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You Are Just A Maid chapters 1-3 [English, apparently there are no more chapters missing to this story], by Takenoko Seijin

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Takenoko Seijin is really coming back up in my esteem ! :shock:
– Until then, I saw two traits in Takenoko Seijin’s hentai. 1 : the heroine gets attached to one “good guy”. 2 : The girl is dominated by bad or selfish assholes who take advantage of the fact she is practically braindead and shows as much common sense as a doorknob.
There is a certain “moral” dimension, but there’s also a strong scorn for women, all in all, this is powerful facepalm/rage materials.
– That was still the case with the chapter 1 of You Are Just A Maid, and yet the open ending left me with slight hopes
– And, at last, after strongly playing with my nerves, the chapter 3 ended taking the proper route, YAY ! :D

I won’t enter into too many details (people spoiling a worthy scenario deserve swift punishment), but there IS depth, intelligence, love, courage and pride, in this story, both bad and good guys aren’t as simple as they look, and chances are you’ll feel really good by the end of the chapter. Me, instead of raging as I feared, I was overjoyed :)

Oh, and the drawings, they’re excellent, very well drawn and very arousing despite the censorship bars, just for that I strongly recommend you this manga too :)
My oh SO very grateful thanks are for Red Vodka and Mraky Mrak, from Little White Butterflies, it’s not so often that I’ve got some hentai worth good faps and good thinking :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version) and Falling Rain.

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50 Comments on "You Are Just A Maid chapters 1-3 [English, apparently there are no more chapters missing to this story], by Takenoko Seijin"

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for once the guy really like the girl….


Yeah, for once the slave-owner really love the (ex) slave. Seriously?

Cold Star

For once, I was rooting for the fat guy.


That ending actually brought a tear to my eye


me too


that ending…

damn it now I can't get hard!


That fat dude is definitely rich enough to pay for his own drinks; however if he wants to hang out, get drunk, and just forget every f*king thing (pun intended (?)) about her, the beer is on me.


Yeah, and the (ex) maid is poor enough that now she'll leave the school without a high-school diploma -_- If she wants to go to a therapist, and just forget about everything, the bill's not on me, it's on her.

Seriously though, why do you think you want to hang out with the guy? Do you used to have a slave in your house too?


Okay, okay, chill out. To be totally fair, if Ms. Maid wants to celebrate as she is debt free now, her drink is on me, too.


Brilliant and sad, in a way. She forever hates him for practically destroying her innocence, taking her virginity and dignity, when he actually does like her romantically.

I wouldn't even call him weak. Look at the circumstances. He's a teenage guy, sex would practically be all on his mind. There's pressure from his dad, being a spoiled rich kid, and he literally owns a beautiful girl, who'd do anything he wanted, without complaint. No wonder he caved, and gave in to his lust.

But in the end, he let her go. Yeah dude, let's go bingedrinking.

One thing, I do NOT understand the older sister. She doesn't seem to be mindbroken, but at the same time, she continues working there because people would figure out they were miserable there? Getting away should be all on her mind. And she "likes the pay"?! HUH?


See, this is why I'm confused. "In the end, he let her go", you said. If some slave-owner at a point in history released his slave who he repeatedly raped everyday for several years, will you have a same feeling for that particular slave-owner?

And the older sister is afraid of the family -_- she's afraid if she leaves now, the family's reputation will be tarnished by gossips and so on. And she's afraid there'll be repercussions to her and her sister.


So the fat guy isn't quite the massive fucking cunt he appeared to be? Who knew!


Sister seems to like the whole situation, pay + sex. You can sense that in one of the scenes when the sisters are eating breakfast or something, and older one mentions that the master wanted her at night, and she does that rather happily.

And the protagonist, well he definiatly is not weak. He seems to not have mother, having a rich father whos busy all the time. Kid craves for attention and love, instead daddy gives him a girl thats suppose to fulfill his every wish and even force them to sexual relations. He want her to like him, show him some emotions, but by his actions the girl shows only obedience and hates him. At end he says stop, seeing that it leads to nowhere.

