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Going Otome chapters 1-4 [English, 109 pictures, COMPLETE first story arc], by Takenoko Seijin

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Chinkooooooooooooooooooo !!

The story is full of fuck. But of the awesome sort :D

Chinko, a sort of penis-shaped angelic creature, of some sort, let’s say, descends on Earth to help the male hero connect with the soul of the women around him, and dispute his loved one’s heart : « I’m gonna defeat you by my own rules ! I’m gonna smash that long nose of yours ! WITH MY DICK ! » (errr ? ^^;;)

With the newly released chapter 4, thanks to the GREAT work of Biri, Afro Thunda and DrtyBrd, we finally enjoy the COMPLETE story arc taking the whole first half of Going Otome, by Takenoko Seijin, the second half of the manga is other stuff :)
The scenario is highly original and non-linear (surprises await !), the art is really good (plus, did I ever read a DP battle before ?!?), the censorship minimal… I loved it !

My other Takenoko Seijin shares are worth it too. There’s the democratic Your Choice. And more “serious” works : You Are Just A Maid (brain racking, SO worth reading), When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version), the average Rose Hip and Falling Rain (that last one is depressing).

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(76 MB, 109 pictures, English)

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That ending left me saying HO, HO, HO!, as if some deranged christmas had mercifully come :lol:

Oh, and if you want the COMPLETE Japanese version (twice longer), well, sure, go ahead :
Japanese version’s pictures gallery / backup gallery
Japanese version’s Zip Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3
(147 MB, 225 pictures, Japanese)

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24 Comments on "Going Otome chapters 1-4 [English, 109 pictures, COMPLETE first story arc], by Takenoko Seijin"

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Chinko we never forget you, rest in peace dear friend


Cue Manly Tears all round :'( :'( :'(

Unless (we can only hope) ….. "if you cut me down, I will only become more powerful." – or whatever it was Obi-wan said in the first Star Wars movie.


is it just me or the galleries only have 34 pages?


It's not just you.


for some reason I can't extract the zip files because it is not a zip file?!


i am unable to download this as well T-T


Just my opinion after reading all 4 chapters: And at the end Takenoko Seijin as usually ruins a nice and funny story with some lame and stupid netorare where a sincere love loses to a mindbreacked slut and her lame master; I liked the last pages where vice-president takes off her collar and chooses him to give her anal virginity; maybe it'not a vaginal virginity but considering the awful way she lost it (Ch. 3) this virginity has a deep (that's it, literally and metaphorically) meaning; she decides to give it freely to the guy she likes and, in this case, it means something more that her vaginal one. So at least he has a better girl than his dumb and slutty childhood friend…


I don't see this as netorare at all…
The girl never liked the guy to begin with and she was in love with the president the whole time.
The guy never asked who she really loved and when he finally found out in the end, it was more of a revelation that he should've asked if she was in love with someone else. There was no betrayal, just the guy not covering his bases :P

NTR lover

but the fact that he was crushed emotionally not once but twice make it Netorare. Even if this guy doesn't follow the normal trend of shinji syndrome males (which is a nice change for NTR) When she choose the president over him he was crushed, and when he found out she was the presidents toilet he was crushed since he did love her.


NTR is only NTR if both the female and the male had feelings for each other before the female turns into a cumdump for another male.


UisZtupid is correct. It's not NTR. Chiaki was never the main character's in the first place. Of course If Chiaki had told him she was in love with the president in the beginning the main character would have moved on then. Instead she just tells him that she has given away her virginity and been through training. It's still a jacked up situation either way.

NTR lover

However she was still the character that the main male wanted to be with from the beginning.

Plus I looked up the term and by definition a story can be NTR if it crush a character because they are seeing the person they want with someone else regardless of whether they are interested in the other person or not. As crazy at it sounds that is the case here because in the end we see him run off feeling those feelings of being crushed when she choose the president over him.

Mess up yes, but still NTR.


Where is this definition of NTR that says that it's considered NTR even if the love is one sided?
I did a quick google search and all of them point to being Cuckold. Which is having an outsider taking someone out of their relationship and breaking them to become the outsider's new signifcant/nonsignificant other.
even by Oliver's definition, this really isn't Netorare at all. It's a one sided love + a girl who never really clarified who her person of interest really is.
Quoting Oliver:
– NTR (Netorare) : my definition isn’t perfect, but let’s say it means “ugly treason of the partner’s trust”. A woman’s adultery while the husband is killing himself to earn money for his wife is NTR, for instance, whereas the husband happily lending his wife to a group of pervs while he enjoys the show isn’t NTR. Simply cheating on one’s boyfriend would be NTR already, if that boyfriend is the candid trusting type begging to have his dreams crushed. OK ?
NTR may lead to “rage hentai”, stories that make you wish you could kick the characters in the face, or, to the contrary, put you in a solid depressive state for a pair of hours. Or leave you unconcerned.
I feel that NTR is the closest to “real” fiction (as ugly as real life, while the rest of hentai puts the real world at bay), and the closest to offering you a good old catharsis.

also check tvtropes

Urban Dict:

I'm not sure where you got your definition, but all these links agree that they have to be romantically involved or be in some sort of relationship then have it torn up/destroyed by a 3rd party.

NTR lover

I got mine from here and while it mentions the ones you said it also mentions the one I mention. This would fall under the unrequited love one since the main male is in love with the girl, but in the end she said she didn't love him even though he won at the presidents game and we see him feeling that sort of way because not only did he find out he lost, but he also found out it was a lose lose for him no matter what and he left with his feelings hurt.

This blog explained that NTR can even be a someone they like or know seeing someone they don't like and when he found this out there is your NTR.


The blog also is contradictory from in first paragraph. If you look at the definition of NTR, it's having your lover taken away from you. THe girl was never his lover. He was in love with her and it was never fulfilled because she had her eyes on someone else.

This is a case of unrequited love without finding out who she really is into to begin with. I also want to note here that the blog you linked is the only one that defines NTR to include unrequited love. The thing is, I don't see the president throwing it in his face. In fact, he was ready to give up his position and he also did not know that she was in love with him. So I see this as the president's realization of the girl's love to him so he continues. The main character simply sees that they are in love with each other and pitied himself.


also to add to this, the blogger also made a note here:
Stories can be written from the point of anyone in the love triangle, but the aim of netorare stories is to give a reader a sense of the hurt and betrayal on the part of the one being cheated on. A netori story would put the reader in the position of the one doing the stealing. It’s not upsetting, because there’s no empathy for the victim. NTR is more about the sadism and masochism of the situation.

so whether it's unrequited or not, it has to have the concept of being cheated on. This had none of that.


It take me some time, but I realised something about ending. That was love confession, guys. That girl was confessing love, wasn’t she? Probably wierdest love confession ever, taken to new level…



Dam, didn't think my comment would cause an outbreak about the definition of NTR


I have to say, I'm happy that it ended like this. It was a twist and it was unexpected, but after all that at least the hero got for himself the (IMHO) best girl of the story.

Anyway, R.I.P. Chin-ko the flying penis, we'll never forget you and your wise words.


poor MC, all that work just to have his heart broken, pretty nice story though

tofu cakes

At least he got the Vice at the end. And her butt is still a virgin too.

I actually liked this one and I hate NTR.


some help guys, it kept on decompressing


Okay so here, they've got it up to eight chapters:

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thing is, as I have limited time, I'm always more reluctant towards in-progress works. In cases like this Going Otome, I'll be simply focusing on other mangas and waiting for the volume to reach completion.

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