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Kuroi Ito [English], by Zero No Mono

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Sigh... This is disappointing...

I must warn you, this is a rather ugly story. There’s a couple of youngsters gladly enjoying being in love and discovering sex, until a former childhood friend pops up and things take a turn for the worse. The rest includes hentai rape, the asshole’s father, and the girl switching sides.
One word ? –> Sigh.

Nonetheless, graphically, this is good Zero No Mono quality, the girl has nice hips, a very cute face, slightly falling large breasts that look much more natural than most hentai breasts, it was a pleasure for the eye.

Credits are for Saha and coNTRa, thank you ! :) I still remember a promise CoNTRa wrote in the comments on Hentairules, that some day we’d see, thanks to him, a NTR work ending the proper way, with the netorare’d male part going berserk, I can’t wait to read it :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Iregui and Save Point

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34 Comments on "Kuroi Ito [English], by Zero No Mono"

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This is pretty hardcore NTR although I didn't rage as I thought I would.


And do most of the NTR stories have such good art?!?!?!?!?!


Yeah they do. I read a lot of comments that say that the art is a waste for such a horrible story. As for the NTR itself only one made me rage and this wasn't it.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Good art is never a waste, I think. If we don't like a story, this is OUR problem, not the mangaka's.

It's a waste for us when an artist we like releases something we hate, but, well, as annoying as it is, there will be other persons enjoying it :-/


I, personally, have to disagree.

In my mind it's like if the Mona Lisa, instead of just smiling, would eat a turd.

I mean, sure, it's still the Mona Lisa and scatlovers will really dig it, but it's still shit.



Shit in your opinion. These are the hottest mangas to me, no contest. It's called opinion.


Nagare Ippon is makes rage inducing NTR stories compared to this author.


Yea this story isn't really rage inducing. I mean, the dude had a promise with the girl to get married. Lol


I was about to thumbs down, but then I realized you were just trolling.

annoying guy

i get the feeling that this will have a second part… don't know why


gonna enjoy this one


I disagree with your assessment… This isn't hentai rape, it's just rape =( I can't enjoy that… God damnit.

Damnit! This could have been such a great H with happy feelings and love. Shit even just lust, the drawing was fantastic. But I can't enjoy straight rape.

Oliver AKA The Admin

A raped girl doesn't like it to the bitter end. A hentai raped girl ends up loving it, and rather quick most of the time.

In my eyes, the girl came to accept and love it.

It still sucks, though :D


I'm not convinced she likes the 2 douche bags. I mean she lacking that Aheego fucked dumb face and she not saying she likes them or hates her boyfriend. I think we are seeing a girl who has been raped continuously by 2 guys for several hours at least and now she is in a mental state of shock. I'd love to see a sequel where the father and son have a falling out, one off's the other, then the boyfriend whacks the remaining. It will never happen tho.


Agehao face isn't an indication in hentai whether a person is enjoying it or not. Hentai artists don't really have a standard on hentai "trope" usage. We've all seen agehao used for mind break which is not the same thing as enjoyment. (By that I mean she was hating it until she "psychologically could not handle the dicking" and enjoys it as a coping mechanism.) In reality, what Oliver was saying, a person who is being raped may have a physical response to it but they will be screaming, crying, kicking, and would most likely physically resist in some manner instead of give in immediately.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Besides, if OUR faces while we orgasm were shot, I don't think we'd look so good either :-/


Absafuckinglutly mate!:D


So I hate this one, but it gave me the idea to search for other stuff by this author (love this art. Love it.)

I found one called Sister (star) Brother. Incest obviously. The only problem is there doesn't seem to be any English translations anywhere.

Does anyone know where I can find an English translation of this? I love the art =)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Comment approved, you were in the spam queue. And, no, I don't know of any. You may want to ask a scanlator, like saha (, biri ( or desu ( ? Or interest someone into commissioning it from them ^^


Hrm. How do I hypnotize you through the interwebs?… wasn't specific on hypnotizing someone through my monitor…

Hey oliver you got a webcam? =D


You can hypnotize someone through text.


It doesn't even get me up anymore…


I personally like NTR


me too, and i would like to see more immoral stuff posted here. i dont understand how ppl can be so disturbed by this. afterall, its just a fantasy. there are women who fantasies about being raped, doesnt mean they would like to experience the real thing

Oliver AKA The Admin

Lucky bastard, that means there are tons of additional materials for you to enjoy ;)


I don't know. Visual appeal is a bigger trigger for me than a particular theme. And that chick just doesn't do it for me. Personally I like smaller breasts. Those are on the verge of being too big. It would be okay if her face and hair would look better. But like that, nah. Pass


"that some day we’d see, thanks to him, a NTR work ending the proper way, with the netorare’d male part going berserk, I can’t wait to read it"

If I have to take a guess, one work from Carn may match this description, but the story still sucks at the end (well, we talk about Carn after all). :(


This is why I can't enjoy NTR in the slightest. She didn't even try to fight off either of the men "assaulting" her. In every NTR I've read, the female protagonist doesn't offer any real resistance, the boyfriend is a complete pussy or hasn't had the chance to find out what's happening despite all the context clues, and the male antagonist is always evil and has a cock that instantly breaks the minds of every woman who merely gazes upon its majesty. If this were written as a short story it would be…

"Ah Hello? Takeru-Kun?" says Ragdoll chan moans into the phone. "Y… yeah… I… I've… Wanted to hear… your… Voice…"

"Oh! Ragdoll-chan it is so nice to hear from you. What are you doing right now?" Takeru the clueless queries.

