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Kahogo Na Mama [English], by Kuniaki Kitakata

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Well, at least it's well drawn.

At first, I wanted to write that you can’t go wrong with MILF, however, on second thought, I felt strangely ill at ease with this one.

This is about a mother doting her son too much, and indulging in sex with his classmates so that they befriend him, until at last she comes down on him herself. That should have just led me to the usual “orz, mother incest is lame, but the drawings are hot, it’s not worth fussing over how stupid it is” conclusion… But, well…

Well… I felt something was wronger than of usual, even if I regret I fail to put it into proper words… As if the mother wasn’t the usual stupid braindead type, but worse, she looked like having “a condition”, and I felt saddened…
Oh, to hell with this long description :D If you like the MILF drawings, go for it. If you’re not the hair splitting type, go for it. And otherwise, I advice you to move on ^^
Credits are for Rookie84, Psyburn21, Almond and Afro Thunda, from Funeral Of Smiles, this is the first birthday of the group, congratulations ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Family Play (166 pictures) and Himitsu No Keijiban (166 pictures).

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(19 MB, 21 pictures, English)

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11 Comments on "Kahogo Na Mama [English], by Kuniaki Kitakata"

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Yeah, this isn't everyone's cup of tea for sure. Then again, I stopped placing RL logic and morals into hentai a long time ago.


Yay mom-son incest ftw

It is so wrong

"Now isn't that cute? BUT IT IS WRONG!" While it was sweet to see the mother would go to any length for her son, her doing what she is completely messed up and worse to wear the ending that happened >_< you might as well say Baby, your wife is right here, so don't look for any girlfriends.

Oh man and if that did happen I could see the NTR happening as well since the 'friends' would have a lot of blackmail on her as well.


hentai logic at its best

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hentai…. what ?


Cheating, Incest… LOL! Mama is a gang-banging cock-hound of a whore… But she loves her son. Sorry, but the lady is as fucked in the head, as she is in her… orifices… all of them…

And on that cheerful thought, I pass…


Cheating, Incest… LOL! Mama is a gang-banging cock-hound of a whore… But she loves her son. Sorry, but the lady is as fucked in the head, as she is in her… orifices… all of them…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Your comment was in the spam folder. No idea why O_o


Nice downloading..but i'll remove the gangbang scene and keep the mother-son part. XD


If you like it in spanish you can get it from:

Jen H

Reverse the genders and someone is getting chased up a mountainside by an angry mob with torches & pitchforks, that's all I gotta say about this genre!
Why is it that society can tolerate something like this, but if a father does it with his daughter and her friends, the mob cries: 'Feed him to the Dingoes'?
(prime example: OniChiChi series of hentai anime & games)
I guess it's because society in general has had more time to get used to the Oedipus complex than the Electra complex – or the phallocentric shadow rulers are seriously [email protected]%ked in the head!?
But like my friend Pete likes to say: 'Why complain when you can just write something better'!
(not loli-porn though – I'm never gonna crawl back into THAT hellhole again!)
Until next time, try not to let you love-life become a recreation of the Somme.