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Katei Houkai Inshi [English], by Tsubaki Jushirou

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Yeah, I was a bit pissed off at how absurd the scenario was

The brother confesses his pure love to his sister, their father accidentally hears, shame, woe, laterz. The sister comes and deflorates her bro like a pro. Love blossoms.
At this point, I already had strong suspicions.
Halfway of the manga, I had my conviction made.
And by the end, I was glad, yay, I had guessed right, lol ^^

I won’t write too much (and I daresay the lousy scenario, with a girl so fucked up in the brain it’s making me angry, doesn’t deserve more time), to avoid spoiling you, but I’m curious, will you manage to guess where the story was coming to ? ^^
It’s a pity, a lousy story like that, when the art is really good. Oh well, if you’re after a quick fap, it may styll serve its purpose *cough* ;)
And thanks to Wootskie for the release :)

May I add a big spoiler angry note ? Hightlight the following two lines to view it.
Besides, it totally makes sense, the cops come to arrest the dad but nobody from the social services bothers to come and take care of his children after his arrest, especially not of the daughter who has been recorded as being hetnai raped and trained to believe in totally wrong things. Riiiiight. Stupid shit >_<

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(12 MB, 30 pictures, English)

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14 Comments on "Katei Houkai Inshi [English], by Tsubaki Jushirou"

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Oliver, you forgot to hide the spoiler text.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Dang !

font color = aabbcc instead of font color = 112233, my bad ^^

Thanks a lot, Anony-mouse :)


Seriously who the fuck want's to draw this stuff? I draw a little myself and it's a pain in the ass to come up with something half decent, why would I then draw such garbage?
At least there are people like Oliver who are kind enough to warn people and share awesome vanilla stuff. :D

Oliver AKA The Admin

You cannot predict what other people will love, and you cannot blame or judge them depending on their fapping preferences, you know, you own no moral right to do so.
Not trying to be rude or anything, just stating a point :)

I know the Japanese audience is very different from the western audience that we are, you and I, but even on my side, to give you an example, the download stats of that one were fairly above the average of my shares. Some people come to hentai in order to find fucked up stuff, maybe so that their "normal" daily life looks better in comparison (just my guess…)


Fucked up. Thats all i can really say about this one.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, sometimes few words make enough words.


Funny you post this right after I've seen Moonrise Kingdom, which is about two children (they're 12) pursuing a legitimate, somewhat sexual relationship. And both of them were pretty messed up.


This happened 4 times to me when I was in Japan, it's a real problem there.


Ar u for real ???

i know japan has a great history about sex by judging from JAV or Hentai manga,,
But, really i cant accept the facts if something like this really happens,

Please, answer me " No , im just lying "
pretty please,

Oliver AKA The Admin

What do you mean, "IT happened four times to me", what is this "it" ?!?

Cold Star

It's best to avoid trying to reason with Hentai Logic. You either accept it, or move on.


dang, what a waste of story, but a very good artwork IMO


Geez, Oliver! Don't tell me the art is good then tell me the storyline is fucked. Bah, there's plenty of good art AND good stories out there, so I pass… and will go find something less offensive.


this was horrific to read, the drawings were great but the story just so screwed up

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