Weak one is the guy she fell for. Aside of talking he does nothing, not even trying to stand up for her, because the other dude is rich…

They definiatly should make a continuation to this, could be a nice story.


Agreed, i somehow want the rich boy finally win over the girl's heart, the good guy doesn't make much good impression to me as for some one good in grade, appearance and personality but can't make a single solution for his love.
And i also i like the look of the girl for the first time she resists :)


Actually, the story made me cry , how a girl is needed to be treated well by love not even lust
Girls like to be treated well with love indeed
to see that kind of situation every girl must fell sad being not able to get along with the one they love


LWB nothing more to say…
99% of their releases are:
rape, mindrape and did I mention some form of rape already?

read and DEL at once.
WTF did I just read?


Please tell me this isn't over…I want the porker to get a happy ending out of this.

I kinda understand his postion. Sure, I probably would have done something else were I in his shoes but I understand why he acts the way he does: he wants her to like him and for a while he believed-or rather clung to the belifef- that as long as he had her exclusively then one day he might just get through to her and she'd end up liking him as he liked her.

But he was clumsy….and scared…too scared to even face the reality of her leaving him for a guy he in his insecurity recognized as "superior" to himself and more worthy of her affections to a point where he was willing to cling to whatever way he could to be with her: whether she liked it or not. His fear only made things worse though…she ended up despising him more and more the more he "tried" to "protect" her.

And in the end, the rich boy never got what he really wanted…and has decided to fold his cards in the game of love.


Fuck that! I don't feel sorry for that fat Pig. So the Fat Rich Guy ended up really loving her. He was a spoiled, controlling, selfish Bastard. So if the moron took THAT fucking long to realize that she was a person with feelings and desires of her own, and not another one of his toys, then I think his finally being cursed with a conscience, and then being hit by the realization that she hated his abusive, rapist guts was a great thing to see. Also I found it hilarious and fitting, that Fat Boy was NTR'd by a guy that never laid a hand on her. His kindness, feelings, and civility was more than a match for Fat Boy's cock, drugs, and training. THAT was an NTR I actually enjoyed.


This. This a million times.
"Sure, the fat guy he raped her and abused her to no end, but all in all he loved her… I feel sorry for him".
Seriously, stop and think about it. Think about it *hard*. If you still don't see the problem, you're probably ready to justify wife beaters. You know, they still love them after all.


The wife beaters will never let their wife go.
They treat their wife like some properties because they don't care about her feeling or they just think about them self over her happiness.

It's not about "he love her" that make many people feel sad for him.
It's about he will do anything to make her happy even it mean to lose her to some one else.
That not something any one can do.

The real problem is his father that raise him this way, so he don't know the proper way to win the girl heart.

But the SAD TRUTH is.
If he just a normal poor fat guy, he will not even have a chance to lay a finger on her. :x


See, my point is, we may discuss the fat guy's motives and deep psychological / daddy issues all we want. Personally, I think I will stick with the fact that he's a rapist and abuser, and the fact that rape and abuse should never be justified. And the fact that you can't cross over wife beaters saying that they ultimately don't love their wives – that may be true or not, but this is not my point, as I said.


My point is, If he's really a mindless rapist/abuser.
He will keep her with him forever. No matter how she feel about him.

But he's not.
He let her go because he hope for her happiness over his own happiness.
It's a pure love without selfishness.

And by that, all of his rapist/abuse are justified by the suffering he will get after let the girl he love to some one else.
The more he love, the many suffering he will be.


Are you serious?

A person with 'pure love without selfishness' won't rape someone he/she loves every fucking day.

And the rape is justified by what? By WHAT? -_0 WTF. Read your own comment and replace the guy with, let's say, some random white slaver in the past, and you'll see how fucked up your statement is.

Shit, your comments make me want to puke.


*Spoilers ahoy*

Except the bigger picture is that it started a chain reaction of "fuck you". From servant to master and master to daddy. That's what made this one so good. The fat rich guy was the complex of flaws and failures that could. All those wires and buttons, smashed every which way, eventually led to a catharsis the likes of which we won't see in a doujin for quite some time. That's why so many people here were able to look beyond the simple justice presented (the so-called reversed NTR) and see an even more amazing ending.


