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Following Up On Our First Time [English], by Yoshiura Kazuya

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The white hole censorship infuriated me much more than the bitterness of the story

If I were a cynical bastard, I could stick out my chest and write that, it’s all good, the male hero got laid.
… Hey, it’s all good, the male hero got laid :D

Hem. OK, a bit more seriously, Following Up On Our First Time is a sad and rather beautiful story about love, promises and responsibilities (and which ones to skip).
I can’t write much more than that, for fear I’d spoil you the whole story line. I hope my description is enough, otherwise, at least try reading it ? :)
Graphically, that reminded me of Homunculus (cf Hajirai Break for instance), meaning this isn’t totally bad :3

My thanks for this release are for Swixy Woot, Jantch and Slobber, thank you very much :)

By the same artist, i also share Kizashi (234 pictures, netorare pathetic and rage-inducing for me), Love Distorsion (224 pictures, awesome), Sleepy Pussy, Lewd Pregnancy Contract (meh, that one sucks, watch out !), Abekobe Bitch (“Reverse Bitch”) and Dignified Darling (shining vanilla.)

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15 Comments on "Following Up On Our First Time [English], by Yoshiura Kazuya"

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I like this story,its sad but i feel some refreshing after reading,ty for posting.


Hi Oliver, this is Slobber. I'd also like to bring your attention to
That was part 2 of my dual release yesterday. Unfortunately both got expunged from the galleries due to their lolicon/shotacon content which I find unfortunate. I'll leave it up to the internet to spread the work though since I commissioned it for them in the first place.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hey Slobber, thank you VERY MUCH for commissioning this ! ^_^

Especially Glamorous, these dominant though not femdoming women were… fascinating. I have a thing for virgin eaters, apparently ^^

Great choices you made, thank you :)

annoying guy

now i'm depressed


i'm sorry if i'm slow on getting it… but… they never got back together, right?


Нормально парня развели ;) А ведь он всё-таки её любит! Будут вместе, однозначно! Она этого сама хочет. Он ЕЙ нужен! Так что, кто говорил о грустной истории? То, что парня охомутать пытаются? Так ведь он взрослый, наверняка работает, пора уже, а то до 30-40 лет так холостяковать и будет. Хорошая иструкция для дам и поучалово для мужиков! Молодцы!


Помоему, вы не умеете читать мысли за кадром,если бы они должны были быть вместе то были
бы еще вместе.Она опять ему наврала.


I have problems with judging Yoshiura Kazuya; his style is very mature and good, no stupid drawings but good scenes of sex and beautiful characters, I have impression that he has talent to make very good and interesting stories but often he screws up with scenario: too much netorare stories, sometimes with stupid or sad plot… it's a pity that someone with good talent and style lacks in plots so much… I'd like a lot a new Homuculus mangaka :D well it's only my opinion, thanks Oliver now I'm gonna read this ;)


I love this guys work! Finally a guy who has great art AND can tell a story, not just a premise. So BTW, do ya think the girl kept her promise or did she ditch him again?


She ditched him again, that's why he's seen standing alone at the end….She refuses to just cut it off with that other guy even though its clearly obvious she loves the guy here. But it seems her family really needs the financial benefits they'll get from her marrying the other guy, so that's why she's going through with it, even trying to delude herself into having feelings for him.


Simply Beautiful. 'Nuff Said. :*


amazing art as always by this artist. wish he would make some more happy vanilla!


Damn, i hate these bitter / sweet stories, but this one is beautiful. Many thanx Oliver, Excellent post.


"forgive this very….not very nice comment"

OMG A H-manga where the girl picks her man with her head…not her heart "cause come on…emotions run right over logic" not with her libido " cause come on when you read the title and see the girl you think {oh shes just going to go with the guy who superfucks her}" its a FUCKIN MIRACLE!!!


(-.-) Ok
(-_-) Sad
(>.<) No…
(>_<) I'm not
(T.T) gonna
(T_T) CRY!