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Topless [English, 198 pictures], by Miura Takehiro

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To H cup and beyond !

This manga begins very badly, showing women treated like shit by shitty men. Fortunately, as more chapters pile up, we end up wit a 1/3 ratio, one third “shitty hentai rape with humiliation” chapters, 2 thirds “happy sex with love and laughter bursts” chapters :)

Graphically, this is quite unusual. The women have LAAAAARGE breasts, the unreal type, too large to exist naturally in the real world. And they have oral, vaginal, and a bit of paizuri. (I thought it’d be paizuri all along, well, I was completely mistaken.)
Credits are for Tadanohito and all of his generous donators, thank you very much ! :)

By the same artist, I also shareBust Up School (244 pictures) :)

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(72 MB, 198 pictures, English)

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10 Comments on "Topless [English, 198 pictures], by Miura Takehiro"

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so wait is it 198 pages or 98 pages cause you say its 198 and deposite files link says it 98 pages


It says 198 pictures and 98 pictures


Uploader, you have yet to have your eyes opened to the world if you think women with shapes like these don't exist IRL. While for this particular seijinshi, yes things are exaggerated, but IRL these women are everywhere. No, I'm not counting any surgically altered women either. MaseratiXXX comes to mind.

Der Maskierte Ficker

You are just watching through the artwork.

If you meassure the proportions, there are no real women with them.
Yea, there's natural bis breasts, but as breasts are just fat covering mammary glands that do not take that much space, bigger natural breasts also mean bigger overall body fat.

And well, those breasts and those waists?



1/3 hentai rape and 2/3 happy sex? maybe you use a different number system over in the uk but i count half and half


Umm, Oliver is French


Im a southern redneck uk= all of Europe :3


heh that after 5 after omake even gives that main NTR story a happy ending( I love how the company building is collapsing as the heroine drives away LOL.)


So at which page does the happy start? I have had enough raging for one day and I'm not ready for more


damn, they ruined it with those lame exaggerated breast :(