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Yurika No Campus (Yurikam) volume 1, chapters 1-3 [English], by Shigemitsu Harada and Takahiro Seguchi

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I laughed. And I LAUGHED. It was liberating.

Oh, I’m so happy :woot:
I’m feeling again this delightful, exhilarating, irresistible, liberating feeling, this magical laughter only provided by the best works =)

Remember the excellent My Balls ? You’ll all agree the serie fell flat before it ended, however, the beginning was absolutely wonderful, cutely sex, and absurdly amusing, right ? RIGHT ON : THE SAME TEAM IS BACK, AND THE BEGINNINGS ARE AS AWESOME AS IN “MY BALLS” !! :D

As for the story, let’s just say this is about a *straight* girl forced to play the “gigolette” for a living. I won’t explain more, please, do read it ;) Not for the porn (here be no genitalia, this counts as ecchi), but for the liberating laughter :)
This was translated by Audio Erotica, Waxie, Aya, Winged Messenger and Fetch The Dog, from Payapaya Scans, thanks a lot, a whole lot ! :)

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(58 MB, 72 pictures, English)

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21 Comments on "Yurika No Campus (Yurikam) volume 1, chapters 1-3 [English], by Shigemitsu Harada and Takahiro Seguchi"

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Wow, a successor to my balls, sweet, definitely a must have. Was always a little dissapointed that my balls was more of an ecchi manga rather than actual hentai material but still great, thanks

btw, GAME OF THRONES IS AWESOME! for those of you who have never read/watched it, do so now


This manga is freakin' hilarious! I hope the chapters come out more often then they usually did it.


This is the funniest thing I have read after Gintama ^^. Let's hope this time they give it a fitting end unlike 'My Balls' >.>


It's hilarious enough to make me comment: I want in!


Well what can i say other that Funny and I hope there will be more of this one

General Hentai

It's a one joke premise…that had me laughing for all 3 chapters. Lots of fun!


Guan Yu-sama is awesome! thanks for uploading this


“Wow, a successor to my balls”

I just wanted to quote that.


I want that gene. The gigolo gene. Has a nice ring to it. Best of all, it makes women inexplicably attracted to you.


It is rare that Oliver heaps praise upon a futa story. Very rare. Rarer than him finding a rare-earth vein underneath his secret villa in Nice.

Something's in the air, I tell yous…

General Hentai

Futa? No futanari in these three chapters.


Why's it tagged then?


Because anyone can tag using anything.

IE, trolling.


IMO this is not hentai only comedy and smut + yuri
but very funny and worth read



As a Yuri fans, This is really awesome! :D


awesome! I loved "My Balls"! (i feel wierd not putting that in quotes). This is just as good


I love your site but the hosters that you are using it is impossible for me to download because of my connection very slow so if you can provide links to mediafire uploaded to FileFactory new publications that would be really very good

(google traduction french to english)


Mediafire is too strict with copyright infringement. When a single file is reported for violation, they delete the whole account (even if the rest of the files are completely legitimate) thus deleting every single upload.

Filefactory is always "all slots in your country are in use" for people it seems.

You should consider buying a premium account on one of those websites. That not only lets you get faster downloads, but it also lets you support Oliver!


Throughout the years, the only file hoster Oliver has stayed with is depositfiles. In terms of buying an account to the host he is least likely to switch from, I would definitely say that depositfiles would be your best bet.


Well, that's really only because Depositfiles has no plans of closing or blocking any country (and they still have an affiliate program for people outside of the United States, such as Oliver who live in France – the only downside is they no longer pay for Americans either, so if you use DF and have a US IP address you aren't helping Oliver at all).

This will most likely change depending on Dotcom's trial's outcome, however.

If he loses, DF (as well as probably every other one in existence) will more than likely ban all US traffic. If he wins, all will most likely return to normal (as in, the way things were before February) for all websites.


this one is just fucking glorious

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