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Sex Toy Sales Division [English, 196 pictures], by Yamamoto Yoshifumi

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And... To think I thought I would be disappointed ^_^

At first I was preparing myself to read a boring manga with poor drawings.
I stand corrected ! I LOVED IT ! :D

First, the drawings aren’t poor, they’re average (even if at times Yamamoto Yoshifumi totally screws up and offers a girl additional vertebrae). And there’s pure LOVE for boobs, I know no other mangaka drawing delicate flowers in the background every time a girl unhooks her bra for the first time :shock:

Second, the scenario, YUM, it’s the best part, it is funny as hell :D
There are some genius pages (like the hero doing an “are you fucking kidding me” face when he learns his company’s sales are based on vibrators, or when he introduces the cop-dildo-mascot Taiho-kun and faces silent horror ^^). And all along, the male character is making funny faces of all kinds, has unexpected and highly funny social interactions, this is providing agreable comic relief, VERY agreable comic relief :)

All in all, to hell with the average drawings, there’s sex, and it’s very funny, go for it and enjoy ! ;) :lol:
Thanks a LOT to Tadanohito and all his kind donators :)

Just a note : what kind of company is content with a salesman selling, at best, one product per day ? Last time I worked as a salesman, in 2005 I think, generating 90 k€ of sales per month only meant a 300€ bonus, lol :D

I’m also offering you, if you like, a repack in just one zip of ALL my previous Yamamoto Yoshifumi shares : G-Cup Teacher Reiko (177 pictures), Hitozuma Lovers (98 pages), Horny Apartment (188 pictures), the delightful Huge Breast Hunting Tutor (170 pictures) (my favorite by Yamamoto Yoshifumi) and Ane Plus (192 pictures) (Ane Plus contains the Yuna Panic story). This repack is only 219 MB large, for a whopping 825 pictures, haha :shock:

(Remember to view The updated list of Yamamoto Yoshifumi’s works on Hentairules)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(47 MB, 196 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

And if you’re interested, I also created a repack with ALL my previous Yamamoto Yoshifumi shares, including the present one. That’s only 219 MB, for 825 pictures and 5 works.
Here are the Zip links for this repack :
Mirror #1 – or – mirror #2 – or – mirror #3

Hello ! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the Zip links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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19 Comments on "Sex Toy Sales Division [English, 196 pictures], by Yamamoto Yoshifumi"

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Good share Oliver. Just one problem though, I lol'ed too much to get off…


Oliver im a huge fan of your site for over almost 8 years ^^ and i just love the woks you bring to us perverts , but might i ask if theres any date fro the third volume of Love And Devil Yanagi Masashi i was albe to download it only today due to a damn godlike shit of work T-T and i just loved it so im eager to see the next volume prettty pls


It's impossible for Oliver to know when the scanslators (redCoMet) will release another chapter.

And considering the second volume was only finished 7 days ago, the chapter before that was 26 days and one before that was 236 days ago… I don't think anyone would be able to tell you, even the scanslators themselves.


Thanks a million.
I bought this volume a year ago, and now I'll know what they're saying! XD
wish more people would scanlate more Yamamoto stuff.


[Enomoto Heights]Yanagida-kuntoMizuno-sanVol.1 page 12.

Flowers a'glore.


Only the filehost link is working. :(

EDIT: Scratch that, Filehost too is out. Keeps giving me a "fatal error".


I like Yoshifumi's work because it always give me a good laugh and a good ending..


the repack does not have the current work…

Oliver AKA The Admin


I'll update it, some day. SOB T____T


I do appreciated every repacks you've been making, they're pretty useful, Thanks. BTW, I've been using only the DepositFiles links for every single download in this site for years, if that's useful for you somehow, too.


Do you live in the United States? People with IP addresses originating in the States don't get credited for anything on Depositfiles (or get paid if you join to be an affiliate).

If you do not live in the US, then you are very helpful to Oliver. :3


depositfiles is very slow for me, right now going 3 kb's for this file :S.
(My internet connection is 40 mb's)


They got rid of servers in the US, so if you live outside of Europe your download speeds will be really shitty. The only solution to this is to purchase a premium account, I just did so and went from 2kb/s to 2MB/s.


I live in a country on the opposite side of the globe of United States, North from Malaysia and South from China, lol. DepositFiles is decent for me, not the fastest file host out there, but stable.


Then your Gold purchases and downloads are helping Oliver keep this website going, congratulations. (Probably… You didn't say what it actually is so I can't check if it's on DF's list of countries they pay for.)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Oh well, thanks :)

But you know, if it also supports depositfiles, the most reliable file host I've ever used, that will be cool, these are tough times for file hosts, sigh.


Deposit file links for this one also goes No File Specified… urgh…


the one with all the 5 files is corrupted

joseph evans

How I love this stuff. I love the story of this hentai. Thank you very much Oliver.

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