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Shunyuu Yuugi [English, 157 pictures], by Shiina Kazuki

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Me : «WHAAAAAAAAI couldn’t NOT fast forward that one, frankly, sorry :-[T ???»

I can’t pretend I loved this manga a whole lot, but, well, after all, there’s got to be something for every fetish, and this isnt’ as bad as tentacle rape mangas.
Still, this is a complete manga, if you love it, I’ll be glad for you :) Credits and thanks are for Saha and his kind commissioner, Rune :)

Shunyuu Yuugi contains attempts of a few storylines, the female characters have super large breasts, many of them have or grow dicks, and the sexual practices are vaginal sex, large dilatations, nipple fucking (eeewww), double fuck, and what the fuck fuck. Basically. More or less. I think. OK, to be frank I fast-forwarded my reading of this manga when I realized I wasn’t going to love it.

By the same artist, I also share Hime The Lewd Doll 1-6.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(93 MB, 157 pictures, English)

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10 Comments on "Shunyuu Yuugi [English, 157 pictures], by Shiina Kazuki"

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… what the fuck fuck… ROFLMAO!! No I didn't read this one, but that hunk of your WOT is hilarious, and required comment, Oliver! Thanks for the hard work!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Errrr, what do you mean, with "that hunk of your WOT", I didn't understand ? ^^


I think WOT refers to your Wall Of Text. As always, love your decsriptions and comments and appreciate all the effort you put in. Thx


There are always going to be dudes who have a weird fetish. I have nothing against nipple fuck and I kind of even like it. Don't ask me why though because I don't know myself.

You guys are awesome and keep up the good work!

Cold Star

I hate futanari most of the time but sometimes it's ok. This is one of those times lol
Very nice manga I'd say :P


There’s definitely a fetish for someone here: nipple fuck, urethra fuck, self-futa fuck, genderswap, etc. etc.

It’s like reading John K. Peta but it somehow makes even more sense.


Unexpected, but I like the art style. Definitely some different themes going on here…lol


this is totally my cup of tea *muhahahaha*
i just love dem /d/ style~
also, i've always been in love with this art style.
in fact, ever since i saw the cover of a certain kanokon short tl'ed by desu.


"What the fuck fuck" hahaha Oliver, even if I'm not interested in the share, I'll still read the description for the laughs.


anyone having problems getting any of the links to work? Need help please.