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Kitsune No Oasobi (“Fox Play”) [English], by Umetarou

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There was a reason I picked that pic as big preview, look at the dick she's sucking, what's with its owner's body, is that a blob ? ^^

(Only one actual share today, I was entirely caught up with work and family… *cough* OK, that was a lie, I was re-reading Berserk, an absofantasticafuckin’-GOOD manga, something like 14 volumes in a row, yum =) I had 3 other shares ready save the big preview pic and the 3 small preview pics, but, well… sorry, not today ^^;;)

Three boys are playing kokkuri, the Japanese equivalent to the Ouija board, and all their adolescent virgin anxious questioning finally pays off, they summon a spirit.
That spirit isn’t the type who’ll answer questions, though. More like the abundantly female type, with an overwhelming sex drive – a kitsune who won’t give a choice to the boys, IT IS ORGY TIME NOW :lol:

I can’t say everyone will love it, Umetarou has an awful sense of perspective, the girl has unnaturally large breast (it ticked me off, frankly) one could judge she’s practicing very slight femdom on the boys (who don’t complain, far from it), and there’s a pair of double vaginal pages (seriously, what’s with DV ?!? Why settle to sticking your dick to another guy’s tool already in place, when there’s a free asshole just above ?!?).
Apart from this, well, this is rather exhilerating sex, without second thoughts, and with a bit of humour, so, thanks to whoever released that work’s scanlation ! :)

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"Be careful what you wish for …" – and all that. :x

Hitanshu Chachad

Why did my comment get filtered out?

could you reupload the following?



@Hitanshu: I see both of your comments with no problem. The URLs in the first one seems truncated, but in fact they're not (if you over the mouse over them, you see the full URL in the status line at the bottom of your window, of course YMMV depending on the browser you're using).

@Oliver: you read *14* manga volumes in a row? Wow.
Last time I did that, I was stuck in bed with the flu, being so weak I could beraly hold a book in my hand!


Cute. Many thanx Oliver.


I feel like Berserk is one of the best mangas i have ever read, and according to my own experience, it's easy to read 14 of its volumes in a raw (i did far worst myself :).
And since i'm at it, thanks for your share once again.


Yeah, I could do without the junk-on-junk DV stuff… but overall the share wasn't bad… thanks for the share, Oliver…


This was surprisingly good! Thanks Oliver!


From my quick research it seems to be a Doujin-Moe work from a while back. Though beyond that I'm not sure who to credit.


I assume you've read it already, but if not give Jojo's Bizarre Adventure a try. Good action, good art, creative artstyle, interesting plots, and it's got over 100 tanks!