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Hottokeinaino [English, 194 pictures], by Hara Shigeyuki

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This was gorgeous, I loved it ^_^

Here, is, thanks to our dear Ehud who gave me a link, the complete Hottokeinaino manga, 194 pages full of good hentai. Thank you SO MUCH, Ehud ^_^ And, of course, thanks a lot to Tadanohito, the great translator behind this :)

Two important notes : I regret to say there is white hole censorship, deal with it guys. And the sex is always happy with mutual respect, including – huh ?!? – happy sex with love =)

The heroine is a delicious cutie, I’d say she is between 25 and 30 years old, quite tall, with long hair, long legs, the hips thin but not unnaturally thin, very large breasts but they could almost still be realistic, and, on top of all, an always cheerful expression. Oh boy, her smiles warmed my heart :)
She works in a costumes selling shop and, as we could guess, her job leads her to meet several people, and she has sex in various outfits, in several funny situations (included in the dorm of the baseball team from hell, I laughed hard, you’ll understand ^^;;). She’s a kind girl, loving sex and seeing no reason to say “no”, bless her :D
And her outfits are really totally sexy, GROAR, I wish I could hug her :D

All in all, I think this manga is HIGHLY worth reading, once again, thank you Ehud ! :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(95 MB, 194 pictures, English)

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4 Comments on "Hottokeinaino [English, 194 pictures], by Hara Shigeyuki"

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Many thanx Oliver. I really enjoyed this one.


luved it!


Hi Oliver

The complete 11º volume of Nozoki Ana it is already transleted (by Japanzain Group) here:

PS: But you need to download the each chapter individually. Maybe next week they will organize the entire volume in a single file. You might decide to wait until then.


this is fucking good :D

thanks again Oliver :)