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Lewd Pregnancy Contract [English], by Yoshiura Kazuya

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Orz, whatever. I failed to rage.

A weak husband cannot keep his wife, stolen from him by a manipulative other man, gifted with a better cock. On top of all, the other guy has total financial domination over the unfortunate couple, so they have no choice but ot give in.
Sometimes this kind of story moves me, makes me enraged (1). (2) Some other times the nuke misses its target by a lightyear and I don’t give a fuck, simply asking me if this is fappable

Case 2. And this is damn fappable, the woman is totally hot :D
And thanks to Desu and Fuzzynuts for this release :)

By the same artist, i also share Kizashi (234 pictures, netorare pathetic and rage-inducing for me), Love Distorsion (224 pictures, awesome), Sleepy Pussy, Abekobe Bitch (“Reverse Bitch”), Dignified Darling (shining vanilla) and Following Up On Our First Time (both sad and beautiful.)

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11 Comments on "Lewd Pregnancy Contract [English], by Yoshiura Kazuya"

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NTR lover

The husband is a complete idiot in this one. Using his wife as a bargaining chip like that. He deserves what he got in this one.

Oliver AKA The Admin

He had no choice :-/

NTR lover

There is always a choice Oliver, he could have chosen not to use her a bargaining chip, and try to work his way up again without the help from that slime ball.

His wife from what I read said she loved him even though he couldn't give her things he thought she deserved. If this was true it wouldn't have mattered if they lived their old lifestyle or had to go accustomed to a new one he would have still had her without going through all that heartache.


The part that can actually be kind of infuriating, though? If the man had the balls enough to step up in the first place and ask the woman to marry him, I really doubt he's going to be a wussy like the writers of such scenarios tend to think. So really, that's one thing about NTR stuff that I tend to dislike almost as much as the actual stealing part. Bad writing is just NOT acceptable, or something that good art can salvage. :P


It's like Indecent Proposal but the guy is more pathetic for not having spine.


Just once I'd like these characters to remind the NTR-inducing bastards what workplace violence is.


fuck ntr, yeah the woman's hot but honestly I didn't find this fappable


who say the final line,the husband or the son of the bitch???????i can´t understand the final words!!!!!


If every shounen manga shows the world how manly japanese people are, all the rest make them out to be pussies. Testosterone should be able to fuel your rage enough to beat the shit out of that guy, or at the very least TRY. This one wasn't so bad cause the guy seemed to enjoy it, but most others there's young guys who gets ntred by old fat middle aged guys. Seriously? A teenager can't beat the shit out of an old fatty? Japan, if you're reading this don't take this as an insult but constructive criticism.


I dont get most of the comments, the whole netorare/cuckold thing is about a weak husband who is betrayed by the wife and enjoys and/or can't do anything about it.

It is also present in the western world, not only in Japan.

And these drawings are really amasing! I wish this manga had some hundreds of pages.


Sorry for necro-ing this post (found it not long ago), but I don’t get how the title (and tags) are related to the content. Is it hinted that she gets impregnated by the manipulative contractor? I understood from the plot that the agreement was for the MC to “lend” his wife for one night, but I guess I find a lack of follow up or continuation to the plot. Anyway, great artwork (pity the censorship) and great share. Thanks!