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Wakame Sensei Do Your Best [English], by Minority

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That pic reminded me another "Get pregnant. I don't five a fuck lol" older preview picture ^^

I may be mistaken of course, but I think I have memories of Minority as a mangaka from whom I’ve ran away at least once in the past, and possibly several times. I can’t recall why exactly, but I’m certain I had good reasons for this. This time, on the other hand, this is a mainstream hentai release, but still… it was WEIRD ! :shock:

The subtle details around the story, the story itself, the open ending, the character design…. This manga was unsettling. I don’t say it sucked monkey balls (basically, this is a “slutty ojousama schoolgirl” story, with a big not beautiful teacher), just that this was unusual, and I felt several chills from things that could have gone wrong if led the wrong course O_o

Basically, if the drawings are to your taste, I think you can safely proceed to downloading the zips, haha. Thanks to Rinruririn and Lapan, from Little White Butterflies :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(26 MB, 22 pictures, English)

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General Hentai
General Hentai

It did suck "monkey balls," although far from the worst monkey ball sucking out there. This teacher isn't the worst looking guy on the planet, but he's in the bottom half. Over-large, not handsome vigin teacher calls an escort service at another town to lose his virginity, only to discover that his prostitute is one of his wealthy students, and the class-rep, no less. Business proceeds as planned, and then he obssesses over her at school, where he takes her and makes her his sex slave by repeatedly coming inside her until she agrees to become his girlfriend and marry him. The ending is forced, it feels like there's more to come, so if this is all there is, it's not well planned.

General Hentai
General Hentai

A bit overharsh on the guy. He's raging a bit on how he's treated by his wealthy students, but with Shion, while he's obssessing about her, it's to stop her from being a prostitute and have him be her only guy, making her his girlfriend and agreeing to eventually marry him. Which is probably why Oliver said it didn't suck monkey balls. It doesn't feel like she's mindbroken when she agrees to be his girfriend at the end, more on the "agree to anything" so they can go to class before someone finds them and they both get it trouble. Which is why, if this is all there is, this ends far too abruptly. I totally agree: This WAS weird, and not in a good way. As always, I just LMAO at the notion that sex will make a girl your slave, which almost automatically = monkey ball sucking in my book.