I feel sad for the fat guy too.

His father raise him to be a mindless one. To dominate his slave without any feeling.

Unfortunately, his heart is just a normal guy. He falling for her but don't know any other way to deal with it.

When he realise that he can't make her smile, he decide to let her go. Hope for her happiness even it mean to lose her forever.

No matter how's he grow up, his heart's still a cherry boy, and that's very touched.


saw that ending coming, there was NO way she would go with him, she was to strong to break and he didn't seem like enough of an irredemable dick to go much further. in the end, a mix between if u love someone then let them go and knowing when to give up and cut your loses…so damn good i couldn't even get turned on

this may be either one of the best or worst hentei's i've ever read


Maybe he'll bang the other sister.

Other than that, what a melancholy ending.


The transition between the second to last page to the final page was absolutely perfect. A simple wound conveyed volumes about the bridges just burned and the steps just taken to advance the characters to the next level. It's not often that a short story hides their protagonist and antagonist so well without losing sight of character development, and with those last 2 pages, that subtlety was assured. Those 2 pages spoke more dialogue than most (competent) manga do in their several-volumes-long finale. A definite gem of the year. I'll be putting this on my recommendations list for sure.

I hope this guy continues to sharpen his writing skills. This is a huge leap from his other works.


Fuck you Konomi.

I don't usually read netorare's since I always end up feeling bad. I'm always at the side of the abused but I don't think I can stand up for that bitch at the moment.

The guy was seriously trying. Hell, he paid for her debt, was willing to make her life even a bit easier. What did she give him? Not even a thank you.

He didn't want this at all. At first, he even stalled for time to avoid having sex with her. It was the bitch who forced herself to do what she did. Hell, her sister even tried to stop her. I'm pretty sure if she talked to Sadaharu at that time and said she didn't want to do it, he'll let her slip. But NO, she spoiled him, along with his father to become what he was. Then she resents him? What the fuck?

I really hope they make an extra chapter and Sadaharu moves on and finds a new girl that will love him. Jesus, that left a bitter taste in my mouth.


*moar spoilers*

It's easy to take your eyes off Konomi since her character developement took a back-seat in the final chapter, but she was full of typical yamato nadeshiko "quirks." What I mean is that her character was written to be torn by duty to family and duty to personal happiness. This "quirk" leads to a mess of miscommunication which results in the terrible wreck that is the first chapter. Most of the conveyed "free will" is in the second chapter, after the fact, and not in the heat of the moment (like when she decided to buck-up for her sister's sake, or so she thought). Believe it or not, there is some truth in fiction here as many asian cultures, including my own, press duty before reason and honor before humility.


I expect a better ending in the extra chapter in the full volume XD but this story could/should go further showing the relationship with the other guy going sour, trough the years & the fatty coming to the rescue $$$.. it could go a million different ways.. “so my vote for a serialization!” look at Charlie Nishinaka – Cheers = crappy story+semi-decent drawing & it’s goes for the 14 volumen..


I feel really weird after reading this thing and actually NOT linking this ending. I normally always prefer the good old vanilla-hentai with lots of love an d'awwwwwwwwwww-moments and cuteness and such… but here I was in the end not happy with the fat guy (personally I think fat is too hard of a word but hey… all of you called him so) getting so crushed. It's really hard even for myself to comprehend but I felt sorry for him… because his feelings at least were real and all his mistakes seem to have their origin in his upbringing. You know.. I guess he saw, what his father did… and somehow, perhaps out of respect he didn't know better, than to follow when he said "do it too!". This guy probaply lacks something like common sense because nobody showed it to him and all he saw was his father and how he did things in his house and life. But his feelings for her were true… Unfortunately that is the sole problem here, because of that the guy was happy to have her and because she did it with him because of her debt, he started to sink deeper and deeper into the delusion, that she belongs to him. And here I mean it in a romantic way and not in den meaning of "possesion" or "infiriority". So he started to mix those things up and made mistake after mistake while subconsciously he realized that there was something wrong. An the doubts grew stronger with time an he became desperate… still trying to just not think about it and diving deeper and deeper into his little dream world in which she loved him as he loved her. And then… yeah… he realizes everything and tries his hardest to correct the things he has done, fully knowing it would never be enough and that she will always hate him. God… I still can't believe it, but i feel sorry for him. Another point perhabs is, that the "winner" in this battle, the childhood friend was not the type I would root for… I like wimpy guys… but this guy was bright and just "perfect" (unfortunately the things I absolutely hate about male characters xD) and all in all he just had not enough screen-time and was too shallow so that I would really grant him this win.


