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Mojer Second [English], by Riroland

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Graphically, very arousing. Too bad the scenario, is, "meh".

I wonder if this is a doujin parodiating something known elsewhere ? I have a vague déjà-vu feeling…
Apart from this, Mojer Second is a somehow sad story, about a well-built sex-obsessed male high school student who has enslaved his mother and proceeds to enslaving too (sexually enslaving, through addiction to his necessarily godly cock, of course -_-) his female school friend.
This is sad, because sex without love, care or affection, as seen here, looks like a sad waste in my eyes, in the present story, like something wonderful degraded and made to fail to reach even a fraction of its true potential.

Graphically, I must reckon this is VERY good (nice asses, nice horny faces, and uncensored at that !), I think it should suit many of your tastes. Credits are for Sai, thank you ! :)
Just a note, the pictures were in annoyingly very dull and pale grey, I performed a levels correction, cf this before / after comparison.

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17 Comments on "Mojer Second [English], by Riroland"

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I would rather be accosted by some assailant armed with a piece of fresh fruit, than go any further with this particular manga.



The doujin is a parody of "Major" (a show about a bunch of kids playing baseball or something), is a sequel (the first one should be around somewhere in English, but not on the usual places), and is drawn by the artist that's currently drawing Medaka Box- but this came out in 2005, so it was probably before he started on that. (Also, on the enslaving thing; the third, written, part of the doujin goes in more detail about how he made them whore out).
The more you know™.

Oliver AKA The Admin

This is by the artist doing Medaka Box ?!?


Kuonji Alice

Ah, I guess that's why the art is so familiar.


How sure are u on "SAI", being the translator? I thought the scribble after the translator's note (second page) . Could have been a poorly scribbled :SH". Which may have stood for the same translator, of the first volume, "Sheep"

Oliver AKA The Admin

I think it was written "sai", simply, but I may have been mistaken, who knwos !


Great… so where is the first one that was uploaded?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hard shota, I didn't feel like sharing it ^^

Big Lou

Well, a teenage boy mind-breaking his adoptive mom isn't what I'd call shota.

Ser Maggot

The first story was set when that he was still a boy. He wasn't a teen back then.


This title should be "Mother", not 'Mojer'. They're not so good at translitterating sometimes.


You were right on with your warning, Oliver. Hollow, and sad. A nice look to the art style, but man, keep the story….


Know something else that's really sad in a lot of hentai and doujins? How obvious it becomes that the majority of the authors only know about sex from porn. Because I look at that picture, where it's obvious she's already getting quite a pounding, and yet she's saying "harder"?* Yeaaaah, that makes my ladybits cringe in sympathy (since such parts are, y'know, -sensitive-), and that's quite a trick, since I'm 100% male.

*I'm thinking of this blog post, to be honest.… I'd see about turning the author loose on the world of hentai, so she could do a hent-mocking series, but she'd probably end up dying from head-desking too much.

General Hentai

Yeah, it's pretty obvious and easy to tell which ones have been done by virgins. It's so bad that I was surprised that this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be based on the warnings. At least he's not calling them "living ona-holes" and at least the women aren't mind broken puppets who only think that they're just living ona holes for their master(s) to use. The way such mangaka totally fail to understand the joy and fun of actual sex with an actual female just pisses me off to epic proportions. As bad as this was, I didn't get to that level of rage here, at least partly due to the plot and story being so bad that it got in the way of the degradation and disrespect to the women here.


Oh yeah, there's totally worse out there, it's just that I've seen so much of it, both over the years and most especially recently, that it's getting harder to remember the good stuff. Think I'm going to start on a long sabbatical from hentai, mostly just due to the horrible misogyny and obvious author-inserts that we're talking about (because when one stops and thinks about it, it's starting to get pretty obvious that the author is just mentally shoving themself into the story and writing out whatever, huh?)

General Hentai

I didn't find it to be hollow and sad, just stupid and pathetic. There was so little plot it was pathetic. The non-related mother had no story behind her. It was just dumb. I really even couldn't get past it to worry about the disrespect to women, because the sheer stupidity and vapidity of the story and "plot" and charaters was so much it kinda made getting worked up about that pointless. The artwork wsa great, however. This was, indeed, a waste.


Any chacen there is a third part of this

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