist, why the bitch let the neighbour do whatever he wants to her, it is so simple to just say no from the beginning, or the husband tell the dude that it was a joke to her wife and nothing more than that, obviously after that warning the wife about the guy, and who knows, maybe move to another apartment really far away from that place. happy ending in my mind xDDD

Espada Negative Two

………. I'm just saying this, I couldn't look through the whole thing but this is just a classic example of being careful about what you wish for. I know your' all saying he deserved this and also that he is a "pussy". We also say that this will never happen to us because of how you "know" you'll react, I just want everyone here to remember that "what I would do feeling" and hold on to that. And if that ever happen or any situation similar to this occured to you, remeber this moment, take action, and no matter what… have no REGRETS ( "Regret " is another aspect of death no disccussed to much in life, so I' bring into full veiw as somehting most of us can relate to; The un yeilding, unrelenting wrath that is a esapada, because regret can follow you even after death and bind you until YOU can Deal with it) Espada "Neagtive Two".


Haven't read this but I love the Discworld reference. What language did you read Discworld in?


I'm might sound weird or idiotic and uncalled for… but i got an idea, why not the author make a "reverse NTR". coz i'm already tired with normal NTR with Bad Ending…

Reverse NTR:
when their "stuff" was stolen, why not stolen them back?
not only that, why not make a bad-ass planning of revenge and made a fucking clear line word; "don't mess with us!", NTR at first chapter then Reverse NTR at the End of story. Nice. right?

also put some gore, where the husband torture them, not instantly killing them out rage but slowly savoring the moment, each moment until their victim eye's fade out.
that would be enjoyable? right?