The guy was a huge Douche. Even if he did love her, he forced her to do everything the way he wanted, practically treating her like a slave. But in the end he realized there was one thing about her he couldn't control: her love. So he gave up and set her free, knowing it was useless to keep on the charade. In a way, it's kinda nice how it ended. Though I still think he's a loser.


man this doujin really makes me think….i dunno….feel kinda sad tho. pity the rich guy.


Only got around to reading it now… I must admit, it touched me.

-Spoilers alert-

I can't say Sadaharu had to be rewarded with a happy ending, not in regards to how he behaved with the girl he "wanted to see smile", not in regards to how Konomi hated every bit of his life. I'd say the ending was coherent with their personality, boh him being unable to be a 100% dick, and her not wanting to be 100% brainless.
I wouldn't say I'd like another full lenght couple of chapters about the story, though. I'd just like to see a couple pages where, after some time, when everything's settled, and when they have gotten over all that tension, it would be possible for the two to meet again, one last time, where he can tell her all he couldn't let out -in a more calm, and conscious way-, and where she'd thank him -JUST- for being able to show a little humanity in the end (And I mean: not letting ANY possibility about forgiving all he'd done pass).

After all, there would be NO way for the last chapter to end differently.
After that buildup, it actually would have felt cruel to both if she stopped and thanked him more than that bow. She hated his guts. She was surprised of his instantaneous change, sure, but she couldn't think to stay in the same room a moment more, not even breathing the air he was breathing too.

On the other side, Sadaharu KNEW he didn't even deserve that bow. He knew what he wanted to force on her, and HOW he forced it on her. He knew what his motives were, and knew he acted in all the wrong ways. He wasn't an idiot in that last chapter, and was certain she would leave, hoped for the best, but he had it clear it would take a miracle… or a hard blow on the head with subsequent amnesia, to make her stay. He was able to understand he had lost her, or rather… that he had lost all the possibilities to be forgiven, at that point.

w00t that was a lot to write. Oliver, thanks for the continuous work!


I seriously don't get why people are bashing the fat guy. He is human, he makes mistakes and in this case, he was encouraged by his upbringing. We are fundamentally shaped by our childhood, like those nobles in the middle-ages who believed that from birth, they are better than all the peasants. This is another case and, seriously, if you are a guy and you have the girl you love ready to obey your commands, would you not go for it? Calling him a douche is very easy but when you think about, he isn't like the typical mind-breaking rapist that I seriously hate. Also he is human. Look at him crying at the end. He actually has feelings and he acted upon them and when he realized that it wasn't meant to be, he chose her happiness over his own satisfaction. That's some self-sacrifice, people and we should respect him for that.


Yeaaaah, no. Some of us don't give a shit. You can't excuse him with "upbringing!". That way you could easily excuse all the slave-owners in all points of history with just saying they could cry/have feelings.

I think you read too much hentai to think that people who rape/owned a slave are just some monsters without a shred of humanity in them. They have a full range of human emotions, too. And that'll never justify anything they've ever done.

You chose to completely erase the girl's feelings and humanity from the equation. That's fucked up.


Live well. That's what was left to see.


Holy shitt the comments here o_O wtf

Even if this is a hentai why do you fucking sympathize with the guy? He's a frikkin rapist from the get-go.

Using this as a fap = normal thing to do,

But trying to defend the fat guy in this story is like defending a japanese joe paterno in some hentai. What the fuck, really. People never try to defend sex trafficking anywhere even if it's a fiction, so why's here so different? :-/

wtffffffffffffff guys read your own comments.


No one needs to defend the rich dude. He did it himself. Read the last five pages.


-_- Just change 'defend' to 'empathize', dude. You know what I'm talking about. Again, look above.

