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Apron Love [English, 230 pictures, Complete], by Drill Murata

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Good MILF hentai is always a pleasure :)

And here ends, with numerous thanks to Tadanohito’s talend and all his kind donators, the Apron Love manga, by Drill Murata :)
It’s good it’s ending, I was getting tired of automatically reading “A Porn Love” before correcting my mistake :lol:

So, what to expect from this manga ? Women aged between 30 and 40. Having sex with a newly adult guy, basically. With a main story arc displaying a tiny bit of scenaristic interest (really tiny, the bit), and a surprisingly (I thought it would end either badly or poorly, but it went for the best route !) good ending :)
Not really adultery if you read long enough.
Graphically, there’s oral, tittyfucking, vaginal, anal, and nothing weird. The censorship doesn’t ruin all the fun, at least, and there’s plenty of genitalia to enjoy.
Overall : there were some great moments, but I won’t call it excellent material, “good stuff” would be a better description ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy this complete manga, me, I had a good time reading it :)

By Drill Murata, I also share Playing Around With My Brother’s Wife, Ikumade Piston, Female Teachers chapter 1, and another hentai pack.

A Porn Love, the Complete English Manga

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(111 MB, 230 pictures, English)

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14 Comments on "Apron Love [English, 230 pictures, Complete], by Drill Murata"

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Nicely drawn Milfs and not NTR = WIN!


Hmm…have you thought of making a pack of each day's upload? I ask this because another site does that, as if you didn't know, and it seems quite logical.X'3


thats too much of a hassle for Oliver..

Oliver AKA The Admin

Actually, the time toll would be rather small, but that's without counting the time spent, not preparing the share (collecting links is a breeze), but doing the actual upload in itself.

And in that regard, my upload speed is aro95 kB/s these days, and most of the time that forces me to split in two my hentai sharing, a first time (15-30 minutes) leeching, preparing the zips, launching the uploads, then doing other real life stuff, and a second time collecting the zip links, doing the "editorial" part, and the like.

If some day my bandwidth gets better, I'll see if I can do something like that.


Oliver, if it's possible, please don't stop using fiberupload. They always have great download speeds, better than some of the others.

Oliver AKA The Admin

They announced they had their paypal account limited. Some file hosts shut down after such news, while some others remained in activity. I'm being cautious for a pair of days, to see how it will go…


I almost skipped it… I'm not big on cheating themes… but a friend said I should stick with it, try to put my judgements on hold, and get to the end, that it would be worth it. It was worth it. Thanks Oliver, for an interesting and… oddly uplifting post.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oddly uplifting… You too you found the male hero had an idiotic smile in the end, eh ? ;)


It's nice to see a male hentai hero who finally grows a spine. That said, he grows it a little too late for my liking, but still it's good.


I LOVED it, I love it when an H manga has such a happy ending. ^_^


it's fucking good to be back :D

thanks for the amazing share oliver :P

Oliver AKA The Admin

Okaeri :)


Just noticed a fairly freudian spelling error on your post above, but I can see how I might have done the same. :)

Instead of "Apron Love" like the title, your line reads "A Porn Love, the Complete English Manga"
Apron -> A Porn

Funny shit. :)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, me too, I always read it the wrong way ^^

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