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Level C [English, now Uncensored], by Yuki Seto (Sometimes written as Yuuki Seto)

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As I always say, Uncensored Hentai Rules ^_^

Haaa, Yuki Seto, toying with our feelings like that ! Must we bless him, hate him, or both ? :D

The story is well thought in that share, so if you’ll allow me, I’ll refrain from risking to spoil you. If you can, please don’t even read the dialogues in the preview pics, rather than that, read it from the first pic and onwards. At least, I can assure you there is no netorare and no mindbreak, nothing sick or “too” abnormal.

There’s a lot of blowjobs, and some vaginal sex, plus some teasing. I definitely recommend that one to everyone :)
And thanks to whoever was behind this release :)

UPDATE : and now, this manga is UNCENSORED ! ^_^

UPDATE #2 : you may be interested in knowing that Level C is also present in Allargando. The version in Allargando, is different, based on tank (and not magazine) scans of higher quality, less blurry… however, that other version is still censored.

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SPOILER WARNING : only read this if you finished reading Level C, okay ?
Highlight with your mouse the line below for my spoiler :
[Seriously, dude, just grow some fucking balls, whip out your dick and JOIN THE PARTY !!! She wouldn’t tease you like that if she didn’t want your dick too !]
/End of spoiler.

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42 Comments on "Level C [English, now Uncensored], by Yuki Seto (Sometimes written as Yuuki Seto)"

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I'm pissed off at this work. I'll only go so far to defend somebody who seems passive, harmless… but the Dude in this was a chump! Seriously, when a girl invites you to a fuck-fest, it's to do one thing, and one thing only! It wasn't for your cinemagraphic skill… thanks for the share Oliver… I think.


This was good but a bit disappointing; the poor guy does not get a bit of sex? XD Yuki Seto's work are always a bit strange but this was fun but as I said, a bit disappointing; thanks Oliver ;)


it … hurts a little man hahahahah! damn that felt bad, really bad haha why am I laughing?


this hurts way more than NTR…it's almost darwinian


just read ver9 and you'll know what is a very maddening NTR truly is


That was plain rude. I honestly got kinda mad :S


Och my god, that guy is worse complainer than me ! I would at the very least ask the girl if I can get a blowjob ! :D


Is there a continuation to this? a lot of yuki seto's works involve loser guys who get NTR'ed but usually get laid in some way later (except one poor guy who died in a fire with no sex at all lol)


incapable of getting hard to this, un-fapable. if this isn’t neto i dont know what is. i believe it’s possible to neto your audience as a hentai producer. if you as the author intend to put your audience inside a particualar character, and that charachter doesnt get to have sex, i’d call that a betrayal of trust against the audience.


You know, the potential behind this art was fucking great. But once you start reading it, your heart breaks into two. Even if it is mostly the guy's fault.


Not nearly as bad as I was expecting given the comments.
It's not as if she was selling him solo videos and he shows up to watch her getting dicked. That would be Neto-ish. He was clearly getting off on the voyeuristic aspects of the videos and I think that he was just most upset that he didn't have the gall to jump in.
-1 / 10 rage factor.


Don't really think he had any feelings for her. She was just this hot chick. If I was him, I'd take over as the manager/accountant and make them pay me.


i'm a NTR fan, yet i find this unfapable? da heck? sumthing bout this H, it messing my mind.

annoying guy

to me it's just a story, not hentai… i didn't even rage about this. by the way, at least I'd try to make suck my dick like its the payment for the work. who knows, maybe she gladly let me fuck her in front of that dude.


The complaints surprise me. I thought the drawings were excellent and the scenario amusing. Great share, thanks for posting it. I'd like to see more from this artist.


Honestly it looked more like she and the other guy were already a couple and she just gets off on being watched or something.


Dude got porn-producer-zoned… not sure if win or fail, but this has some potential

"Wait and hope."


I was wondering why the art seemed familiar… This author did Accelerando as well.

I won't be fapping to this, but it was interesting to watch. I don't think this was even really written to be fapped TO, though the girl fucking was pretty hot. It seemed to me like a call to otakus to stop being so passive. Or something. IDK.

Level C people, huh…


the best in a while.


"there is no netorare and no mindbreak, nothing sick or “too” abnormal."

So netorare and mindbreak are sick and abnormal, are they? But I guess incest, funtanari and other stuff is okay for you, as long as it's happy sex. Fracking hypocrite

Oliver AKA The Admin

Is that you, Feanor ? Same IP.

