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Aiko Minako (Age 30) Fuzokujo-hen [English], by Jack-Pot

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I wish I could pour money over a woman like that, lol ^^

Whaaaaaat ?!? Sailor Venus is now 30 years old, her Sailor Senshi days are long gone, and because she’s financially in debt, she works as a prostitude, gradually getting to love it, fucking various guys, including a rich man showering her with bank notes, and a nasty otaku who recognized her for who she was.

Scenario-wise, what the holy fuck, seriously O_o Art-wise, this isn’t bad if you’re into adult women starting to be a bit mature, the heroine has a really hot face when she’s giving head for instance, and seeing her with a 30-years old body, remembering the slender teen she was, that produced an oddly strong arousal with me, maybe it will also “work” with you too ?

A shiny What The Fuck Award, and several thanks too, are for Red Vodka, JjustJ, Dark Mac, Masamune, Red Vodka and Blurk, from Little White Butterflies :)

By the same artist, I also share Entry Plug Insertion :o

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(10 MB, 27 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "Aiko Minako (Age 30) Fuzokujo-hen [English], by Jack-Pot"

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The realism here just adds new dimension to the art, surprisingly believable pacing for something like this. Anyone who complains about the male in the doujin is too worried looking at guys to admire minako.

F'ed silly

Silly Senshi the otaku is your key to getting out of debt lol. But seriously this one was funny as hell. though you forgot to add blackmail to the tags since the otaku is blackmailing her.

Seishiro Haga

victory sign tag… I don't understand that, could anyone enlighten me?

Though I wish story with this kind of scenarion is less made.


Page 21, she's got her fingers in a "V" shape. It stands for "V for Victory" and/or "Peace".


You have never seen japanese on photos? They do the peace sign for whatever reasons. (Nearly everyone does it, especially younger ones and teenager, including students) It’s a cultural phenomen.


Ah the tag you meant. I think it’s means photo = cumshot.


Who is the artist?
know his other work?


The author's name is in the post's title.

And Oliver linked his other work in the blog post itself.

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