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Nadenade Shikoshiko [English, 205 pictures, AWESOME], by Tohzai

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With that image, I hope many of you lost your breath :3

UPDATE : following a legal request from the Wani publishing group, I am removing all download links to this from

In due time (today as I am writing it, the partnership is a fresh announcement but a day will come…), this will become available for sale on the Fakku! webstore, thanks to a new partnership between Fakku! and Wani. Think about it, it will earn some well-deserved money to the hentai mangakas (every sale will bring them additional bucks), the works will be in top quality, available on paper or digitally, and they will be fully uncensored  ! :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Brother Holic and the uncensored version of Summer Memories and Round 3.

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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13 Comments on "Nadenade Shikoshiko [English, 205 pictures, AWESOME], by Tohzai"

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This is one of the best that Tadanohito has done in some time. As Oliver said, very good stuff.


Holy smoke was that a feast to read! I've really loved Tohzai's drawing style ever since I read "Summer memories", it felt like a mix between Naomi Nekomata and the early bakurestu fuusen drawing styles, and now a full tank of that with vanilla left, right and center!
Thank you so much Oliver for posting this jewel, and thanks to Tadanohito and his donators for translating and sharing.


This made me drool al over my keyboard. :Q__ thanks!


Downloading now… oh, what? Ah, sorry- Thanks Oliver! I got a little distracted… :)


"Isn’t it ironic, I must highlight this fact as extraordinary ?" You didn't really have to. Correct me if I'm wrong. You probably know more about the hentai world than me. But isn't there tons and tons of vanilla stories out there? You share them every day without having to hightligt how extraordinary it is that nobodies got psycho circumstances. Although in some vanilla stuff I read, that can't really be said.

Or is there somethings special about this release/mangaka that makes you say that? Haven't read it yet, but the girl looks nice, so it goes on the pile.

Oliver AKA The Admin

There are lots of vanilla shares, yep, but when a FULL manga doesn't even contain a single chapter like that, it's becoming verrrry rare. But not nonexistent, fortunately :[

Hentai Collector

Thank you Oliver~
and please reupload this pleaseee
sorry if this wrong section


Hah, I have to admit every time I hear the word 'mate' used in a hentai my boner just dies.

Still on behalf of everyone who isn't weird like me thank you for this kickass vanilla =)


Avast is bloking hentairules. The informacion is "infected by malware". What happend????


Protip: Get an antivirus that isn't shit.

For example Kaspersky or NOD32.


Dat Lil' Doggie … setting up its mistress for great sex … LIKE A BOSS!!!!! B)


wow new artist for me as well as amazing art :)

could be on my top 10? hmm :)

the art and style reminds me of Kuroki Hidehiko :)

especially this!….


mouahaha! i still found it uncensored as free share! XD