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You Are Just A Maid [English], by Takenojo Seijin

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I *could* have fully decensored that image, but it was growing bothersome

Jackie Chan, help me !

Really, I don’t know what to think of this story, if this is deep or terribly superficial, if this is sick or brilliant, if this is twisted or sadly perfectly true about human nature. And I wouldn’t want to spoil you the story.
My own opinion, if you care : I liked it enough to be glad to read it.

Let’s stick to the basics : I don’t think this is a rage story, this isn’t really possible to be enraged at any of the characters (I stand to what I just wrote), however the ending will leave you with a bitter taste, this is a sad ending. But, please don’t go bitching that the scenario is shallow, okay.

And the art, daaaaaw, a maid with big tits and a nice face having great vaginal, oral, titty and anal sex, I luv it :twisted:
I may have missed the info, would you know who to credit for this release, please ? :)

By the same artist, I also share When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version) and Falling Rain.

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And now, some thoughts. These are SPOILERS, read only when you finished reading the manga, okay ?
– Highlight the following paragraph to view it.

In my opinion, rather than sick and shallow, this story is deep and despairingly true about human nature. The maid deliberately accepts her fate, and she isn’t mindbroken. She even finds some form of liking in this. The master, as for him, is a douchebag, true. But he is also very smart, he’ll most likely be able to hold his position in his family clan, and, however sick it is, it seems he really has love for this maid.
See what I mean ? I can grieve this is a sad state of life for everyone, but I can’t rage on this… Besides, from the face of the male character in the end when he saw the distress of his maid, I have the impression he might be less of a dick in the future…
All in all, in my own personal case, I’m still glad I read it.

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16 Comments on "You Are Just A Maid [English], by Takenojo Seijin"

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I think it is a good story because:
I think the master loves her and he should be more forthcoming with her… even though she is just a 'maid' he obviously has feelings of possessiveness over her like a lover would… though it is sad from the girl's point of view, hope there is a follow up story to this…


There are two more chapter for this story, one side story and one sequel. So don't hold your breath just yet.


Once again, I read a tough story. Parts, do your end.


Now posting this on the correct place… (I’m a retard, I know, lol)

I think the translator is LWB:

Hope it helps :) .


I said this before when it first came out on hentaifromhell. I read all the NTR and rage stuff as well, I read some fucked up stuff, I read vanilla, actually I read everything. And yet as simple as this is, it's the first time in a long, long time I actually felt kinda sad about a manga. Not that it's depressing, disturbing, or rage inducing in the slightest, or even morally questionable considering some other stuff, but idk, something about it hit me, the ending was just simple and unfortunate. I hear the sequel is positive though

Cold Star

^ Well, unlike your typical NTR which is usually a superficial plot with a dumb chick not knowing better, this has some character build-up and it's easy to relate to cuz it's somewhat realistic.


If i were to describe this, I would call it bittersweet and sad at the same time. My impression is that the master does love her at some level, but has abolutely no idea how to express it and as result does it in a completely screwed up manner. The girl on the other hand is just kind of wrapped in self-shame and general disgust of herself, which while irrational for her to think that way of herself, is understandable why she does considering the circumstances.


I agree, the master does care for her, but has no idea how to properly express it. The classmate has feelings for her as well, and would be a much more "normal" relationship. The girl has accepted her fate as her master's servant, and I think she has some feelings for her master, but there is still a part of her that wants to be "normal". In order to be "normal", she has thought about a relationship with her classmate, but I don't think she *loves* him. I think she just likes the idea of having a normal boyfriend instead of a master. All in all, a pretty messed up situation.

If I were to write the sequel to this, the master would eventually learn to be nicer to the maid and actually treat her more like a girlfriend. The girl would come to realize that the master does truly love her, and would start responding to his affection, instead of just following his orders. And sadly, the classmate would end up left out. Just my ideas on how this could end.


Reminds me of Anna Karenina. Only shorter, makes less sense (because its a hentai manga), and the female character is a much more straightforward victim, and in fact is not in the wrong in any conceivable way.


I agree mostly with the others. The girl is not mindbroken or brainwashed. She IS crushed by the debt her family had incurred, and knows there's no escape. If she rebels, if he grows unhappy with her, he could NOT pay off her debt. I don't know what would happen to her then though.
She's his (sex)slave, and she knows it.
Her master on the other hand, doesn't realize that she only does all that stuff with him BECAUSE of her debt. He's mistaken obedience for willingness.

What I find very well done are several scenes where you can practically see that she has to force herself. The scene where she hesitates for a moment (you can see the expression of anguish on her face) before saying she'll reject confessions in person.
Or the scene where he has just cum inside her, she exhaustedly expresses her "gratitude" and he says they're not finished yet (using drugs). Again, there's a moment of silence before she says "….Yes sir.", indicating an "oh shit, not again" moment for her.

The ending though, really sad. She feels she's been so dirtied, doing stuff and having stuff done to her, that she thinks she's unworthy of such a "normal" boyfriend.

I haven't read the followup to this, but I really hope that that master wises up, and treats her better. Seeing his expression at the end of the story (is it horror? terrible realization?), I hope so. Normally, you'd think that just having her get away from her master would be the best. The thing is, with that debt of hers, there's little anybody else can do, unless they're really rich.

There's a LOT of depth, in just a few pages. Interesting.


I think you're right, the master definitely mistook obedience for willingness. But think about it: the girl has been obeying his every command without hesitation for however many years, and she definitely looked incredibly aroused every time they had sex. I think that situation could easily be misunderstood as willingness.

Not that the girl is to blame or anything, she's just doing her best to cope with the shit life gave her.

In any case, looking very forward to the sequels


Phew, my heart dropped after that last page. =T Thank you for the read Oliver

akiba of the north

i hope this has a sequel, it has great drama story, i didnt think it was a hentai first, more like a sad love drama.


translated by: Red Vodka


sad maid is sad


really? Do you not rage at the jealous master who treats his maid like a bitch?
I will admit, though, I liked the fact that the master seemed to have some sort of genuine feeling for the maid.
Unfortunately, though, his 'spoiled-brat-expects-to-get-whatever-he-wants' attitude kind of ruined that.
I agree with Mousse, I also liked that look that he had on his face on the last page.