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Coneco [English, 226 pictures], by Tamaki Nozomu

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Don't write "WTF" in the comments, or I hire a hitman to go after you

Coneco is about a love triangle, of the odd kind. We have typical Japanese characters who struggle to create and maintain emotional bonds, the whole scenario revolves around this idea, how our 3 protagonists may provide happiness to each other. Warning, guro mindbreak lovers, here be undiluted vanilla ;)
Graphically, I’m torn, the art is good and masterful, with either a petite pettanko or a tall big-breasted and large-hips woman, but the censorship goes too far, when you can’t tell anal from vaginal this is too much. We can also see the editing is globally poor (the “WTF”s made me want to scream), the levels correction may vary from page to page, but these are just minor rants.

My great thanks, for this release, are for Saha, Ajak, and Tamerlin. Tamerlin didn’t just commission it with Ajak, he/she also did the editing, props ! And thanks to my dear Ehud, too, he told me this was a worthy manga while me, on my side, I had discarded it because of the cover I took for a loli (I was mistaken).
A picture inspired me… something. I can’t call it a bonus, it’s too lame, but I HAD to make it, let’s call it an odd special bonus ;)

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I’d love to see someone do the (lot) of work to un-censor that.