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Candy Girl [English, 211 pictures, Complete], by Shiden Akira

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Thanks a lot to 2Hip for the compilation !

Guys, girls, we have to be very thankful to 2Hip, here :) This noble soul recompiled a lot of chapters from spare sources, worked on by various people, in order to compile here the complete Candy Girl manga, by Shiden Akira. 2Hip, thank you so much :)

As for Candy Girl, I think the proper expression is : «GOOD SHIT SPOTTED !!» :twisted:
Graphically, this isn’t top of the crop, but still good art, with mainly petite teen girls, having oral and vaginal sex, and for most of them having delicious mischievous grins on their faces :twisted:

This manga is made of single chapters (save the one against which I have to adress a negative warning, a 3-chapters long loli, around the end), with every time an uncomplicated scenario leading to happy carefree sex. There’s just one chapter that’s been better than the others, the one with the tanned cousin by the seashore, it had a strong mono no aware background feeling, and it kinda moved me. (If you want to read a REAL and GREAT manga based on this Japanese notion, mono no aware, I’ll never find good enough words to recommend you to read Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.)

The credits are longer than of usual, blame 2Hip for not  allowing a single piece of information to be lost, haha. All thanks are due to Pricken (Candy Girls, My Little Sister’s Friends), Desudesu (Naughty Upskirt Angels), Revsiak (decensoring of Naughty Upskirt Angels), SirC (Chinatsu’s Sea~Chinatsu no Umi, My Neighbor Wakui-san, Masegaki Education), Ghost55 (decensoring of Masegaki Temptation, Masegaki Satisfaction), Takehiro (Masegaki Temptation), Anon (Masegaki Satisfaction), H9E (decensoring of Masegaki Education, Garudere), Yoroshii (Garudere), Cgrascal (Mamakon), Nayr (decensoring of Mamacon), and, in a very small scale, me (levels correction on Mamakon, it was so dull and grey it was irritating.)

By the same artist, I also share At The Mercy Of Winter (Fuyu No Manimani), the Re-Edited version of Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History, Jittoko Park and Netorirare.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(101 MB, 211 pictures, English)

(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)
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Thanks to all! Would anyone like to translate p.206-207?


I knew bits and bites of the manga were scattered around, but it never crossed my mind that the manga was even completed. Thx for gathering them all and share them for us to enjoy, Oliver.


talking about the "titty monster" i found this one


Oliver or Hurp Durp or anyone else, i don't want to go off topic now but i have a problem and i SERIOUSLY need help.

basically i did a fucking stupid thing this week, i was basically trying to clean my desk since it's been a month now, what i did was because i was eager to back my files up i basically rush in to clean it, but my mistake was that i put my external HDD while connected on my keyboard(which is a slide underneath the desk)

long story short, i drop it once when i tried to clean the monitor(since i was stupid to put it on the keyboard) it basically stop reading, and another stupid thing is that when i disconnected it, the computer said if i should reformat the drive E(which is the HDD) i basically canceled in fear it might lose all the data despite the HDD not connected at ALL. my brother said it would have read the HDD if i had simply reformatted the drive.

so can anyone help me on this?? the external HDD is still running when i connect it(it even has the lights on) but cannot read it, there is also this "beeping" sound every few seconds or so. i searched that on the net and it said that some of the parts where loose that's why the beeping is occurring.

another advice i got from a store is simply de-attach everything and connect the HDD to a laptop, i did bought this HDD as set meaning it's already built from the get go. or another thing is either lie to seagate about the HDD and let them fix it, but the problem is that they might reformat the files when i send to them if they have no other choice.

please please PLEASE ALL of Oliver's works are there, i spent countless nights downloading them and spending my time with them. it would be a shame to LOSE them all due to my stupidity.

it has around 75GB worth of files plus all of my anime shows(which is around 200GB) etc. the HDD itself is 1.5TB

though the good news is that some of the files i have on PC(some anime only, but not all) but the Oliver Works i have NOTHING watsoever. only the recently downloaded ones i did this past 3 months. the rest from beginning of 2012 and downwards are there T______T

to be honest i don't care for the HDD itself, i just want those files back T_____T

with megaupload and others down for good, it's freaking hard to redownload them once again

unless there's a torrent batch, but that would be too much of a work so i won't bother anyone with that.

please im freaking depress right now :(


If your computer is still able to detect your hard disk (you are able to see the icon for your hard disk in "my computer" but unable to open it), there is a chance that you can easily recover the files.

