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Hammer Mermaid [English, 199 pictures], by Miyahara Ayumu

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Something puzzles me : why the "hammer" reference ?!?

Did you notice ? When it’s a Japanese scenario, it’s perfectly normal for girls to stay “locked” onto the boy on whom they had a crush 15 years ago, they know the boy is still pure at heart, they don’t reflect on the statistical improbability of ever meeting again.

When you think of it, in ALL fictional worlds, by essence, coincidences do NOT exist… but still, that’s weird, that’s not convincing (one could say it shatters our willing suspension of natural disbelief), this “lock-on” of the girls in Japanese scenarii…

Oh well. Apart from that, with great thanks to PROzess and Japanzai, here is a pleasant complete work about 3 girls and a boy, with lots of swimsuit sex and a commendable attempt at creating a valid scenario. The art is above average, with just a few defects, but watch out, this counts as ecchi ! And there’s a sweet vanilla ending, it makes up for the relatively shallow story :)

By the same artist, I also share Doll No Yakata (207 pictures), Hameai Game (210 pictures), I’m The Only One Who Can Touch Her (151 pictures) and Shimoeda-san Chi No Akarui Shokutaku (197 pictures).

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(98 MB, 199 pictures, English)

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22 Comments on "Hammer Mermaid [English, 199 pictures], by Miyahara Ayumu"

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i thought this was a g-e good ending doujin at first Xd

that girl looks exactly like shou imo

kadou denji

im so glad you are using rapidgator, damn sometimes it was so frustrating downloading from deposit or any other host


Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, rapidgator had server problems so I couldn't use them during a time. I think filelaser is doing good too, offering nice bandwidth, also.


Is it just me having problems that should be looked into, or is Depositfile having difficulties?
It's been a day or two or three that I can't get DF pages to display properly, much less download from. (and I normally do try to give them priority, given as you ask nicely Oliver).


Remove your cookies and cache from your browser then it works fine.


Thanks, it's the kind of trick I keep forgetting.


A "hammer" is a term for someone that can swim about as well as… a hammer.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Haaaaaaa ! Right ! Thanks :)


I agree the scenario is quite simple and you may even call it flat, in my case i just like to call it "vanilla 101"; and besides, a manga with almost entirely 100% swimsuit sex and great art? I call that a total win.
So thank you so much for the post Oliver and thanks also to PROzess and Japanzai for their work.


"When it’s a Japanese scenario, this is perfectly normal for girls to stay “locked” onto the boy on whom they had a crush 15 years ago, they don’t question the fact the boy is still pure at heart, they don’t reflect on the sheer statistical improbability of ever meeting again."

Actually, that's the plot to Splash, that movie with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah (aka Elle Driver of Kill Bill). And it's fitting to this particular post, given it's about…a mermaid.


Anything’s fine as long as it is vanilla.


Heh, fortunately manga ended before our obsessed girl become disillusioned with male protagonist. This way we can enjoy the nice feelings.:$


This is a Masterpiece *_*


thanks for the share, this is one of those rare ones that has a moderately good plot and back story, with great curvy girls, just a shame about the censoring, even the black lines are better then just a white out :D


It's not bad… not the kind of stuff I'd erase from my computer straightaway, but in spite of the sex, I might displace it to the non-fap manga section.

General Hentai

Nice vanilla, nothing special, although the artwrok is nice.

Why do Japanese girls latch onto a guy and wait years for him with out falling for someone else? Tinfoil hat theory time! Japanese men are usually ranked deadlast in polls of international lovers. However, Japanese women have an instinctive subconscious awareness of the small percentage who are excellent lovers. When they meet one, they imprint upon him and, thus, will wait years for the chance of hooking up with him. ;P


fucking awesome stuff :D


The scenario is quite generic, but it's okay since the drawings are nice. I think this is a good read.

Thanks Oliver.


i think it's also hard to suspend disbelief when a champion swimmer has no muscle definition and massive tits. i think that needs to be brought up in the mangaka meeting first.


Who cares about it being realistic? Real world swimmers are generally as sexy as broomsticks.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Though, I imagine that, from a GIRL's perspective, watching swimmers is heavenly, muscular guys with fitting swimming trunks and large shoulders… :3


Female swimmers are flat, all bones and muscle and no curves… so much less interesting.

Of yourse, yeah, male ones are girl's or gay's dreams I guess… But I don't like josei or yaoi manga.

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