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Itadaki Seieki [English, 186 pictures, in FULL size quality], by Doumou

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Boys and girls, rejoice, here comes a complete and AWESOME full tank by our dear Doumou, full of great, highly original sex ^_^
Here is Itadaki Seieki, a 186 pictures long manga by Doumou, partly with new materials, partly with stories we already knew from tank magazines and that were reprinted in much higher quality for this volume :)

This is twisted, out of the standard norm, mostly happy sex, crazy, exhilerating sex, with heroines that may start with a quiet reserved face but will always end up with some of the hottest, most passionate faces you’ll see in hentai mangas. That kind of transformation always astounds me, seriously.

Credits are for Tehpwned1, who kindly commissioned it from Saha, with cleaning by Makasu, thank you so much, you three ! :)
There was an issue with the pics being fucking small, so here’s today’s UPDATE : the pics are at last in full-size, in full quality !! :twisted:

And for more, don’t miss My updated list of the Doumou shares on Hentairules!

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (in testing, okay ? ^^)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(153 MB, 186 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
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14 Comments on "Itadaki Seieki [English, 186 pictures, in FULL size quality], by Doumou"

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Look at that, I was literally just saying how Kaspersky's ALWAYS on sale for free and then BAM.


Why would you report the comment of one of the guys who can approve and delete comments? ಠ_ಠ

Oliver AKA The Admin



They did it again :(

Oliver AKA The Admin

Maybe it's a sort of weird bot ?


so, it's any chance you release an hq version? text looks odd on my screen

btw: happy birthday to oliver or the guy that wrote that

ps: the other day i get an manga from saigado, i just love it but it was not in english. do you know if some group is working on hitozuma audrey or something like that?


doumou..i was about to become a fan of this guy but then i ran into some of his works that had a rly depressing ending that turned me off…well, more than they should have, since I enjoyed his other ones very much and expected all of the collection to have happy endings too.. and it was such a put-down..

so now i come to figure that his mangas kinda swing between extremely happy storylines and emo ones–i guess he doesnt prefer one over another as long as the manga stays twisted and hilariously f*cked up–and while i'm aware that i cant take another mind-devastating manga to my tender wimpy brain to register, there's no chance i'm not gonna choose to read this tankoubon cuz this guy ROX FO SHO!!!… even w/ the mawkish crap alongsides…i mean, great art, great character-making, great imagination and great fetishes lol….just great. thnx for sharing.


Yo Oliver I would love to help you out with clicking on three links (huge hentai, hentai tale and big porn hentai). But they all have some pretty bad reviews on web of trust… Please do tell if it's a false positive.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Honestly, it's been a full I didn't click their links lol ^^;;

So if they have bad WOT reviews, you'd better be careful and not visit them, no worries :)


Actually Oliver, Sayo has kindly re-edited and transferred his translations over to the hi-res images which I've just uploaded a gallery of in exhentai. Hopefuly, this would have curbed your murderous feelings ;)

Feel free to look it up.

Oliver AKA The Admin


Thank you VERY MUCH, once again, to you and Saha ! ^_^

I'm curious, would you know why there was this downsized version in the first place ? I really wondered where it came from O_o


Awesome. Many thanx Oliver.


Love it!!

thanks again Oliver!


Why the hell can't i find this on my folder :(

Guess i'll just have to dl it again. Thanks for the share Oliver-san!!

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