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Hajirai Break [English, 217 pictures] is getting closer to a full-TANK version : 6 chapters (94 pictures) have been updated with tank scans :)

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I consider Hajirai Break, by Homunculus, as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest vanilla hentai manga I know of. However, this manga is plagued by the fact most of its scans are based on magazine scans.
Well, good news, there’s been a great improvement, I updated this manga with 6 NEW CHAPTERS NOW IN TANK FORMAT :twisted:

If you want to skip my wall of text of a more detailed explanation, you may skip to the download links ;)

Hajirai Break, Complete, Updated, is right HERE ! :)

(yep, all those pics are newly tank’ed)

So, if you want a longer description, 6 chapters (for 94 pictures) have seen their magazine version replaced with their tank version ! :twisted:
Simple reminder, this is better because :
– magazine scans = poor scans, horrible white hole censorship hiding all traces of genitalia and even of the areas around it
– tank scans = better scans with less defects, much smaller censorship showing most of the genitalia this time

The magazine chapters that have been replaced with tank scans are the chapters number 1-2-3, followed by 5, and by 10-11. Their names are : “No Control, My Hot Heart” (#1), “Hajirai Break” (#2), “Home Mate First half” (#3), “Natsume’s exciting Day and Night” (#5), “Fake” (#10) and “Pay By Love” (#11).

The few chapters that have been scanlated from the start with their tank version are the chapters #4 (“Home Mate, Second Half”), #6 (“Kouenji Natsume’s Case Files Extra”), #7 (“Bird Cage) and #8 (“Bird Cage Extra”).

There are now only 3 chapters still remaining in their magazine version (please, correct me if I’m wrong and you have a tank version with the English reedit !), they are the chapters #9 (“Bathtub Crisis”), #12 (“Training Days”) and #13 (“Milk Time”).

Let’s sum it up with a simple list of the chapters and their state :)
There are 3 possibilities,
Done from tank from the start | Newly in tank version | Still in magazine version
Chapter number (and fuck the manga’s table of contents ignoring mini-chapters, it forced me to do my own numbering) :
– 1 : No Control, My Hot Heart (page 10), newly tank
– 2 : Hajirai Break (page 20), newly tank
– 3 : Home Mate, First Half (page 38), newly tank
– 4 : Home Mate, Second half (page 54), already in tank before
– 5 : Natsume’s exciting Day and Night (page 70), newly tank
– 6 : Kouenji Natsume’s Case Files Extra (page 86), already in tank before
– 7 : Bird Cage (page 90), already in tank before
– 8 : Bird Cage Extra (page 110), already in tank before
– 9 : Bathtub Crisis (page 114), still magazine
– 10 : Fake (page 130), newly tank
– 11 : Pay By Love (page 148), newly tank
– 12 : Training Days (page 164), still magazine
– 13 : Milk Time / Milk No Jikan (page 180), still magazine
– 14 : Blooming in the Sea / Umi ni Saku (page 198), already in tank before

I’m sorry this post is such a complex wall of text (remember, the first hyperlink on top of the post is the link to the complete Hajirai Break manga !), but, really, I saw no way to write it in a shorter way.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Honestly ?

My preview pic, on top of the present blog note, made me wish to find a way to hack my ratings system to give this post six stars.


For the fanatics, sull-size original one, fresh after decensoring, before resizing :….


Oh man, I agree! I'm so happy I downloaded this! :D


Thanks Oliver for the detailed description of what was new, what has changed etc. must have been somewhat troublesome to compile.

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

Yes, it was a lot of trouble, but I believe it was worth it :)


agh I just downloaded your other one from before. I guess I'll wait until it's completely finished since I don't really mind


Sometimes I feel guilty for using homunculus' works as fapping material, IT'S SO GODDAMNED GOOD.


Did the guy who did these say he was doing the last three?

I was considering doing all 9 but the amount of editing required in a Homunculus manga frightened me.


Thanks for this but i was just wondering if you were planning to do the other 3 chapters because the whole tank deserves to be on high quality scans.


The 6 chapters, were re-edited by hamstereater.


thank you for the amazing stuff Oliver :D