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Majo No Kimochi [English], by Mitsuya

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The ending, with "call me a witch"... Damn, why u no reply "OK, you're a witch" ? Doesn't any mangaka know old movies ?

It all starts with a mischievous smile. Haaa, that smile… After this, a bit of teasing with a male part quite logically led by the tip of his nose (and of all the other tips of his body). And, naturally, good sex with mutual care and liking follows =)
My great, great thanks are for Rookie84, for this pleasant contribution :)

Graphically, the censorship is almost fully invisible, it’s all good, as long as we don’t fret about the small stuff in the corners of the images, sometimes it seems Mitsuya ends up quite hastily ^^ I also noted Mitsuya belongs to this drawing “school” in which it is normal to draw girls canines so long they are always visible – it always feels weird O_o

By Mitsuya, I also share Moe Nyuu [English, 214 pictures], Ikenai Lesson and Miss Dentist + Love Assistant [English, Uncensored], don’t miss it !

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(16 MB, 25 pictures, English pictures, English)

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love the way his upper body bends in your preview pic xD


Oh god the art is so misshapen, in one picture she looks like she has a conjoined eyer and in another she looks like a loli or petanko riding a dick while in the others she looks the same height as him.


Maybe "it's a kind of magic". xD


I wish more of Mitsuya's stuff would be translated. I really like the way he/she draws their characters especially Milfs and Mature women.


Cute and funny. Many thanx Oliver.


Cute story. I wanted to say thanks to you Oliver, i’m not really new to this site, but i wanted to say i find it wonderful man, it’s a great place to find hentai ^^