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I’m Fine By Myself [English], by Rocket Monkey

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She sure loves gulping dick. Oh, WHAT A FACE !

I have mixed feelings here. A boy is in love with a female schoolmate, her attitude could be interpreted as “I’m open !“, he doesn’t dare yet try his luck to, you know, fuck like minks from dusk till dawn.
…And he discovers her with another man, as a sex addicted girl, proudly orgasming from vaginal and anal sex. Soul crumbling follows.

So what ? I mean, the story is sad, but, should the girl be at fault, or should the male’s cowardice be blamed on him, is anybody even guilty, or is it bad luck the boy didn’t have more time to gather his courage and try his chance before discovering her slutty side ?

I experienced something like that (not extreme as in my share, haha) as a shy teenager. I was gathering courage to dare ask out the girl on whom I had a crush, she also looked shy and I thought I had enough time. Well, as you can guess, I eventually discovered she was as impure as me, but it’s with another boy she finally enjoyed it, and her shy facade litterally exploded. As we all learn the hard way, “just fucking do it, you’ll have time to regret later if you screwed up“.

Thanks to Vaako Benihime, Dakka-Dakka and Rinruririn, from Team Vanilla !
By Rocket Monkey, I also share Himitsu No Bitch-chan.

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14 Comments on "I’m Fine By Myself [English], by Rocket Monkey"

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In my opinion, just because you fall in love for someone it doesn't means that someone belongs to you. Acutally nobody belong to nobody.

Anonymous Bystander

The only thing I didn’t like is how she treated him like an idiot. Not all guys are going to jump at the girl like she assumed. On the other hand, if he didn’t like what he saw, he should just tell the girl to go fuck herself (or someone else, for that matter) and move on.

Also, about your own experince, what did you do after said facade exploded? Don’t need to tell I you don’t want to, I’m just curious.=3

Happily Alone

I love these NTR'ish stories! Always good for making me happy I choose the eternally single path.


He is lucky he did not end up with her, he is a shy guy teacher asked her to talk to him, it helped that he came out of his shell but the chick is a slut who will do any one, so he is better off not going out with her, but he seems to have gone back into his shell, asking the slut to help this guy out is a double edge sword, she wants to fuck he is in love not good..:o


Well, all I can say is this : 1st time I saw a very nice drawing job VERY good traces, but unfortunatly I just couldn`t enjoy it lol >.< my dick stayed limp aaaaalll the way untill the very end… :x

I guess the title says it all "I`m fine by myself" just broke my heart :/

I wish he had found a lovely girl to confort him ^.^



In cases like this i don't mind the MC raping the girl, get her addicted to his cock and pregnant.


Hmmm…based on other websites, this is missing an NTR tag (even though it doesn’t technically count).


Well it's obviously the boy's fault for not jumping on her in a hentai manga. She'll obviously wander off and gobble the first knob she sees.

Seriously though, this was honestly depressing. Even if you never had an experience like this, there is no way to read this and get off on it. It honestly would be like jerking off while watching someone bang your wife.

Pity, art seems alright.


That is a fetish that I also can NOT for the life of me wrap my head around…what kind of man enjoys watching their wife/lover get taken to orgasmic hights that YOU will never be able to top or even come close to…? just strange, as for this manga, I blame no one for a change…the boy was to innocent and the girl was to much of a fuckpigcumdump.


OK, yes it's sad (but NOT NTR) he has to find out that the idealized mental image of his crush, is not a pure, virginal example of GF material. But fault? His? No, most of us go through something like this at a young age, a crush on a girl we know little about. Then we find out she has a BF a couple of grades ahead. Or is doing the Teacher (OK, not so much, but I'm following what the story gave us). It happens. Her? No. In reality, she wasn't ever his. She had made numerous choices in her (sex)life, without ever knowing the MC existed. It's called living. You live. You learn. You make choices. Some are wise, some not so much. Sad he has to come to the unhappy realization, that she ain't no virgin waiting for her White Knight. But that too, is a fact of life. And finally, I gotta agree, this story ain't fap material…


Why would i want to read hentai with a real life scenario? Boring.

Oliver AKA The Admin

It's got its good sides, hentai with a real life scenario. As if we could see how a slice of our own real life could have been pornified. Definitely a boner factor :3

I remember a hentai manga featuring a brune girl around 30 yo having casual slice of life sex, chance was that I met a girl looking exactly like that in a library on that very same day, and, well, oh, the sweet memories, to picture the hentai you real as if it's real-woman powered :3


i would have given her a rage fuck


It is NTR.

People who say that it isn't, are taking the definition too literally: nuh-uh it isn't NTR because it doesn't fill my supposed list of criteria-therefore not NTR. gimme a break people.

Anyway to the admin person who posted the comic. She's a total bitch. Not because she's boinking the teacher.. but because she isn't really his friend.

The teacher put her up to it. For what reason? I don't know.. but she happily obliged him because she's weirdly obessesed with her teach. Again she couldn't care less about the dude, she just wants to get on her teacher's good side.

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