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Afternoon Break Service Wife [English], by Bitch Goigostar

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Rage ? Win ? No, LAUGH.

I used to write, quoting Afro Thunda : « If you rage, you lose ». I’ll have to offer you a new version, to show respect to the netorare fans : it’s possible, at times, to say : « if you rage, you win » !

In the present share, a woman cheats on her husband, and (I’m spoiling you the info, but frankly, it’s not as if it was not to be expected, sigh) she’s very glad to do so in front of him, crushing his heart, his pride and his self-esteem.

So… now that I gave you a summary, will you lose or win ? ;) (Me, I loled :lol: )

The drawings are pleasant, the woman’s face somehow fascinated me, reminding me of Tsuya Tsuya when there was no sex, and then with a faint Alice No Takarabako inspiration (the face ! the eyes !) during sex, she was a hot 30 years old (by her looks) woman, a tiny bit plump, in slutty lingerie, having good vaginal and DP sex, feeling openly glad to be a cumdump for male partners with big dicks.
And, yes, this is facepalm material.
Credits are for Saha and Rournix, his commissioner, thanks :)

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12 Comments on "Afternoon Break Service Wife [English], by Bitch Goigostar"

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I gave up on NTR stuff a while ago, I dl stuff from here to either
a. have a good fapping
b. for luls

NTR (at least the really serious stuff) usually leaves me in a sour mood at best and in a nerd-rage at worst, not what i'm looking for, but thanks for the share anyway, I'm sure some people enjoy it and it's nice that you got a lot of variety


No point in my re-inventing the wheel, when Jasta85 covered my exact response so well. So, basically, it's what he said. So I am moving on to something I DO like….

NTR Lover

This doesn't make me rage but in fact it does the opposite. The way she crush his pride, self esteem, and rob him of his dignity was great. What made it even better was when he finally got the back bone to say enough is enough he landed the finishing blow by telling his he could satisfy her. Another great NTR story. Though the blackmail label was missing from this so I added it to the tag. But still excellent NTR.


used to them so i won't really lose. though in society's standards, if i don't rage, there's something wrong with my head but society is crap anyway so…….IDC cannon fire! aim for society and their stupid ethics being applied to a fictional work!


I'm a BIG FAN of NTR so, you know
as the went by reading so many ntr & trouble-some-mixed feeling with NTR
I've got to new rank of adultery ,
Now, i always laugh when i read NTR , dont care how much depressing it is
because, i know its so funny seeing people doing sin innocently without thinking the effect for the future

General Hentai

I added a tag: Revenge. Which, I think, makes this a bit different from your typical NTR. Husband is a teacher at a school. He get's a pic taken of him in a "passionate embrace" with a student. He gets to keep his job, provided his wife becomes the chairman's sex slave. So, today, the wife brings a bento to her husband at work, goes into the chairman's office, where today she gets into a threesome with the new principal, who loves anal. She gives the impression of a good wife, bearing with it, not willingly doing this, but going along as best she can…naturally enjoying it more and more, until her husband breaks in to stop it, at which point she's pure NTR-city, how these guys and their cocks are so much better than his and that she loves it. The story's too short for that turn around to make that much sense, save for the blackmail element….continuiung.

General Hentai

So you're a sexy married woman, and you discover your husband's been fucking one of his students, a younger woman, of course. instead of leaving him, you go along with the blackmail. Why? She can file for divorce…or she can use this as an opportunity for revenge on the asshat husband who's been screwing around on her. So, i don't look at this as a true NTR; I look at this as a revenge tale of an asshat reaping what he sowed, a wife getting revenge on her cheating husband.


I agree that it doesn't feel like NTR despite having all the right things. Although in normal NTR You are suposed to not think "He/She asked for it." The wife did the bad choice by putting up with her hubby's nonsense and becoming sex-toy. But somehow I couldn't care less.

Long Otaku85, aren't we watching hentai mangas to rest from normal life that is more like more boring and depressing than our fantasies ?

Keep up the good work Oliver, and if I could humbly request more mangas. ^_^


I highly enjoy NTR, and i highly enjoyed this art style, but I found the ending to be boring for NTR standards and very sudden. So all in all ok share, just feels like there should be more than just that ending page. NTR is best when you realize out of all the different hentai themes NTR is the most realistic. (not saying this happens all the time, but your more likely to encounter cheating and distrust than a completely caring and loving relationship such as in vanilla.)


Honestly I love netorare and thick women… chubby/curvy.. whatever you want to call them, and I love this one! honestly I've always felt that if there was ONE thing that kinda sucked about HR is that personal opinion gets in the way of what gets posted a lot or your biased reviews kinda kill the mood by the time one reads the actual work.
This was great tho, hoping for more like this in the NEAR future lol


I like the story and the drawing very much. I didn't rage, exact the opposite was the case.This looooooooser of a husband deserves nothing else than tis ending.


Only time I enjoy ntr, is when someone tells you exactly what happens, so I know not to get to attached to the protagonist.