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Escort [English], by Takemasa Takeshi

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I like the position. With the male hero had balls.

Haha, that one made me damn angry, and yet, masochistically maybe, I still loved it ^^

We’ve got an unexperienced boyfriend lacking self-confidence, a girlfriend with a poker face telling she’s bored, and suddenly, she discovers she’s aroused when she’s the dominant one and she’s teasing her buddy while fucking him. Errr… O_o ?!?

Me, I was having conflicted feelings, enjoying the second half in which the girl loves it at last, and feeling angry because of the first half in which a good dose of virility would have turned the tables, I’d have loved to be able to take up such a challenge !! :german:

This release comes from Lusty Lady00 and Black Russian, from The Lusty Lady Project, thank you ! :)
By the same artist, I also share In The Water, Secret Sketch, Two Pieces, Counseling and Overcome

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(13 MB, 21 pictures, English)

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7 Comments on "Escort [English], by Takemasa Takeshi"

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…I actually like and prefer it when the girl is the one taking charge and being dominant. And I liked this one. But, fair enough.


I have many interests, but I felt this was relevant:

Old Nick

I came. Twice ^_^


they are using a condom? how uncommonly realistic :D


uhm… well i should have read it to the end first :p

Oliver AKA The Admin


Oliver AKA The Admin

The mangaka certainly hasn't read the Proper Use instructions for his profession, stating that they must do everything they can to help maintaining the birth rate in Japan, and thus never mention taking the pill or using a condom.