Quite some time ago I dropped one of my internal hard disk due to carelessness, I was unable to access the hard disk normally but I managed to recover most of the files with a file recovery program called softperfect file recovery.

Well there are also people out there offering file recovery service for damaged hard disk but I doubt you would want to pay to recover you know what.


the problem is at first it was able to detec it(drive E) but since i keep canceling it since it wants to reformat the drive(despite the HDD not connected) at one point it never saw the drive E once again.

even tried it to another computer it didn't at least recognize drive E once more.

but how do you recover something you can't access?? unless you de attach the HDD and put it on laptop to back it up???


Try what I suggested in the next post.


Like nightshade31 said, there are quite a bit of software out there to help you recover files.

But before that download this ISO called "Hiren's BootCD". Burn it to a disc and boot into it (you might have to change something in your bios to read from the CD drive before the internal HDD – I can't tell you how to do this because if varies by motherboard, you'll have to consult your motherboard's manual). You'll have to navigate through a bit because I don't recall exactly where it is, but find this application called "HDD Regenerator".

Make sure whatever you download has that application, so either get a "restored" version of Hiren's BootCD or a version prior to 10.6 (which is when they started going "legit" and removed all of the commercial products – which HDD Regen is).

It also might be better/faster if you connect the external hard drive as a slave of the Internal HDD (as in, install it inside your computer like a normal HDD)

By the way, buy a new HDD. That beep normally is a sign of failing (something probably did break), so you need to get something to move all of the data you're able to recover off of that shit (or you'll lose it forever).


Actually, if you need me to upload Hiren's BootCD for you, let me know.


oh yes please :D

anything, although im very sorry you had to waste some good time on me instead of concentrating on the works and such.

really appreciate the help from both of you

Oliver AKA The Admin

You can't blame the antispam for being paranoid lol.

A note, I once had that problem with an external HDD for which windows always asked for a reformat, the solution was to give up on using my looong USB cable and switch to using the default USB cable provided with the disk. Strangely, it worked, the disk was recognized again.


i'll try that thanks :D


sorry for late reply and not suggesting which sites to upload it.

i will do it on the weekends definitely.


okay i might do it this week since i have summer school starting.

but why the burn though?? can't i just open it on file?? just asking though, but anything helps ^^

which one should i download??

SoftPerfect File Recovery 1.2??

this is the HDD i got

it's already buil in, how do i de attach it?? there were no screws on the back or something, but you can remove the external cable(the one you put the power and USB) but after removing you will only see the extensions, no screws or anything that might de attach it.

how long should i able to recover it?? a week or two?? damn i need to act fast.

thanks for the help though, if only i didn't hurry up since it's been awhile since i had a break and now i have summer school

damn it PrinceHeir!!!!!


It's called a "boot CD". It's this thing that you boot into instead of your computer's OS (which I'll assume is Windows 7). It's for diagnostic purposes, you won't be able to use it if you just run it on Daemon Tools or something (and it could actually cause the computer to crash, it happened to me once… I dunno if it was a coincidence or not, but it did happen). Also, you can't run HDD Regenerator on Windows Vista or Windows 7. So the only possible way to run it is not on the actual OS itself (IE, booting into DOS with that boot CD)

I admit it's a bit complicated, but once you get it going it's fairly self explanatory. Keep in mind this may take quite a bit of time, and you won't be able to actually use the computer during this time either.

I can't say how long you have for the HDD, it could be anywhere from 20 milliseconds to 4 years. I've had an HDD that's said it was "failing, please replace soon" for about 5 months. When I finally decided to get a new HDD, the goddamn message went away! I was like "LOLWUT". I still replaced it with the new one though.

I'm actually about to head off to bed now, so I'll upload and post it some time later today. Any particular site you want me to upload to? Mediafire is out of the question because I don't like them and I don't feel like recompressing it (the 5 parts I have now are about 400MB each – it's about 1.71GBs total).

Also, the pictures on Amazon aren't all that helpful. Could you take some yourself of all sides? Or find some on the Internet for me. :V

Alternatively, try googling "how to disassemble a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex STAC1500100". You might find a guide (or even a video) on how to do it.


oh i see, but since im using my computer right now for my school purposes and all should i booth the CD on my laptop(vista) instead??

since by the looks of it the process seems complicated and alot of time.

and yes i'll take pictures of it sometime this week, damn summer school "-___-


It said it would 23 hours when I did a 100GB external HDD (over USB1.1), but it was on an older computer with less than 1GB of RAM. But it was significantly quicker when I inserted it into the actual computer after cancelling the 23 hour one (dropped down to about 7 hours).


oh but the computer im using right now is like 6GB but the graphics card is medium quality though.

the laptop one was probably 4GB, then again it's been a LOOOOONG time since i last opened it.

heck im pretty sure the battery is empty right now.