Mindbreak and netorare are definitely sick as a theme, displaying the ugliest aspects of the soul. Even those loving those themes can't disagree about it.
As for the "abnormal" theme, let's say this was just an open wildcard likely to include anything abnormal, to say it was cool, it was not present.


I liked it!! very good. It is a call to all to stop being passive. And well if you are there as a producer, chances are that at least in one shot you could just get close and pull the dick out and “DP time”!


(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)

And why exactly does your site still say this? When on your "Bonus Money" page it's stated that all three current filehosters pay you money. Even looking at the preview pics earns you money. That little page of yours really is an eye-opener. "Just some beer money". I imagine you can drink quite a few beers from this every month.
You earn money with all this hentai that you have nothing to do with and don't have the rights for. There are sites like this that share hentai, that don't just try to turn a profit or that earn minimal amounts. You try to maximize your earnings, even though you know you have no right to in the first place. Greedy people like you are the reason why the manga/hentai scene get's more heat on it. Because people are trying to earn money instead of just sharing or doing something because they want to. And that leads to all those online viewer sites and other assholes ruining things.

I know what you will pretend. That it really isn't that much money and why shouldn't you compensated for your time. You shouldn't because this isn't a job. It's a hobby, and you do that because you want to, not because of money. And regarding how much money. Your little stat counter says 62000000 Million visits. And thats not the number of downloads. But you just kkep on pretending you earn only a few bucks for beer every month.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Sigh, always the old debate.

My point of view is that this isn't wrong to try and earn money from something taking a lot of my time. I'm not harming anyone (and I also sent lots of future commissioners to the scanlators, I've been asked a lot of times and recognized several names in the credits), and bringing an as good as possible selection, hopefully. A teenager in his 18ies or a student still in first cycle has lots of free time, I don't, so if I'm to spend lots of time on something and get some money back, it's a definitive plus.

My stats : live since 2007, hits counting every page load and also gallery and image views and crawlers, do the math.
The earnings : enough to get well drunk, actually enough to offer a restaurant once a month, after the server bills and that shit is paid, but not more.

And if you don't believe me, what can I say ? Nothing, so I'm stopping here.

If you disagree, you are not forced to stay here, no need to make it a drama. The internet's super large.


Depositfiles stopped paying for American traffic almost a year ago. That's a good majority of Oliver's traffic that's no longer even counted.


>There are sites like this that share hentai, that don't just try to turn a profit or that earn minimal amounts.

Could you name some? Scanlator blogs don't count because 99.9% of them don't own their own website with a shit ton of traffic they have to pay bandwidth for monthly.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hurp, don't concern yourself with this, I think you'd waste your time, frankly. Adding words would only lead to more drama, I don't think you can make him come to realize something else, and it's his entire right to think that way.
I wrote my reply, concluded that if he disagreed he could leave and let's agree we disagree, period.


I agree with you oliver…if you cant make any money helping people to jerkoff why do it??


Oh, regarding that (Sometimes written as Yuuki Seto). That would be because that's how it's written.
Note the ゆうき on the first page.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I sometimes tend to prefer commonly accepted practices to hard reality. For instance it's only very late I first heard the workd "fukudahda", and for that reason, I still call the artist Kensoh Ogawa, even though this is actually his circle name. Same for Ishikei / Nisemidi Doronokai.
This way, many more people "see" who it is at once.

In the present case, the artist's name has been written "Yuki Seto" for very, very long, so I tend to stick to this old way of writing it. But I don't deny this should be "Yuuki", true ^^


"Yuki" is the correct spelling, "Yuuki" is wrong :x

Look at Stringendo's cover. He typed his own name in rōmaji.


Oliver I had a question for you , well first thx for the site it is mighty generous of you to do what you do .
Do you plan on releasing more "westnern" style porn comic , like you did before ?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Not sure, I have so little time that I tend to stick again to purely hentai. Mind you, there's a kind person who sent me Empowered volumes 1-3, and that one was EXCELLENT, I plan to share it some day :)
How about checking the bondagecomix present in my linktrades section ? I think it could be a worthy start :)


Oh I don't want to add another charge upon you . You do fine as it is and I thanks you for the link I din't think of that .


I was going to download and keep this one just because of the artwork, then I decided to read the story first. Don't think I'll be keeping this one.


Yeah uhhh, this dude got played. And this is… is…., I don't know what this is. Dude was a chump. A really big chump. I feel like a chump for reading it. They got off, using his money, and he didn't get any.

