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Kanojo No Chichi Wa Boku No Mono [English, 216 pictures], by Ryuuki Yumi

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Several good pages in this manga, even though something ticked me off, I can't really tell what it was, it's strange !

WHERE WAS SHE HIDING TITS LIKE THAT ?!? I mean : pettanko enters. The mood is set. She disappears for ten seconds, supposedly to remove bindings – and the she’s the F-Cup goddess. What the ?!? :lol:

OK, so, most kindly brought us by Desu and TheGreyPanther (thank youuuu !) here follows a funny manga, with enough love and comedy to permanently set up a good mood, even if there’s not really any scenario to mention :)

Graphically, there’s the usual highschool sex (oral, vaginal, tittyfuck), however I must confess I was annoyed during the first third of the manga by the frequent nipple fucks, this fetish is entirely alien to my own tastes (I hope it’ll please several of you, dear readers !)
Moreover, I can’t really explain this feeling, I was frustrated because the artist’s drawings didn’t let me see enough the whole girl’s body, as if the angle or distance from the “virtual camera” was awkward… Maybe the artist’s choice of panels arrangement is unusual, or he (mind you, maybe it’s a she, I don’t know) tries to cram too many things up in every page ?

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(75 MB, 216 pictures, English)

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« Look at my face ! Are you apologizing to my boobs ? » – I loled :D

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7 Comments on "Kanojo No Chichi Wa Boku No Mono [English, 216 pictures], by Ryuuki Yumi"

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Well, as far as law of mass conservation concerned, it said even the law of physics enjoys hentai and willing to bend some rules…


Amen to that!


translated by: Desudesu, Brolen, Carstairs


*Insert lame joke about Skyrim and voices that makes women come


Commissioners: Setebos, TheGreyPanther and DrtyBird
I simply loved this tank when I found it and had to read the Oppai-san and me story from the beginning so I made it happen. I think this tank is hilarious. Most of the stories are of the standard form in hentai but slightly more twisted. The perspective of "the camera" as Oliver puts it don't bother me. I find it rather refreshing to see something a little bit different. The funniest story in the tank is the one that didn't need a commissioner to get translated, chapter 6. "What lingers in my ears is your singing voice". READ IT.
Thank you Oliver for bringing this wonderful book to more peoples attention!


Thank you Desu and TheGreyPanther, and everyone who had a hand on this :0

and oliver as well ^^


This manga has 1 of the 2 things that I love, BIG BREAST! B)