"Wh… What am I doing now…?" Ragdoll chan echos with a drunken slur.

"That's what I stated moments ago. What are activities are you partaking in as we speak?"

"Huh?" She moans "Me…? Y… Yeah… I've been… thinking about you… Takeru-kun… HAHHN!!!"

"What is the matter? I sense as though something strange is occurring." Takeru the oblivious says as he strains his hearing desperately to hear through the phone.

"Ah… N…No! It… It's Nothing…" Ragdoll-chan can gasps. She can barely contain the mind shattering orgasms enough to speak as Super-Rapist-Man merely rubs his massive cock against her pussy.

"Splendid." says Takeru the gullible breathing a sigh of relief. "As you may know, we have not partaken in any activities together in some time. I propose we go together for a jaunt on the beach next break."

"Y… Yeah… Right… Next Break?!" Ragdoll-chan says dumbstruck. She cannot imagine being away from Super-Rapist-Emperor's cock for more than thirty seconds.

"Yes. That is what I uttered moments ago."

"M…Maybe… ! S… Stop! If… You do that now…" William Shatner-chan shouts worriedly as Super-Rapist-General uses his ultimate entry technique. "MMF! HAH!"

"Now I am slightly more certain that something outlandish is occurring at your end of the handset. Why are you conversing in such a quizzical manner?" Takeru the foolish queries.

"Ah… No… The way I'm speaking…?" She manages to stutter between orgasms.

"Yes. You are speaking in a strange manner that is uncharacteristic of you or any person who is addressing another over a hand-communication device.”

"Ah… Huh? It… It's not like that. I'm just feeling… a little under the weather…"

“Are you certain? I sense something more is amiss.” Takeru the unwise states.

"Y… Yeah. I… I'M FINE!! MMMMN! MMN! Ah… Sorry… I really need to hang up now…" Ragdoll-chan shouts as she has an orgasm with the force of a thousand suns.

“Oh, well then my dear it has been a pleasure chatting with you as always. Take care!” Takeru the-now-slightly-skeptical-but-still-completely-retarded chimes.

"Y… Yeah… Thanks… FUH… HAH…" Ragdoll-chan barely has enough strength left in her wrecked body to close her flip phone. "FUAH… HAH! NNNGH!" millions of orgasms wrack her voluptuous frame as her eyes begin to roll back into her head.

"What's the matter? Has the thought of your boyfriend’s face gotten you horny? You're really squeezing down hard! (heart)" Taunts Super-Rapist-King.

"AHHN! HAH… FUAH! D…Don't say things like that…" Ragdoll-chan mutters, trying to hold on to dignity she never had.

Super-Rapist-Ultimate, annoyed, begins thrusting into her slutty hole with the speed and power of at least three thousand angry locomotives.

"MMM… MMMF! MMMMMN! NNGH! OH!" each thrust causes Ragdoll-chan to climax fourty-seven times.

"Perhaps you'd like to let your boyfriend see like this?" Super-Rapist-Conqueror chuckles.

"No way! Absolutely not!" Ragdoll-chan protests even though she knows there is no reason to continue the relationship she had just gotten into yesterday.

So you say, but your pussy seems to be telling another story (heart)" taunts Super-Rapist-The-Magnificient.

"N… NOOO…" Ragdoll-chan-chan shouts in monotone.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Seriouslyyyyyy ^^;;


Dear sir, if there ever was one, you should be given the Internet Award! B)


It may be the case that this is "fantasy", but every fantasy holds not only a little truth in itself but also a little part of a wish this fantasy might come true…that's why I say every author who does NTR (doesnt matter how strong it is) needs psychological treatment. Who in their right mind would want his lover stolen like this, just because his dick is bigger (as I see it japanese women are small built in that regard it would actually hurt them like hell I think and Japanese people have small penises there arent so many to actually increase the average size that's why it's bullshit) also the old guy is at least over 45 and not fit so he wouldnt even be able to come twice let alone more than 3 times and the little guy cant have that much experience either at some point a women must have been seen acting completely out of control, coming back to her senses and reported her (she would be in a hospital already and the police does the rest)
God it doenst really enrage me that she is stolen (I like Netori after all, but it is portrayed possible) this is just bullshit that would never be possible…

Oliver AKA The Admin

And we're back to the same old question, how come netorare scenarii manage to HURT us so much, so deeply.

We can read fiction about zombies eating away the faces of little children, we can play games where we kill, we can read stories with rape, we can read stories with adultery, and it only vaguely tickles our weak fibers.
And then a netorare story comes, and we end up, metaphorically, wriggling in despair on the ground, praying the gods the torture will end or someone merciful will come to kill us so that it's over at last.


As for your comments, guys, I really think I'd better steer away from this one, at least until it's complete, over and done…


No, don’t run away from it. It is a big problem. A literature/manga work who describe some asshole do trashy things and happily get away with it with no punishment… that means there is a huge problem in both the mangaka and the readers.

Same things from other stuff like killing, zombies, adultery… if there are people enjoy writing/reading it, then that is a big issue for the society.

Unless the mangaka try to warn us about the harsh reality or urge us to do something to change the world… then these stories are pure garbarge and should be eradicated no matter what.

A decent art/literature work is not a tool to satisfy mediorce desire and lust of the people. It should be used to purify the world, and direct people to meaningful and humane value.


Do you really think it will get a continuation?

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