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Come With Me [English], by Nanao

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Please, please, don't notice I completely failed decensoring the cock ^_^

A female otaku goes to the swimming pool. In the first 3 pictures, she’s an otaku, thick glasses, hairbun, uninteresting. In page 4, we see her in the pool, with her swimsuit on.
Blood Pressure : +++++++

And the rest is mutual sex with love, with a bit of a scenario to wrap it up. Very good drawings, very large round “antigravity” (« sagging ? never heard of it. ») breasts, oral and vaginal action, however with annoying thick bar censorship. This was a pleasant uncomplicated read, with loveable characters, male and female, I hope you’ll find it to your taste, me, I loved it ^_^
Credits are for QP3, Eromasuta, Mahoro and Amaimono, from Amai Little Thing, thank you very much ! :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(17 MB, 25 pictures, English)

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5 Comments on "Come With Me [English], by Nanao"

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Saw this earlier, I always like how the female otaku is hiding a smoking body then they go to the pool/beach/etc.


i skipped down to here from the Inomaru post… not liking him at the best of times… and I gotta say thanks Oliver. THIS was worth the stop today.. the 'ugly duckling to amazing swan' bit always pleases me. Just a cute, sexy, easy-going story. Again, my thanks, Oliver!


thanks again Oliver


Yet another Hentai-world occurrence that I wish would happen to me….


any other manga that has this type of drawing? like, her breasts actually has weight and so forth – making it very appealing oppose to the usually manga where the breast seems to just sorta sit there in its uniform shape.

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