Some of the comments interpret the doujin like it's some tragic story involving a poor hapless guy who just have been raised wrong and his cruel,cruel maid who won't answer his love or somethng like that X( that's fucked up.

The guy's a slaver. There's this thing called basic human decency that makes people not sympathizing with a white slave-owner in the 19th century. Why is here any different?


Apperently, the artist written in the title of this post was wrong(?) Isn't it supposed to be Takenoko Seijin instead of Takenojo Seijin?

The file downloaded and the rest of the content of the post was correct though…

BTW, love the story and come back here just to write my thought that this is another mindblow hentai manga…


You're correct. It's "noko", not "nojo".

Oliver AKA The Admin

Welp, you're right ! Bad Oli, Bad. Read twice your titles.

Thanks for the report :)


that's was a interesting story, I can without any doubt call it a piece of "art", why so? because it makes you fell and think, not some random picture made with painting or something like that, its something that can trully make u fell something after seen it, obviouly I'm not an expert bou it but it's what i think after reading it.
I've kind of "read" it (not fap though), was nothing looking for it and was (is) very late, I just "bump" into it while looking for something else, in a way I'm greateful of it, because as usual this is one of that kind of jobs from Takenoko Seijin, it make u think it over, it's not make to u simply fap even if it is a ero comic/manga, as strange as it may sound, and like the other ones, he've just hit the spot with this, at least for, the proff is that it was "released" middle 2012 and it was still talked about even some little time ago, if it was the autor goal, what I'm pretty sure, then he's nothing more than a genious of some kind, it just make people talk about it and discuss, and that is what would make an autor happy the most, at least is what i guess.
For the dude, the "fat" one, some fells sorry, some fells hate, i fell both, he deserves pitty and deserves tha hate, he's a human that make lame choices and is not for me or any discuss what make him do it for real but acctualy understand the problem of the choice, everyone of us will have their opinion and at some point it may diverge, but its not motive for make such a fus, must mantain the "cool" and don't exagerate and start a rage bout it, its just a stupid thing to do, of course u may not accept someone way of thinkins, but simple going all rage bout it its not nice, and because of some random internet hentai makes it more lame.
what i really hope is that u guys can see it as it is, a story to be read, yes read before fappin, and think about what's the real deal about it, if its about some fucked raped based, or about growing up, if u can see the trully meaning, or the real motive of this realease, that the autor made so perfectly, then i guess we all would end up having something learned, it may be bad or good, but all learning is precious and important, and u can achiev it even in that "obscure" way, regarding the motive that maked you got into it.
i think that no one will see it, thats good because my english must be really bad and its almost 2 am and I'm all sleepy, but if just one people read this and at least undertand a little of what i wanted to say, tehn I will be very happy, not that i'm sure i would know about it anyway ahhaha!
congrats oliver nad takenoko for another great yet troublesome realeased, keep up the goos work


Honestly, i prefer vanilla with little bit NTR and with happy ending too. Just like [Inomaru] Itazura senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou or [Champon Miyabi] Chou Onee-san Tengoku.


Well the law is different from country to country, but to my understanding there is nothing illegal about selling your body to pay off debt, or making offer to pay someone debt in return to sexes. The sisters most likely were not physically forced into doing it. And don't act like that does not happen in real world at constant basis. The money-driven capitalisms allows that to happen, and we all are part of it.

But even if that actually was not "modern capitalism contract", but "slavery" and should not worth sympathizing (as one called, those white slave-owner in the 19th centur). Then can you say the same thing about Washinton, founding father of US? He also got inherited 10 'slaves' from his fathers and raised up that number to couple hundreds during his time. But we don't judge him by his upbringings or his social norms, but about how he stood up on that, break through that circle by freeing all his slaves, even pay up their pensions up to few decades. In that sense, Sadaharu's actions toward the end was admirable and his feelings should worth our sympathy.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hear, hear !


As far as I know, if you're selling you body for sexual acts for anything in return, it's considered prostitution. Which is of course illegal in many places. Mostly because the government won't collect taxes on the transaction.


thanks for the good work Oliver-san :)