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Schoolgirl Encyclopedia [English, 176 pictures], by John Sitch-Oh

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Most men were a bit TOO carefree, but, all in all, it provided its fair deal of WAFF :)

Do you guys remember Rurah ? He’s a great commissioner of quality stuff, he was behind Honey Syrup, 213 pictures (a part of it), Alive (208 pictures) (all of it), Amami Dokoro 209 pictures) (a part of it), Tsuki To Taiyou (201 pictures) (all of it !)…

Not bad, eh ?

Well, with renewed thanks to Rurah (I do mean it, seriously ! You’re offering thousands of people sweeter moments in their lives, it matters), here’s some new goodness ! :beer:

Schoolgirl Encyclopedia, translated by Kusanyagi (who deserves his load of thanks !) is, as the title subtly hints, about various highschool girls having happy sex, without complications, rarely oral or paizuri, lots of simple vaginal. Only the two first chapters (a mini-arc) and the final chapter are a bit better, introducing mutual love and promises of sunny future opportunities. There’s a pair of chapters that bothered me, though, with the male partners a bit too self-confident, I don’t trust this Japanese manner when it’s all about correctly deciphering what the woman reallywants.
Oh, just saying, I extracted a little bonus picture ^^

All in all, this manga provides plenty of WAFF, of smiles, and I’ve had a good time reading it, I hope you may love it too ! :)
By the same artist, I also share Swimming Club Capriccio chapter 1, Versus Onnanoko chapter 1, and The Creek Of Mild Fever.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (or the backup gallery)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(107 MB, 176 pictures, English)

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8 Comments on "Schoolgirl Encyclopedia [English, 176 pictures], by John Sitch-Oh"

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boohoo ha

Great. thanks oliver.


Oliver, the link to your bonus image returns a 404 error.

Thought you might want to know.


Awesome. Many thanx Oliver, Rurah and Kusanyagi.


Thanks for sharing it on your blog and thus spreading it to a wider audience.


Re: dat bonus picture

"Ain't that cute, xD….. BUT IT'S WRONG!!!!!"</b<>:@

Manga itself wasn't bad, though (IMHO).


Whatever happened with the swimming club? One of those series I really wanted to see go farther.


Me, too.


awesome stuff :D

love the art style and all :)

thanks again Oliver-san!!!