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Young Wife And High School Girl Collection [English, 205 pictures, now UNCENSORED], by Kuroki Hidehiko

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Isn’t it the first time Kuroki Hidehiko draws highschool girls having sex ? O_o (Not that I’d want to complain :D )
So, with a slight delay (I totally missed the release of this volume, thanks a LOT to Morgoth666 who shared a link to it in the comments of another post !), here is a new tank by Kuroki Hidehiko :)

In this volume, we’ve got 30 years-old-or-so married women (I don’t mind adultery, but maybe you do, better know of it in advance) and (in 4 chapters) highschool girls. All of them have carefree happy good sex without worries (oral – oh those lips !-, vaginal), with rather good-looking caring partners who make them feel good. Each chapter is a single story with commendable attempts to add some spice to the sex.
The art is really nice, the girls are “normal”, precisely, not drawn with a weird style. Lots of french kissing, of smiling, nicely large (but not unreal) breasts, two pages with flaming redheads (200 more pages with redheads wouldn’t be bad either)… And, UPDATE, thanks to Palimpsest who did a great job on it, it is now fully UNCENSORED :twisted:
I liked it a lot, I hope you may enjoy it too !

Once again, my gratitude goes to Tadanohito and all his kind donators, thank you ! :)
By the same artist, I also share 33 Years Old Lusty Housewife (197 pictures) and 32 years Old Unsatisfied Wife (207 pictures).

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(114 MB, 205 pictures, English)

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13 Comments on "Young Wife And High School Girl Collection [English, 205 pictures, now UNCENSORED], by Kuroki Hidehiko"

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yay first, thanks for today share : )
i like kuroki's drawing and story….so i'll gladly accept even highschool girl : )
thanks again

midnight barber

Is every chapter cheating or is it just a few?


Some of them are cheating, but it goes both ways (husband cheats so wife cheats too, no ntr involved imo). Some are just carefree happy sex (the highschool girls chapters mostly).
An excellent work I dare say.




I usually avoid cheating, ntr, etc hence using HR as a filter. But in this case, I somehow skipped over the description and just got it and it wasn't bad. Actually amusing in some cases like the life-preserver scenario. Just commenting to say "Hey, thanks for the share and nice preview/description" and also "That savage tongue-kiss on page 159 scared me then made me laugh"

General Hentai

Great share! This is pure fantasy stories: No one is hurt from any of the cheating. There are 6 stories with cheating, 5 stories where there is none. Of the cheating stories, 2 of them have cheating happen with wives while their husbands are also cheating, One has 2 people simply get hot for each other who've not had sex with their spouses for a while, with the gal the seducer. Another has the husband has E.D. storyline, while the other 2 have affairs that happen. without much excuse, although there is an implication in one that the wife was bored, possibly sexually neglected.

A great thing is that this story doesn't have the ridiculous "Women-are-cock-slaves" storyline, with the bullshit that a woman who has an orgasm throws reason to the wind for her new master. These women are only about happy sex, in all the stories. In the cheating stories, no one wants anyone to get hurt, or doesn't love a spouse anymore. It's only about having good sex with someone nice. Like I said, it's fantasy, but it's not nasty or mean. This has a lot of humor and is recommended.


so the wife still loves her husband but yearns for a dick from another guy?i wonder if you can still call that love??..and the fact that the sex weren't forced makes it more rage-worthy than your typical ntr..

General Hentai

Oh, and although it's high school girls, and in some cases guys, there's no lolli at all, nor or any of these girls virgins.So we've got a good collection of stories involving adult to MILF women, and younger girls who aren't jailbait.

General Hentai

I've had problems downloading the Depositfiles for

Download wouldn't extract, took a long time, next time I tried, after an hour waiting, it came out with 12+ hours to download, despite having watched the video for the 10x faster (worked for the other downloads).


>despite having watched the video for the 10x faster
What video? I don't see anything about that.

General Hentai

There's often an option for watching a video advertisement onthe reegular download option on DepositFiles. you click that option, and your video is supposed to download 10x faster.

I just downloaded it, regular speed, without that option appearing, and it worked fine.


That used to be there like 6 months ago, but was removed 3 days after they added it. It's not a feature anymore, so I dunno how you're able to use it. Might wanna consider deleting your cookies and cache.


love red head girls!!!!

thanks again Tadanohito, donators and Oliver-san :)