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Come Together [English, 197 pictures, Complete], by Zerry Fujio

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And all I had in my head while writing the description was the Beatle's song

And here comes a COMPLETE manga by an old hentai artist I like a lot, Come Together, by Zerry Fujio :)

Sometimes, the chapters are dull. Sometimes they are PURE GENIOUS, like the lovers-helping god, or the lovers-helping mangaka ninjas, the tsundere spirit in love was also a highly original idea :D And, at least, it’s a change, the story comes first, Zerry Fujio isn’t trying to stuff as sex as possible in every single panel, it’s better that way ! (And it’s vanilla.)
The art isn’t perfect, but at least you can see this is a real artist, a real mangaka at work, there’s a pleasant pencil-drawn feeling, variations on the drawing style…

All in all, I strongly recommend you that manga, everyone ! :) Thanks a LOT to Sling, Masamune, and Desu commissioned by Scuba :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(60 MB, 197 pictures, English)

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9 Comments on "Come Together [English, 197 pictures, Complete], by Zerry Fujio"

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glee. it's on my favorite porn site

Cold Star

A pleasant read it is. Thanks.


Filegag not working


I read the first couple chapters and loved it, looking foward to the rest. Thank you so much Sling, Masamune, Desu and Scuba for dolling out the cash for this one. Thank you too Oliver for the share.


worth every penny.


Didn't care about the Manga but that Beatles song is great :)


You were right Oliver, the Sex-Ninjas were pure humor-genius! Thanks for the post!

General Hentai

This was clever and funny as hell…until we got to the sex-ninja-hlepers/manga-ka part…where it just went to the level of EPIC! That was just hysterical!


The sex ninja chapter is pure genius.
From now on, I have to take a look outside of my room more often in case sex ninja is hiding there.

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