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Peace Hame Ge Tokusei Shousasshi [English, Full Color and AWESOME], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Gasp ! Gniiiii ! Fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap~~~

UPDATE : good news, this post is now obsolete.
You can find the UNCENSORED version on THIS page :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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22 Comments on "Peace Hame Ge Tokusei Shousasshi [English, Full Color and AWESOME], by Shiwasu No Okina"

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one of the mirror links and the back up gallery are leading to incorrect things. the backup goes to the depositfiles and the second mirror goes to the gallery

Oliver AKA The Admin

Too fast typing when pasting my links in my template, haha. Thanks Johnathan ! :)


Whoa! Makes you wish that YOU attended that High School… and at least bought the Yearbook… I'm a rabid maniac for SNO's work… Thanks Oliver, for this post!



Seishiro Haga

This part is definitely my favorite part of the Pisu Hame manga, and now it's translated, Fuck Yeah!








Thanks a lot, man.


Fantastic. The light music club girls are obviously the K-On while another girl with pink-purplish hair looks a lot like Miyuki from Smile Precure.

I also took the chance to get the main manga, great although I'm not a big fan of the last part… "oh noes, if he doesn't do something in time the girls will be raped!… oh noes, the girls are being raped!"

Alexandrine Library

Finally, I unique series is complete.
Thanks a lot, oliver!


Many thanx Oliver.


"This totally GREAT full-color artbook could be the Pisu Hame Graduation Erotic Photobook as described in Pisu Hame, the notorious latest series by Shiwasu No Okina"

Just to answer to this and also checked via exhentai:
This is actually the side/epilogue story to Pisu(Peace) Hame, as written in the translator's notes.

Your old complete Pisu Hame upload includes most of the pages where they were still untranslated.
So you could update the old and replace the old pages with ne new ones in a really complete Pisu Hame.


Though it's f*cking awesome, it also makes me sad. It reminds me of how great the PH anime could have been. Theoretically.

Oliver AKA The Admin

What can we expect from this shitty legislation imposing mosaics, it's not making good work worth it :(


Well, it's not "just" the mosaics. I expected that, of course. But the animation is shit (or better: almost not existing), and the drawings and coloring are not even close to the quality of these color pages. Actually, I found the oooold Sei So Tsui Dan Sha motion comics far more enjoyable than the anime. While the animation was almost the same (in a god damned motion comic! >.>) and they were also censored, at least the drawings and coloring were decent.


Oh great, ")" and "," just became an unplanned, unfitting smiley. :/
But what I'm writing again for:
Please, even if it's far from being perfect, could you please let the Shiwasu no Okina fans here know if you ever happen to hear/read about an uncensored release of the anime? I doubt it, as I never heard about a release of any of his works (manga, anime, anything) outside of Japan (why? whyyyyyyy? D:), but maybe…


It’s probably due to most of his stuff being a taboo of some kind. Incest, rape, lolicon, bastiality, NTR, characters that are obviously underage. Pretty sure he’s one them all at least once…

Good news is Project-H has licensed many a suggested manga on Twitter, so why not try tweeting them? But they might not license the whole work though (and especially not Pisu Hame), they’d probably end up doing what happened in that Gunma official release (they omitted that loli-incest chapter).

Note: this are my own opinions, don’t go assuming that means they’ll get licensed. I don’t work for Project-H (although, I wouldn’t mind it), so whatever I say doesn’t mean shit to them.


Well, a LOT of the mangas/animes that get licensed have hentai rape in them. Actually more than vanilla ones, I think. And SnO is stll pretty soft concerning that, in most of them the women actually love it. And/or get their revenge. When I look at other stuff that gets published…
And bestiality and NTR are only present in VERY few of his works (if you don't count in almost-human-demons there is almost none at all).
I don't know Project-H, do they decensor stuff or do they actually get in contact with authors to get the originals before censoring?


The kind of "rape" I was referring to would be the rape in this series during the wrestling match, it's clearly not consensual and they clearly do not like it.

If they're able to, they get the original uncensored raws from the publisher. Otherwise they release it with the censorship as to not "deface" the original artists' work.

Official site:
Pretty sure they have a tumblr (t's referenced below too), but I don't know the URL address…

On an unrelated note, they did an interview recently:


Thanks for the information.

I was more talking about his works in general. But even for PH: I've seen works (especially animes) published in western countries that were far more brutal and didn't let the girls win in the end. And the girls do win in pretty much all of SnO's works (unless girls do the raping, like in Sei So Tsui Dan Sha for example). Not to mention he had quite a few works based on mutual sex and/or love only.


Yeah, but then they fall in the other taboo categories: Incest, lolicon, bastiality, NTR and characters that are obviously underage. I forgot "futanari" earlier, so let's add that.

Obviously, parody dōjinshi would never happen either.

Has SnO done any completely vanilla series that only involve people who are all over 18 years of age (or at least look like it)? I honestly can't think of any that are part of a tank yet.

JC Ecchi = Underage, incest.
Nosewasure = Lolicon, futanari, incest.
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha = Underage, incest, futanari, shota.
Shining Musume = Rape, futanari, lolicon
Shiwasu no Okina (the manga) = They don't really look like 18 year olds to me…

Am I missing anything?

You're still welcome to try, but don't get your hopes up :/


This artist is going to have to do an animated series.

Thanks for the upload.