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Kegare [English, 195 pictures, with a worthy scenario !], by Hyji

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The story really, REALLY, pleased me :)

Rhaaa, I LOVED IT ! A full manga, with a complete scenario ! With scenario twists, a highly unusual setup offering fine variations, good developments, a likeable male character… Really, even if you don’t dig the art, I really recommend you this manga, this is definitely worth reading :D This is yet another Tadanohito release, what a fine, fine harvest, thank you :)

Graphically, this is the manga’s weak point, Hyji has a very unusual style, all women look like MILFs, they’re far from being thin, and his art was better in his other works. But I stick to what I wrote, this manga is definitely worth reading :)

As for the scenario, this is about a young man, fallen in a coma, staying in a hospital. His spirit detached itself from his body, and he roams around, observing everything, until the moment he discovers he can possess men at will. Allright ! Time to dispense justice ! This is just the beginning, more stuff happens, until we reach a really good, really well-thought ending :)
“Narration techniques”-wise, I think this is the first time this happened : a character breaks the fourth wall and speaks to us… and somebody else responds, taking even he, the narrator, by surprise ! Brilliant ! :twisted:

By this same artist, I also share Low Return (209 pictures), S The Second Story Of Hyji 1-4 (100 pictures), Tempting The Husband, Omoiai, Fega, Asemizu (“Sweaty Women”) (189 pictures), Tsuma Hajike, Cho Danchizuma Keiko (175 pictures), Top Of The Bitch, Juicy (197 pictures), and Katekyoto chapters 5-8.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(64 MB, 195 pictures, English)

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Love me some Hyji !!!


Nicel! Thanks


awesome :) its always good to see Hyji´s doujins ^^


this is just too good :D

thanks again Oliver ^^


Soo Good!

Thanks Oliver-san!!


Looks like I redownloaded this again XD

Too lazy to go back and pick it up on my backup driver

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