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Love Square Panic chapters 1-2 [English], by Goban

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The easy bosses have fallen, the final boss remains. CHAAARGE !

Just like in RPGs, you first train against weak opponents coming all the way to get you, until the tough motherfucker of a real enemy boss appears later on.

In other words : first we had the big breasted childhood friend, then we have the even bigger breasted elder sister, next time will come the unconfident and angry tsundere twintails flatter chested sister. Somebody pass me the popcorn please :D

Oral, paizuri, vaginal, as original as a weather report of the day before yesterday, but still pleasant to read, I hope you’ll enjoy this, and thanks to Desu and Darkfire, really :)

By the same artist, I also share Zettai Nyuuki (“Absolute Breast Kingdom”, 201 pictures), Master Bation and Saimin Ren’Ai Joutatsuhou

Some dialogues were amusing, at least.
« Arent’ you a guy ? Don’t you have any pride ? » – « I’d do anything to touch some boobies ! »
« Prepare yourself. It’s payback time ! This is what you get for playing around with my breasts »
– says she, sucking on his dick. WHAT KIND OF PUNISHMENT IS THAT :lol:

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(40 MB, 40 pictures, English)

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14 Comments on "Love Square Panic chapters 1-2 [English], by Goban"

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The best kind of punishment of course.:p


DAMM RIGHT !!!!! :p

Seishiro Haga

No recompressed version? 1 One MB per pic is quite high, I'd say.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Offering a recompressed version takes time, and I don't always have that time.

Well, sometimes it's just that I totally forget to think about it ;)


Ah man, good hentai but smaller tits please?!? Give me the third sister already.. =)


Its BTW finished, to be seen here:
by desu²

Oliver AKA The Admin

Woot, I had no idea !

Thank you, Battousai ! ^_^

Oliver AKA The Admin

Firefox asked me if it should overwrite the current love square panic complete's archive…

I guess my memory sucks and my attention span is just too short, argh ^^;;


Hahahahahahahaha Hmmmm, maybe both? Did you get my email the day before yesterday? since youre already answering maybe i can get some input?^^

Oliver AKA The Admin

I guess thats among the emails I have yet to read, I'm a few days late, what did you say in that ?


Suggestion of this untranslated tank:
Mousou Lovers by Kotengu
and if you maybe could put 2 or 3 tags on your new posts, most importantly would be the artist so someone doesnt need to search through pages after pages where you maybe just mentioned the name and maybe a general declaration of genre like "Happy Sex" for Happy Sex with Mutual Liking, "Vanilla" for Happy Sex with Love and NTR for -who wouldve thought- NTR (netorare, netorase AND netori since these are just subgenres) wouldnt that make searching on your site easier?! but just from now on, to work backwards would be impossible as i understand it from the contact page^^
Oh also I wrote my TS adress into it in case you wanna talk like normal people and not through posts on your site^^


Love Square Panic is complete, but it’s just a portion of a larger manga called Chichiiro Toiki which is also complete. But I’ve only found the fully translated version in 2 places, Hentai2Read and Hentaifromhell. Here:

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hmm ? I'll gladly take a look, thanks :)

Oliver AKA The Admin

On second thought, look at that, I have been sharing it since april 2014 ^_^

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