I'll keep it because it's Yuki Seto, and I keep all his work. I still think Stringendo #1 is the best H-Anime I've ever seen. I doubt Yuki will be following this one up. Yuki normally likes to make us rage a bit, and any follow up to this is more likely to be NTR in the opposite direction. The dude was a chump in this one but he still has a dozen videos of the class President having sex. That's a lot of power. The laws of Hentai say that he must become a jerk and extort her for all kinds of things. But then maybe they have it coming.

jesy blue

wow, that was fucked up….. that was heart rendingly fucked up. awesome story, though.

love it to death, not as porn but as literature!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Seriously, guys, at least he gets to witness live porn, that's not THAT bad !


Yeah Oliver, Jesy's right, it's pretty fucked up.


When you read a story, wherever the protagonist goes, you go along for the ride. If the story ends with the protagonist being a chump, you feel like a chump. After reading this, I felt like chump. I got NTR'ed, pure and simple.

My first thought when he watched the first video was, "Why would she show me this? I'm not paying to watch a girl that I know have sex with someone else."

When she invited him to the hotel I thought, "Hey, she's clearly a freak. I guess she needs another "actor". Maybe I'll (identifying with he main character) get some out sex out of the deal."

When he explained it at the end I thought, "WTF, so it was a friend of mine all along….I'm not getting any sex….he's getting all the sex…and they just want me to run the camera….AND THEIR USING MY MONEY! What kind of chump am I. "

Oliver, you must have really built up a resistance to NTR over the years. This not nearly as bad as some of the other NTR you've posted, but it's NTR nonetheless.

Main character doing all the paying, another character getting all the sex = NTR


Hohoo, certainly a step off the beaten path, this one. Not in a bad way… but not in a particularly good way either.

And just to voice my opinion on the theoretical continuation some of the folks above me seem to be discussing, let's just say that normally I find blackmailing others for sex one of the most despicable things a person can possibly do. However, I'm willing to hand that dude a get-out-of-jail-free-card if he ever chooses to get some !relatively vanilla! payback in a sequel chapter (or just off-panel, wouldn't really care to READ that shit, but would be satisfied on a certain level if I knew such a thing happened).
I mean, a cocktease quasi-bitch (at the very least) like that propably wouldn't say no. Or maybe she would, simply because there would be nothing fun about a guy asking nicely. Just saying that that was a pretty ugly way to use bait-and-switch to take advantage of someone, so this girl might have a thing for the Dark Side of the Hentai, so the correct way is to not try to drag her back into the light, but lead her even deeper into to darkness. This way, some other, less wicked heroine in the hentai world may perhaps be spared the treatment. (As if, really, but I'm still allowed to have hope) :|

tl,dr: seconding Oliver on this one; "just powerfuck her, dude". And feel free to lube it up with a little evil if you feel like it, you'll propably just be fulfilling some fantasy of hers.


Although i really hate some of seto yuuki storys his art is pretty good and hes the king of drawing BJ faces, though the H-artist "Fue" comes at a close second

Dream Shark

I totally agreed with you 'spoiler', Oliver!!! =)


Okay guys and boys, let's get a female perspective on this.

(Oliver, LOVE this santuary of a site if yours. Been following like a ghost for 5 years strong! ^_^)

Plain and simple, the chick's a hustler and the dude was gullible. This ISN'T NTR. To the ones saying "Well in the rules or laws of hentai…" I'm just going to bluntly say that you guys are full of shit. Just because most events in a genre happen, doesn't make it a law or a stupid rule.

Once I saw the fact the dude had to PAY for the first DVD then still pays for a second one, its the obvious saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." The school is arranged in social classes C-S; S being the cream of the crop. This can already have me think the fact she's S class already gives her empowerment over all the boys in the lower classes. (Believe it or not, this includes the protagonist's friend) As unlikeable as it may look, the girl wins in all this. Plus, isn't it usually a pattern in Yuki Seto's work that the average to below average guys somehow attain bombshell and/or beautiful girls? Well in this one, that doesn't quite happen with this guy is all.

Again guys and boys, this is all coming from my neutral preferred perspective as a female. The protagonist was gullible, the chick's a hustler, and the other guy's just a dick size that the girl prefers and nothing more because she knows what she wants. It's a harsh reality, but there are actual women who think like that and see it as a sign of empowerment.

Don't get me wrong, I personally think the girl's a witty little swine. Ruthlessly clever, but still a swine.