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Secret Signature [English, 190 pictures, Complete], by Aoyama Akira

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Once again, I prefered the MILF over the teen. Except when they french-kissed, I adored them both at that time. WRYYYYYYY !

« And many faps were given. » AMEN to that.

Awwww, that was super nice and cute, a really, REALLY nice story, full of love, of heart-warming feelings, of fulfilled promise, THAT’s some high quality vanilla, and not the shallow type without any scenario, nope, that as the best kind of vanilla hentai I can hope for :)
Secret Signature is about two odd couples, a father and son, a mother and daughter, who live together after both adults lost their wife/husband; their children grew of age, and two couples were formed, but not the couples we’d have thought of. The pleasure, the thrill to discover each other, to build a relation, the glad acceptance your loved ones are also happy… Awww =)

Graphically, even despite just above average quality scans and relatively thick white censorship bars, this was high quality hentai. A good-looking MILF (looking, what, 35 ?), her athletic daughter, both of them with long hair (and braids, I have a fetish for braids), ecstatic faces during sex (but not ahegaos, they never “break”), well drawn rather realistic bodies… Yep, it’s a feast :3
I really hope you’ll enjoy reading this manga, and thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Tigoris and the kind person who commissioned it from him, for this nice and long read, I’m grateful :)

A side note, I really loved a picture, made from a joining of two pages, but it didn’t look good enough, so I joined the party and brought my own value added. The original / my version. Yep, I’m boasting (looks easy ? Nearly no line matched correctly, lol), but this time it’s legitimate. A highschool hottie with a braid and her super hot MILF of a mother, french kissing, while they’re pounded like mad from behind in a frenzied doggystyle, RHAAAAARGH YEAH !!! :twisted: That picture deserved that time ^^

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery (in testing, okay ? ^^)

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(127 MB, 191 pictures, English)

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9 Comments on "Secret Signature [English, 190 pictures, Complete], by Aoyama Akira"

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I loved the ending it was so perfect, this series was a nice happy happy read


i see no incest in this.. basically kyou lost her husband while yuu and dad lost their mom.. they both live and support each other family but not married..


This a must have for any hentai lover.

Oliver AKA The Admin



Wild Goose

Hot damn. I am never deleting this. This is solid feel good.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I like reading comments like yours =)


Very nice read. The story was very predictable, but a happy ending of this magnitude is never a bad thing. Good share Oliver


Amazing stuff. This just goes to show that it's perfectly possible to write both a pleasant _and_ a scorchingly hot story. I admit that I was afraid it would turn into a much more darker manga when you saw the girl get trained by the father, but her big smile and his dopey grin while she tugged at his arm after the scene took my doubts away. Like the mother says: love comes in many forms.


love this!!

new artist for me ^^

finally some hot story :)

thanks again Oliver!!!!

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