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Sensei, Urusai! [English], by Marui Maru

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In this Negima dj, Negi takes a pill and fucks two of his students as his adult form.

Wait, it’s not a Negima dj? Damn. I was hoping it was, otherwise how can you explain a 29 year old virgin? I mean, sure, I’m 21 and a virgin. But if I hadn’t lost my virginity by that age, I’d have just bought a hooker. Oh well.

After finding out their teacher is a virgin, two middle school girls (Lolis? They’ve got some big titties, but they call him a “lolicon” and their body proportions are odd because of the odd drawing style, so I dunno. Let me know what you guys think, if it’s too loli I can easily just remove it.) set out a journey of self-discovery… In other words, they fuck their teacher. Woo, femdom! Hmm, maybe I should go try and become a teacher.

Also, there’s a handjob. I rarely see those, then suddenly they’re every where. The fuck?

Warning: The guy is used as a urinal in one of the pages (see the second preview below). Literally. Then she rapes his nose. Also, like I’ve said a few times already, this might be loli. Let me know what you think.

Credits: CGRascal

For more butts, Cf. The list of ALL Marui Maru’s works on Hentairules!


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7 Comments on "Sensei, Urusai! [English], by Marui Maru"

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If they look like THAT, then their not loli's. Lolis don't have "dat ass" or "dem titties".


I dunno I enjoyed it. Is it loli? The girls are in middle school… but it's obvious they are more experianced and sexually aggresive amd their not drawn like little children. I think it's fine.
PS cut Negima a break. I mean yeah he's a virgin but isn't he like 10? This loser teacher is 29


Maybe the teacher's original plan was to stay a virgin until 30 cause you know, If you keep your chastity until you're 30, you'll become a wizard. He was so damn close too. What pity.


Dude, I bought a hooker when I was 16!!
You really should do it if you're a 21-year-old virgin!!


translated by: CGRascal


get note, loli standard has been increased in age (middle school now count as loli) …
which isn't at past (at past it's kindergarten and a lot of younger like half age from middle school) …
this "common sense" also being applied in "normal manga" …
Ex :
– TWGOK girl, all of Keima's classmate also counted as loli (read omake about that mess up cowboy story)
– Zettai Karen Children, Naomi at past (middle school) count as loli too … even after the children grow up, they still count as loli …
etc, etc …

so … well, according your standard, is middle school sex count as loli sex or not …
and being forbidden or not … up to you …
get note, if you still try erase all middle school girl sex H material (in pretense as loli eradication) …
it might eradicate about 30% of this site file …


another note, lolicon or not might be certain perspective …
like teacher x student will count as lolicon …
while caretaker x child they taking care also might count in it …

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