Well, the faster the computer, obviously the quicker it'll take.

But USB2.0 is only like 30mbps whereas SATA is 3gbs. So having it directly connected inside or with esata would make the process 100 times quicker.


Sorry for the late reply, been having problem with the net.

Well regarding how to be able to detect the HDD, I think that depends on luck, meaning how badly damaged was the HDD. What happened to me in the past was that I was able to see the HDD icon in my computer but was unable to do anything with it and and was prompted to format it when I tried to click on the icon. Though I'm not sure what would happen if you actually format, I think it would be likely that you will lose a lot of data.

I've never tried Hiren BootCD method so I can't give any advice on that. As for softperfect, it's one of the easiest to use. Just download it and boot it up and it should be pretty intuitive.

I've never tried to recover files from a damaged external HDD before so I can't be sure if it works. But if possible try recovering the files externally before disassembling the HDD. For the softperfect file recovery software, if it can recover the files for you, you will be able to choose to search the damaged HDD from the drop down menu once you launced the program. Just let it search the whole HDD for files. If trying recover the HDD failed externally then I guess you might have to disassemble it and try to plug the HDD to you pc and let it act like an internal HDD. I can't help you with that because honestly I haven't done something like that before. If you are able to hookup the HDD internally you can try again and see whether the HDD can be detected again.

Here are some things you should note:

Regardless of which software you use make sure you don't copy the data back to the same HDD (and also all the different partitions in the same physical HDD) that you are recovering the files from, you might overwrite the data that you are trying to recover.

The more frequent you access the damaged HD the more likely you will lose some data in the process. So make your actions count. Don't keep trying to do the same thing over and over again. If it doesn't work, don't do it again.

Don't expect 100% of recovery of files, the shock from the drop itself likely corrupt some data.


Hiren (or rather, HDD Regen) was able to fix my HDD enough to allow me to get ALL of my files off of it without any corruption. I might have just been extremely lucky, but it's worth a shot right? I mean, the disk is dead. You don't have to worry about accidentally breaking something because it already is broke :V

I installed it as an internal HDD, however. So that might be a requirement.

I already uploaded (and posted) the ISO, PrinceHeir. Oliver's spambot hates my guts and flagged my post as spam though. So you'll have to wait until Oliver manually removes it from there to get them.


actually had the same thing when i first connected it after being drop.

it showed Drive E but can't read it, but now it doesn't even show up at all.

i see, so i guess i either try if it can read it as many as possible before disassembling it?

i guess i should just recvover hentairules files instead of the anime ones huh??

i'll probably take notes on what files are on their since i still know which places to redownload them(mostly on Nyaa and Bakabt)

thanks for the advice, will try some of the things you mentioned as well as Hurp Durp and Oliver's recommendation.


Can anyone help me find a certain hentai shared here?
I remember the general plot,
A girl saves a guy from bullies,find out later that day that both their parents just fell in love and went on a vacation that leaves the two alone for the time.At school,2 other girls like the boy and one tough guy liking the girl and has them both trying to be turned into their slaves and the girl being kidnapped. They escape with the two in-laws knowing they like each other,with the buy only breaking his arm,and ending with the girl dressing up as a nurse and having helping him"recover" in the hospital.
Thanks in advance.


My guess is Cohabitation Alliance, by Yuuki Tsumugi, and T/L'd by Sling.


I already read the manga, but for the hell of it I googled Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou after reading your post. Then I find that there were a few OVA's based on it! If you didn't know, now you do. I know they're subbed but I haven't seen them yet, so I can't say anything for quality.


Thanks for the info. I found the OVA's at VEOH. I had read the manga a while back and the OVA's seemed to follow the stories rather precisely.


Seriously, could you use other filehost…the other 2 or 3, I can't use to download at all, and depositfile only let me download 1 file per hour and that's really annoying…please use other filehost…

Mr. Olorin

I got to ask; are this candy girl here and the candy girl posted on april 29th… two different manga of the same name, or two edition of the same thing? Additionally (though purely for curiosity's sake), in either case, why did this happen?


Two different mangas. Didn't you notice the author's name was different in both? Or the artwork? :/

Looks like the kanji used in both titles is different.


oh this is an amaizing page. wonderful a lot of mangas I just want to download all. thanks for the aport

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