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Chou Onee-san Tengoku volume 1 [English, 179 pictures], by Champon Miyabi

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Carefree sex : YAY ! :D

An 18 years old boy, at the peak of his sexual desire (but my personal note : ladies, don’t miss the chance or look down on men in their early thirties : as much energy, much more experience and no more inhibitions :twisted: ), gets to live with 3 lively women, a martial arts practitioner (violent but sweet inside), a dominatrix nurse and a dominated uni. teacher. Lots of combos follow, with happy carefree sex :)

Various women join, and it’s all good, no questions asked, that’s the bliss of carefree sex, anything goes as long as everyone agrees ^^

(Well, to be more accurate, two chapters start with girls not having fully consensual sex at first, but then, the male hero’s huge cock saves the day and it ends up well.)
Thanks a lot to Tadanohito and his kind donators :)

By the same artist, I also share My Mom The Sexy Idol volumes 1 and 2, Futa-Bo volume 1 and Futa-Bo volume 2.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(171 MB, 179 pictures, English)

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9 Comments on "Chou Onee-san Tengoku volume 1 [English, 179 pictures], by Champon Miyabi"

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One down, 6 volumes more to go!


for real??!! sweet!! cant wait XD


This series starts out nice but goes down hill when the teacher starts dreaming about being gang raped by students, i just had a bad feeling about the rest after that, from there we get blackmail, gang rape and for the rest of the series that is the theme rape kidnapping and gang rape, did i mention rape, all the women get raped at some point or another and they even take in one of the rapists, i don't know what the author was trying to do but for me it was a total FAIL!!:@


Hey, could someone please help me to find two works that was shared on hentairules?

There was a shy MILF, whose daughters had bought a very revealing swimsuit for her, and she ended up having sex with her daughter's male friend. This was a part of a tank, somewhere in the middle.

The second one was a mother-incest story. A guy was with his mom in the bathroom (naked but not having sex), he told his mom he had gotten a girlfriend or something, then the mom decided to teach her son about sex. Shared as a single chapter.


Here is the tank but can't help with the chapter.


Thank you very much!

I thought it was shared a longer time ago, so I must have looked in the wrong place.


I found the other one after searching for a long time:


I said earlier that 6 more to translate, right? Well, Tadanohito just started volume number 2!


[Champon Miyabi] Chou Onee-san Tengoku Vol. 3 – Ch. 19-24 already out:

Comedy and long volume, i like it :)